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10 Best Beaches in Aurora Philippines (White Sand Beach Resorts )

The Philippines is home to the most stunning scenery and here we explore the best beaches in Aurora province

Aurora is an awesome municipality in the Northeastern part of the Philippines. It is one of the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines  and frequently considered a travel paradise. 

Baler is the capital of Aurora. It offers a broad array of activities and attractions to choose from for visitors or tourists and local alike.

Here are the best beaches in Aurora province:

Best Beaches in Aurora Philippines
( Baler ) for Ultimate Relaxation

1. Cemento Beach & Camp Reef
( Baler Aurora )

Cemento Beach Camp Reef – is located in Brgy. Cemento, Baler and it is very famous refuge for lobsters and other marine species.  

 Among one of the best beaches in Aurora , it has white sand, seashells and bewildered corals. It is a perfect place for surfers especially during the month of October to February when the waves tower up to 14 feet high. 

This area is appropriate for snorkeling and wall diving. You need to ride on a tricycle from Baler town proper then hire a motorized banca for a 10-minute ride to the reef or 40-minute walk.

2. Ampere Beach

Ampere Beach –is also one of the best beaches in Aurora. It is concealed with smooth rocks of some sizes and darker color. It is located in Ampere, Dipaculao, Isabela. 

It is also called Bunga Point or Ampere point where the local residents gather to Okotan Cave,  where is use for forecasting the weather.

 You need to ride on a tricycle going to Sabang Beach then hire a motorized banca ( traditional Filipino outrigger boat )  to reach the place that takes about  one hour.

3. Borlongan Beach

Borlongan Beach – is located in Brgy. Borlongan, Dipaculao. One of the best beaches in Aurora , it is covered with some kilometers of gray pebbles and smooth, fist-size stones that makes it different from the other beaches.

 It takes about two hours to reach the place by riding on a tricycle going to the Sabang Beach then hire a motorized banca to take you to the beach.

4. Digisit Beach

Digisit Beach – is a white coral beach of Barangay Zabali, Baler that stretches about a kilometer in length. The inland coast is mostly sand.

Digisit Beach is another best beaches in Aurora Philippines.  The water in the shores are barrier of corals forming a protective reef that avoids powerful waves of the Pacific from smashing onto the shore. 

It is a perfect place for diving and snorkeling. It takes five minutes by riding a tricycle and 30 minute by riding a boat.

5. Casapsapan Beach

Casapsapan Beach – it has a fine and creamy sands, intact blue glowing waters, and five hectares of virgin mangrove which will absolutely take your breath away. 

You will see some resorts that are very affordable where you can stay overnight. It has a huge table coral in the beach which is prone during low tide and it is appropriate to wear a slipper or sandals if you want to swim in this area. 

It takes 3-4 hours in going there by riding a bus or van in going to Casiguran. Casapsapan Beach is an excellent best beaches in Aurora. 

6. Aura Marina Sands Beach Resort
(Baler Aurora )

Aura Marina Sands Beach Resort – a four-minute walk away from the Diguisit Rock Rock Formations .  One of the best beach resort in Aurora Philippines.   

It is located in Brgy. Zabali, Baler, Aurora that has eight choice rooms for visitors or tourists, boundless pool, cafes, bar with brighten view of the ocean. 

They have different amenities like free parking space, free breakfast, wifi, bicycle rentals, grilling facilities, native cottages and massages. The staffs are very friendly and

7. Dinadiawan Beach

Dinadiawan Beach – is located in the town of Dipaculao that became popular because of the waves making it a good choice for surfers. It has white sand mixed with pebbles, greenish blue waters, a stunning beachscape and appealing sunset. 

Also one of the best beaches in Aurora, it is ideal for a peaceful beach destination for tourists or visitors. 

You can loiter on the beach, get tan, eat your
snack, drink a cold bottle of beer or soft drink, read a book and wade in the waters. 

You need to have reservations before going in the beach.

8. Cave Beach Resort

Cave Beach Resort – is located in Dingalan, Aurora. It provides 4-star accommodation and has an outdoor swimming pool, garden and terrace. 

It takes 3-4 hour to reach the place by riding on a bus that will take you to the main terminal of Cabanatuan City then another bus ormvan that will bring you to the town proper of Dingalan.

9. Dalugan Beach

Dalugan Beach – is located in Casiguran in the Northern part of Aurora. It is a very clean and uncredited.

 It takes 7 hours to reach the beach and it is found on a peninsula. You must try their kolong-kolong which means “a mode of transport of the local”,  which is strong and powerful to endure the rough roads. 

Tourist or traveler can stay overnight by camping or staying in the small bahay kubo (nipa hut). The waves build shades of white colors from the blue ocean that makes the terrain more dramatic and pleasing to the senses.

 It has coconut tree that is a great spot for an ideal backdrop of the blue ocean. You relax under the shades of the trees while sipping a fresh buko (coconut tree) and see the long length of the beach.

You can reach the area to the main terminal of Cabanatuan City then another bus or van that will bring you to the town proper of Dingalan

10. Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach –among the best beaches in Aurora for surfers. It is considered as the birthplace of Philippine surfing. 

The waves are strong and gigantic to give people or tourists who would like to ride on the waves. 

The beauty of the beach emerged as being called the sunrise beach of Aurora. 

They have hostels, stunning hotels with swimming pool, restaurants, bars and grilling stations along the road or beach side. 

You need to ride on a bus bound for Baler, then ride a tricycle to reach the place . It takes about  5 – 6 hours .

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best beaches in Aurora

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