10 Best Beaches in Leyte

Leyte is a province in the Visayas region that is a place for pristine lakes, abundant forests,
historic sites, and a few of the best white sand beaches in the Philippines. Leyte is famous for its mouth-watering delicacies like Moron, Binagul, Roscas, Suman Latik and Bukayo. The main agricultural
products are abaca fiber, copra, banana, corn, rice, fruits, vegetables, and poultry meat. The capital of
Leyte is Tacloban City.
Here are the best beaches in the province of Leyte:

1. Kalamanggaan Island

Kalamanggaan Island – is one of the best beaches and is a virgin island applauded for
pristine white shores, whitest sand, crystalline blue waters, and a 795-metre-long white
sandbar. There are no resorts and restaurants to treasure the postcard’s pretty scenery. If you
want to spend more time on the island, you can set up a tent and sleep under the stars for a
night. Cottages are available for day-trippers. You can do some various activities like scuba
diving, camping, sandbars, and snorkeling. It is located in Polompon, Leyte. You need to ride a
van or bus for 3 – 4 hours to go to Polompon.

2. Canigao Island

Canigao Island – is a local best-loved with a white sand beach, clean blue waters, and palm
trees lining the coast. You can relax and sunbathe on the powdery shore while more
adventurous travelers and tourists can explore underwater precious stones that are perfect for
scuba diving, swimming, and snorkeling. It is situated off the southwestern coast of Leyte. You
can rent a kayak or a jet ski, play beach volleyball, toss a flying saucer around, and swallow
a few suns on the shore. You can go to the local wet market to buy their freshly caught seafood
like oysters and spider shells which you can cook right there and then. There are camping
spaces where you can set up a tent.

3. Molopolo White Beach

Molopolo White Beach – is a sheltered stretch of cool white sand and warm waters that is
located in Liloan, Leyte. It is one of the most relaxing beaches and is a perfect spot for
snorkeling, sunbathing, and swimming. Many locals are visiting the beach to haunt and it
becomes occupied at night when it’s time to unwind. To reach the beach, you must take a bus
from Tacloban to Liloan then a tricycle to Molopolo Beach.

4. Sambawan Island

Sambawan Island – is a tiny islet that is located off the northwestern coast of Biliran (formerly
a part of Leyte) that boasts magnificent stretches of white pebble sands, mountains rising from
the background, and cool waters with a vigorous marine ecosystem. It is an ideal place for
divers and you will enjoy the area’s silent atmosphere. You can rent their cottages and tents
to have a comfortable stay on the island. The best diving spots in the Philippines where you can
also do swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling. You can go on a trek to the island’s towering
point where you can find a watch tower from where you can see the amazing view of the sea
at sunset.

5. Red Beach

Red Beach – a historic connotation in the province of Leyte considering the landing of General
Douglas McArthur and the Allied Forces on his come back to the country. It is located in Palo,
Leyte is just six miles from Tacloban City. In World War II during the Japanese occupation, this
historic memorial was built in honor of his bravery in leading and serving the country in
liberating from foreign domination. You will find resorts, restaurants, and shops on the beach to
accommodate tourists and travelers.

6. Cuatro Islas

Cuatro Islas – is popular for its island hopping in the Philippines and it is a group of four lesser-known islets that is located off the western coast of Leyte. These three landmasses are Apid,
Digyo and Mahaba fall within the boundaries of Inopacan town, while Himokilan Island is a part
of Hindang town. These three islets are close to each other. Apid Island is known for its fishing
village and the craftsmanship of locals like “banigs” or sleeping mats that are made out of strips
of palm tree leaves. Digyo Island brags a stretch of white sand while Mahaba Island can walk
along its white sand shores and explore marine shelters which are the home of some fish
species. Himokilan Island has an abundant hill which is ideal for trekking on sunny days.

7. Kankabato Beach

Kankabato Beach – is a long and huge beach that is ideal for sunbathing, surfing, and
swimming It is located in Palo, Leyte. The beach has a powerful wave action that surfers
would love. There are a few restaurants and cafes near the beach.

8. White Beach

White Beach – is located in the small town of San Jose is easy to actuate which means
seeing pure and white sand. The water on the beach is extremely amiable and cool and is
attainable to divers who want to traverse the surrounding beauty of the waters. It is good to take
picnics with friends and family. You can reach the beach by land and by sea.

9. Bawok-bawok Beach

Bawok-bawok Beach – is located in Merida, Leyte which is a safe and super tiny beach that
measures around 0.24 km in length. The best time to visit the beach is from months of
January, February, May, and December because that’s when the temperatures are warm and
not so much loaded.

10. Tulaan Beach

Tulaan Beach – is a lake-like beach of gray pebbles streaked with some patterns and a pocket-friendly family outing that is located in Babatngon, Leyte. It has crystal clear water and
ample marine life that attracts tourists and travelers. You can see colorful fishes and coral but
you need to be very careful because there are bundles of sea urchins. You can rent their
cottages like open cottages, open cottages with video, and overnight cottages. To reach the
beach, you need to fly from Manila to Tacloban, ride a van from Tacloban New Bus Terminal to
Babatngon town proper then ride a pedicab to Tulaan Beach.

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