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Eat a Burger Guilt Free

Eat A Burger Guilt Free

How to eat  a  burger guilt free. Plant base burgers with little to no cholesterol but taste like a real burger. After a meal, you will not feel lethargic but energized.

As we get older we try to watch  our diet much closer.  We remain active and exercise but the most important part is diet. Like the majority of us, we exercise and enjoy being active but we tend to fail in our diet.

Beyond Burger

We love to enjoy our food because it also makes us feel good. I find my self eating a lot of Red meat which like anything else in life  moderation is key. The more we don’t watch what we eat, cholesterol becomes a problem. The new fad in supermarkets are plant based foods. If you go to Whole Foods Market you see lot of plant base products. 

As I mentioned earlier about my experience/expertise, I am also a professional Grocer. I know what products sells what consumers are looking for. One of the popular products sold is “Beyond Meat” patties. Plant based protein that does not contain any meat or animal product. Since I tend to eat Red meat regularly,  I had to try one of these patties to see if it was worth the hype.  

Since I am planning on making a healthy burger. I also decided to try Follow Your Heart Vegenaise. Egg free mayo that would accompany my burger. Cholesterol is 0%. Made from canola oil, soy protein, apple cider vinegar, mustard lemon juice. 


Of course, I had to put a slice of cheese with my burger. So I chose Daiya Cheddar style slice. This cheese is 0% Dairy free and soy free made from coconut oil, potato starch, and tapioca starch. I was not surprised that it taste good because how popular the burger was.  But what surprised me was that I actually craved for another burger. 

The true test however was that I had to have my 6 year old son try it. I had my son try it and he actually did not complain about the burger. He too actually enjoyed it and did not seem to know the difference. Since then, we made it a routine on every Wednesday to have Burgers made from Beyond Meat. Like I said, everything in moderation. This made me feel good and the next time I did have a Rib Eye steak I did not feel guilty at all. I knew that come Wednesday, I’ll be having my meatless burger.

Eating a big fat burger  by substituting  with beyond burger with dairy free mayo and cheese will help you cut calories but more importantly lower your cholesterol. Guilt free eating and feeling good about yourself.



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