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8 Surprising Health Benefits of Star Apple ( Milk Fruit, Caimito )

You may be wondering about the health benefits of star apples. I grew up eating lots of this fruit and is my daily source of vitamins and fiber during summertime. 

 Star apple ( Chrysophyllum Cainito) is a tropical fruit that is sweet and rich in nutrients. The common name includes cainito, caimito, golden leaf tree, milk fruit, abba, Estrella, and aguay. 

 It is from the sapodilla family (sapotacea) and is native to the West Indies and Central America. Star apple fruit tree is widely grown on seeds and will take up to 5 to 10 years to bear fruits.

It is commonly grown in subtropical and tropical places. It is a wonderful evergreen tree and its branches make a great canopy perfect for shade. 

How to Eat Star Apple (Caimito, Milk fruit)

Star apple has a sweet flavor eaten fresh, preferably chilled and spooned out. It has a delicate jelly-like white and juicy flesh that when cut in half, resembles the shape of a star. 

What does star apple taste like ( Milk fruit , Caimito )

Star apples taste like plum fruit with juicy flesh and a sweet flavor. The white flesh surrounding the seed can be eaten as well and taste and have a similar texture to lychee, rambutan, or the tropical fruit longan.

Star Apple (Caimito, Milk fruit ) Nutrition Facts

Star apple fruit has so many health benefits for our bodies.  It is nutritious,  has a light texture, and is refreshing.  Aside from being delicious, it is a great source of vitamins A, C  and rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and magnesium. 

Varieties include the green star apple skin with white flesh and the purple star apple skin which are both plump and sweet.

Star apple fruit, Caimito, Cainito
star apple fruit, Caimito,cainito

Health Benefits of Star Apple Fruit (Caimito Fruit, Milk fruit )

             Why you should eat star apple fruit? 

Surprisingly, here  are the  wonderful and amazing health benefits of eating  star apples for your body

  •  Rich in phytochemicals
  •   Another health benefit of star apples is to support the healthy immune system
  • Reduce inflammation associated with pneumonia and laryngitis 
  • High in antioxidants 
  • Promote healthy skin
  • Star apple (caimito fruit) has been used to treat sore throats 
  • Rich in fiber thus making you feel full which helps you lose weight
  • Star apple leaf benefits include rich un anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties thus helping with the healing of wounds.

This exotic tropical fruit is one of my favorites, however, when eaten in excess it can cause constipation.  It is sometimes called the golden leaf tree because of its beautiful bronze golden and evergreen leaves. 

It grows throughout the tropics as well as Hawaii and Florida and it was first documented by the Spanish explorer Cieza de Leon. 

The health benefits of star apple fruits are amazing, so why not include them in your diet as well?  

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Is star apple cause constipation?

Based on my personal experience, star apple fruit can cause constipation when eaten in excess. It helps me stabilize my stomach when I suffer from diarrhea.

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health benefits ofCaimito Fruit

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