10 Best Beaches in Samar

Samar is the home to Asia’s largest cave system, the Langon-Gobingob Cave in Calbiga. The
world-renowned Sohoton Caves and Natural Bridge. The name Samar was taken from the local
language Samad, which means “wound” or “cut”, ably eloquent the rough physical features of the
island, bumpy and intensely analyzed by streams.
Here are the best beaches in the province of Samar:

1. Epifania Beach

Epifania Beach – is popular for its pure white sand, nature-conserved atmosphere, family-friendly beachfront, and steamy paradise that is located in Barangay Amambucale, Marabut,
Samar. More or less 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Tacloban City. You can rent their

cottages and rooms for an overnight stay on the beach. A perfect place for a family trip vacation
in which you can have a great bonding, relax, unwind, and enjoy.

2. Bacawayan Beach

Bacawayan Beach – is one of the best beaches that is located in the southern end of the town
of Llorente. It gives a wide-ranging view of its rock formations and it is also called the little
Dakak because of the superb white sands. The beach has a resort with few cottages and a
lodging place for guests or visitors who want to stay for the night. The weather is warm and
December to mid-April is the best time to visit the beach.

3. Samulan Beach

Samulan Beach – is alluring white sand that can be distinguished from the sand of Boracay
which is located in the town of Salugan, a fifteen-minute walk that is close to Calicoan.
Tourists and travelers call it the island of paradise because it has many coconut trees along the
shore and the waters are glaring. The beach is not yet crowded so if you want to relax, unwind
and rest just visit the beach.

4. Calabuso Beach

Calabuso Beach – is popular for its spectacular rock formations that make your day worth it.
It is located in Marabut which is 45 minutes from Tacloban. You can stay in one of the most
expensive Caluwayan Palm Island Resort though the price is a little bit higher than the average
of backpackers’ budget. In going to the beach, you need to take a van from Tacloban to
Marabut then tells the driver to drop you off at the resort, buy a lunch or snack at the resort, pay
for access to the magnificent infinity pool and from there you just walk to explore the

5. Caluwayan Palm Island Resort

Caluwayan Palm Island Resort – a perfect eco-tourism-oriented resort to fit as ideal
replacement of relaxation in Marabut which is surrounded by a stunning view of towering
islands and islets with hidden caves and coral gardens. You can do snorkeling, scuba diving,
sailing, sea kayaking, sunbathing, swimming and simply dawdling on the beach and enjoying the
View of the magnificent seascape of the bay.

6. Buwa Beach Resort

Buwa Beach Resort – is a hidden gem that gives a memorable and ultimate tropical
vacation experience for tourists or travelers where pristine beaches meet abundant natural
beauty. The resort offers a variation of cultural experiences and alluring scenery so it will arouse
your interest in the beauty of nature where the sun, sea, and serenity await you. It is
located along the eastern coast of Samar. You can rent their cozy beachfront cottages,
spacious villas, garden retreats, and budget-friendly huts. You can dine in the resort with
a tuneful blend of mouth-watering delights or cuisine. You can do kayaking, diving, snorkeling,
stand-up paddle boarding, sunbathing, and beach combing. You can also rent their water
sports equipment.

7. The Coral Reef Beach Resort

The Coral Reef Beach Resort – is a quick weekend getaway for family and friends and it is
located in Barangay Baay, Tinambacan District, Calbayog City. Western Samar. A perfect
place to see the sunrise and sunset which is very calm and quiet. There are different
amenities which you can choose from like entrance fee, restaurant, event hall, fishing deck,
KTV/Conference Room, pool, open cabana/gazebo, overwater cabana, 8 seater table, 4 seater
table, kayak and shuttle service/car rental. They also have rooms like superior rooms and
deluxe rooms in which you can have TV, free WIFI, air-conditioned, intercom, and hot/cold shower.

8. Malajog Beach

Malajog Beach – is two hundred meters in length with sand greyish in color, clear
blue waters, towering rock formations, and no scarcity of swaying palms. It is considered
one of the prettiest and most popular beaches that is located in the town of Malajog in Calbayog
City. The beach is also known as “Lo-oc” beach. The beach gives daily rentals like cottages,
huts, covered picnic tables, and very own equipment for large gatherings. They also have
comfort rooms and showers with shaded areas for relaxation. You can do swimming,
picnicking, snorkeling, and exploring the shoreline rock formations and tiny caves. You should
come early to the beach so that you will enjoy, eat and relax in which you will stay a little longer
for you to witness the stunning sunset.

9. Pinalanggan Beach Resort

Pinalanggan Beach Resort – is located in Barangay Pinalangga, Marabut, Samar and it is a
place to relax, enjoy the sea, and dine. They have a restaurant on top of the hill overlooking the
beach which serves mouth-watering food or delicacies. There are also typical and floating
cottages. It is the 2nd top-rated resort in the hotel and the staff are friendly.

10. Jasmin Beach Resort

Jasmin Beach Resort – is a South European beach resort that is a sanctuary of
nature lover which boasts its crystal clear waters, ample marine life, and white sand beach.
It has a variety of sports and recreation equipment from island hopping to beach volleyball.
The most popular among tourists or travelers is the floating cottage which you can relax above
its coral shores. The distinctive ambiance and cheap rates make it a favorite spot for guests or
tourists. The different sports or recreational activities/facilities are snorkeling, native banca,
kayaking, table tennis, billiards, badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, bridge extension
cottages, dart, camping tent, floating cottage, island hopping, and video. It is about 52 km.
and an hour’s drive from Tacloban City which can be taken by any public utility vehicle.

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