Beverly Hills 90210

Beverly Hills

When you have a busy life with work, family, and managing the daily stress of life, you need to treat yourself sometimes. This is a way where you can reenergize yourself and recharge your battery. Treat yourself to some luxury living so you know what it feels like to be famous or be pampered. As we approached the holiday season we knew the stress of the Holidays would get to us, so we decided to take a trip before the holidays. Don’t get me wrong, we love the Holidays and being with family but it is a busy period of the season, the stress of traffic, parking, and everyone trying to find their perfect gift. It is just a busy time for everyone.

We decided to check into the Beverly Hills hotel. As we checked in, yes we saw people gathering around someone, so we instantly knew they were a celebrity. To be a couple of feet away from a celebrity felt like I too was a celebrity.


Pretty women hotel

Pretty Woman Hotel

We checked into the famous hotel where the movie Pretty Woman was filmed. 

It was nice and pleasant weather in December. You get to feel that it is the Holidays but not quite the freezing temperature that reminds you of the unpleasant frigid temperature as well. We checked into the hotel late in the evening but it was alright for us. The best part of staying in a luxury hotel is that you still get to eat dinner or enjoy a premium meal even into midnight by just ordering room service in the room. The food is just as good as if you were sitting in the restaurant with Chef Wolfgang Puck.

Happiest Place on Earth

If you are in Southern California, especially with family and kids you simply can’t skip Disneyland. We got an uber and spent some time in Disneyland. It is fun for me, every time we get to visit Disneyland, we tend to enjoy it more as adults than the kids. 

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