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10 Best Beaches in Zambales ( Beach Resorts, White Sand, Attractions )

Looking for a vacation with a great sunshine  and sand? Here is a guide on the best beaches in Zambales, Philippines.

Zambales is located in Central Luzon and the capital is Iba. It attracts the tourists because of the peacefulness and secluded charm in which they come for a frigid day trip at the beach. 

The beach gives an epinephrine rush in the form of its towering waves that is perfect for surfing. It can brag some of its well-preserved churches, historical sites and producing mangoes. 

They celebrate the annual Mango Festival every third Tuesday of April and thanking God for the ample and the sweetest harvest of mangoes.

Aside from having one of the sweetest mangoes in the Philippines, Zambales also offers the best white sand beaches and beach resorts for a memorable getaway.

Here is a list of the best beaches in Zambales province. 

Best Beaches in Zambales ( Beach Resorts, Attractions, White Sand Beach )

1. Subic Beach (Zambales )

Subic Beach – is a gray-sand beach that is ideal for an abrupt escape. It indulges all kinds of travelers that you could choice from a broad budget-friendly to high-ends resorts. 

It takes about three hours to reach the place. It has theme parks and infinite islands. It has four main beaches, the two beaches are few minutes away from the Subic International Airport.

 The third beach lies in Grande Island and the fourth is the Camayan Beach that is located along Ilanin Road.

 You can swim, snorkel and a great place of  jump-off point by scuba divers. Also ,Subic Beach have plenty amazing best beach resorts to choose from.  

2. Camara Island Zambales

Camara Island – also offers one of the best beaches in Zambales. It is a rocky hill, big chunks of rock formations, boulders of rock and a sand beach. 

An ideal place for snorkeling trip, swimming and have a photo snap on the beach. 

It is just 10-15 minutes away from Capones Island. It has a sandbar that only shows up every low tide or after rainy days. It is a small islet that can be seen in Pundaquit Beach.

3. Magalawa Island Zambales

Magalawa Island – is known as the Island of the Stars because you can see some of starfish in the island. It is one of the developing tourist destination that has white sandbar that looks like Boracay.

It is one of the best beaches in Zambales where a place of small village that provides lodging, campsite, canteen and a grilling facility. 

You can go snorkeling, kayaking, camping and island hopping to nearby island like Potipot and Bacala Sandbar. A 10-minute boat ride from the shoreline of Brgy. Pangolingan, Palauig, Zambales.

4. Potipot Island Zambales

Potipot Island – one of the best beaches in Zambales that is small but you will absolutely have enough of what you asked for an abrupt getaway.

 You can have some of their fun activities like beach volleyball, snorkeling, kayaking and a good swimming spot. It is a secluded islet that can be tour for more than fifteen minutes. 

This island has no electricity and they only use generator at night. It is best for camping site that you have to bring your own food and drink because littering in the island is prohibited.

5. Crystal Beach Resort Zambales

Crystal Beach Resort – among the top best beach resort in Zambales. It is simply reachable by private vehicle and public transportation that has powdery white sand beach.

 Crystal Beach Resort is also very suitable for those who wants to rent a room rather than renting a tent.

It provides rooms with fan or aircon and for those who wants outdoor activities they can have the camping site in the resort.

6. Capones Island Zambales

Capones Island – one of the most favorite island of travelers or tourists because of its bone-shaped, captivating white sand and water with some colors of blues as it gets deeper. 

Offering one of the best beaches in Zambales, it is a hidden cliff island with no institution and a home of the very famous old Spanish Lighthouse that was built in 1890 and a precipitous hike that could reach in 15-minutes.

 It was called Faro de Punta Capones, a solar-powder lighthouse that is used to guide ships going to and from the Subic Bay. It is perfect for snorkeling and an amazing diving site.

7. Hermana Menor Island Zambales

Hermana Menor Island – is another best beaches in Zambales.  It is located in Sta. Cruz, Zambales that blusters a white sand beach, a sandbar and a rocky beach.

 If you want to visit the island, you have to coordinate with the caretaker or to the tour guide provider for reservation because it is limited to a certain number of visitors or selected visitors only.

 It has four cottages available only for day trips. It has separate bathroom for men and women and also there is a grilling station. 

In going there, you need to ride on a tricycle that will bring to the port of Brgy, Lapid then rent a boat to reach the island.

8. Liwliwa Beach Zambales

Liwliwa Beach – the appearance is fine gray sand and pine-like trees near the shore. It is located in San Felipe, Zambales and it takes 5-6 hours to reach the beach by simply riding a bus to go to Iba or San Felipe and then take a tricycle in going to this place. 

It is one of the finest beach which many surfers love to go there because of the combination of serenity and fun vibe. A good place to start learning to surf and a silent place for soul-searchers. A surfer’s haven.

9. Pandaquit Beach

Pandaquit Beach – is situated in San Antonio, Zambales. It is a place where people loved to go because they want to get away from the stress week of having a work. 

It has a volcanic ash on the beach that makes it special to tourists or visitors. You need to ride on a bus in going to Iba and then ride on a tricycle to Pandaquit that takes 5 hours to reach this awesome place. 

It is a jump-off point to some of the coves and also the home of fishermen. You will enjoy swimming on the beach because of the calm water and if the water will have a strong wave that makes it perfect for surfing.

10. Bacala Sandbar

Bacala Sandbar –offering one of the best beaches in Zambales

It  is located in the town of Masinloc and a bit concave during high tide because the water can reach up to knee-deep. It has a beach house built by the local government which is a two-story house that can be accommodated by tourist.

You  can have lounge and have a picnic to see the beautiful sandbar on the first floor and on the second floor is for the caretaker’s lodge. You can ride a boat in going to sandbar directly.

best beaches in Zambales

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