10 Best Beaches in Southern Leyte

Southern Leyte is famous for its standard abaca products and the major producer of abaca
fiber. The capital of Southern Leyte is Maasin City. The main products are coconut, palay, economy,
fishing and abaca. It is located in the Eastern Visayas region.
Here are the best beaches in the province of Southern Leyte:

1. Silago Beach

Silago Beach – is idyllic and secluded and is located in the Municipality of Silago in
Hinunangan, Southern Leyte. It has a mountainous interior with a distinctive black sand beach.
The beach is amazing with huge rock formations. A perfect place for surfing with enormous
sea waves. It was awarded as the greenest and cleanest town in Region VIII or Eastern
Visayas. It can be reached with a 2 hour and a half drive from Tacloban City.

2. Tangkaan Beach

Tangkaan Beach – is the only white sand beach that can be found in the whole mainland of
Leyte. It is located In Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte. It has an alluring rock formations, the
water is crystal clear with awesome corals filled with tiny fishes just two or three meters along
the shore during low tide. It is a perfect place for snorkeling because of the strong current. To
reach the beach, you need to go to the town proper then before entering into a small port
which is the kickoff point for the island of Limasawa, you need to make a right turn and follow
until you reach the end of the road.

3. Limasawa Island

Limasawa Island – is very well known for its historical momentousness and the magnificent
beaches around the island with emerald green color of the water. A perfect seaside destination
off the southern coast of Leyte. It is known as the place where Ferdinand Magellan together
with his fellow explorers held the first Christian mass in Asia which is the beginning of
Christianity in the Philippines and the region. You can see the impressive view of Bohol, Leyte
and Mindanao. You can also see a handful of fish harbor that makes it a perfect place for
snorkeling and scuba diving. There are some hotels and homestays here for tourists and
travelers who wants to stay more than a day in the island.

4. Twin Islands

Twin Islands (San Pedro Island and San Pablo Island) – these two islands are located off
the coast of Hinunangan town in Southern Leyte. The two islands boast as the best Leyte
beaches and pristine waters filled with marine biodiversity with crystal clear waters. San Pedro
Island is bigger and it is also known as Pong Dako that means “big island”. There are rental
cottages if you want to stay overnight in this peaceful island. Meantime San Pablo Island is
called Pong Gamay that means “small island”. A resort can be found in the island called
Tocmo in which you rent during your stay. It has a crystal-clear and calm water and relaxing
island life that will soothe your soul and removing of stress. You can swim, camp-out and take
a jump on the island.

5. Tatay Ade Beach Resort

Tatay Ade Beach Resort – is popular for its crystalline waters and white sand beaches which
is located in Buscayan, Macrohon, Southern Leyte. It is a 30-45 minutes away from Maasin

City that lies the very peaceful and very charming beach resort. The resort has some cottages
and few sari-sari stores on the way to the beach. The beach resort is simple yet alluring with
refreshing sea breeze and the picturesque views. The peaceful surroundings add to its overall
charm of the resort. There are couple of small and big cottages can be rent for travelers or
tourists who wants to spend overnight.

6. Tahusan Beach

Tahusan Beach – is a perfect place for summer vacation with family and friends which is
located in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte. It is an amazing beach and the main trait of the beach
is a plain bay which is not deep even on the shore. The beach has a Sand Sculpture Festival
that was held during the month of November which they use the sand for castle formation and
sculpture formation with a maximum size of 5×5 feet and a minimum size of 2×2 feet.

7. Bitoon White Sand Beach Resort

Bitoon White Sand Beach Resort – is one of the most white sand beaches that offers
expansions of powdery white sand and crystalline waters. It is located in Bitoon, Liloan,
Southern Leyte. The resort offers room accommodation and dining services. To reach the
resort, you need to ride on a bus or private car. If you choose to ride on a bus, from Tacloban
City ride a van bound for Sogod for 4 hours then ride a jeep for Liloan in 1 hour in which the
resort has a sign board in the right side of the highway.

8. Padre Burgos Castle Resort

Padre Burgos Castle Resort – is popular for its intimate beach, swimming pool, sea views
and stunning water sports activities. It is located in Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte. The resort
is accredited of PADI Dive Resort that provides scuba diving, island tours, whale shark and
dolphin watching and snorkeling. They are furnished with luxurious accommodation and
superb food whether inside the restaurant or outside the pool for your impeccable vacation.

9. Peter’s Dive Resort

Peter’s Dive Resort – has been helping many divers from around the world who wants to
explore the underwater paradise of Sogod Bay in Southern Leyte. They have several options
of accommodation from private houses and cottages to economical dormitory rooms with
special deduction offers for divers. The different amenities are swimming pool, air-conditioned
restaurant, a cocktail bar and mini gym. It is the home of a remarkable mix of hard and soft
corals filled with marine life from pygmy seahorses to giant whale sharks.

10. Caimito Beach Resort

Caimito Beach Resort – is located in Kangleon City, Pasay, Maasin City, Southern Leyte.
That is a family owned beach resort. It contains of fine elegant roma overarching villa type
family units. It has an ideal scenery when the sun rises and sunsets. Eight of the roma has
exclusive patio or balcony with ample view of the pool and the ocean. It is a beachfront
property and just around 6 km away from the city.

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