diy turquoise pearl bracelet

Turquoise Pearl Bracelet

Handmade Gemstone Bracelet

How to Make Turquoise Pearl Bracelet

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make turquoise pearl bracelet, an easy to make bracelet at home. This is  another easy  diy friendship bracelet using gemstone beads and string. 


 The joy of handcrafting an easy diy pearl bracelet with turquoise gemstone  is unique and it provides the opportunity of personal style and expression. I have been making my own handmade bracelets using semi-precious  gemstone  for personal used and for gifts to family , relatives and friends.

     A gemstone is a precious or semi-precious stone of any various minerals highly prized for beauty and durability. For this particular project, I used turquoise and garnet with fresh water pearl as focal which  is perfect for any occasion. 

     I have made a video tutorial showing you every step, giving you diy bracelet ideas.  This is very simple and easy to make. Have fun and enjoy.

How to Make a Bracelet with Beads and String

how to make bracelet

Easy DIY Gemstone Turquoise Pearl Bracelet

crimp plier
flat nose plier
wire cutter 

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how to make turquoise pearl bracelet

Click Video for DIY Bracelet Tutorial

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DIY Bracelet Instruction


  1. Measure the jewelry wire and cut it about 10 inches. (this is granting that the bracelet length is 7 to 8 inches.)
  2. Place one crimp bead at the end of the wire and loop it with the lobster claw and press it with crimp plier to secure the wire.
  3. Begin beading the gemstones until you reach the half size ( about 3.5 to 4 inches).
  4. Add the sterling silver spacer bead, followed by the freshwater pearl and then another sterling silver bead at the center of the bracelet.
diy pearl bracelet

5) Continue beading all the rest of the gemstone until you reach the desired length.

6) Add a crimp bead and loop the wire on the closed jump ring and press the crimp bead with crimp plier to secure it.

7) Cut off the rest of left over wire.

8) You can certainly add bracelet chain extender (optional) as well.

handmade bracelet
how to make bracelet

At no time, you have made a beautiful and classic yet trendy gemstone bracelet for you to enjoy and or share to friends, family and relatives.  Hope you enjoy making this fun project on how to make easy diy friendship bracelet with beads. 

handmade bracelet
Handmade Bracelet

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