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10 Best Beaches in Camarines Norte Philippines (White Sand Beach Resorts) Things to Do

Are you dreaming for a perfect beach getaway with tropical warm weather and powdery white sand beach?  Look no further, for here we list the best beaches in Camarines Norte.

Camarines Norte is distinctive on its own way. A great place with natural wonders and stunning scenery  boosting its  tourism industry. 

It is located in Bicol region in Luzon that is known for its sweet pineapples. This province is blessed with powdery white beaches and paradise islands. 

The jungly mountains are dotted with august waterfalls and the plains are watered by clean rivers. The naturalistic tourist attraction in Camarines Norte is the auspicious eco-tourism center in Luzon.

Here are the (10) ten best beaches in Camarines Norte province:

Best Beaches in Camarines Norte : White Sand Beach Resort

1. Bagasbas Beach ( Camarines Norte )

 Bagasbas Beach – is one of the best beaches in Camarines Norte .  It is located in Date, Camarines Norte. A 4 kilometers of span of grey sand with fine and common to big waves. 

The gestures are very coherent all year round and it has also
flaxen bottoms that makes it one of the secured surfing area in the country. You can also try kite flying in which you will love the strong winds that flows into the beach. 

You can go extreme and try kiteboarding.  Bagasbas Beach is also a nice and good place to hang out with family and friends.

 It measures around 5.48km in length. The best time to visit the beach is during the months of February, March, October and November for its mild weather and less crowd.

2. Mahabang Buhangin Beach
( Camarines Norte, Bicol )

Mahabang Buhangin Beach – another top best beaches in Camarines Norte, Bicol, Philippines. An elongated stretch of grainy white sand with crystalline waters that is located in Tinaga Island, Calaguas Group of islands, Vinzans. 

This beach isn’t huddled by countless commercial establishments which makes it a calming place to go to. The abundant vegetation and knurled hills makes a wonderful contrast to the white coast. 

You can go camping on the beach, swimming, snorkeling and try also island hopping. It measure around 2.44km in length. 

The best time to visit the beach is during the months of March, April, July and October. 

3. Pulang-Daga Beach ( Camarines Norte , Bicol )

Pulang-Daga Beach – this is a perfect place for swimmers which  also offer wonderful wide-ranging view of the ocean. It is located in Paracale, Camarines Norte that can be simply be navigated by land. 

The extend of creamy white sand that is actually semi-white and brown is gorgeous.  During summer season, Pulang Daga beach is excellent  for a day tour and family getaways. 

It is a pleasant spot to catch the sunset. Pulang-Daga means Pulang Lupa ( red soil ) in Tagalog language.

4. Bulalacao Beach

Bulalacao Beach – is among the best beaches in Camarines Norte. It is one of the most absolutely serene place with untouched white sand beach that has few houses and people around.  

The beach is located in the municipality of Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte.  A perfect place for campers and night photographers hounding the milky

This beach is one of the freshly heard beach and also on the rise beach in town.

5. Pag-asa Beach

Pag-asa Beach – it is located in the city of Jose Panganiban just 3 kilometers away. You can camp overnight and there are already cottages and comfort rooms in the beach. 

It became well known for tourist/travelers that seeks for swimming and do certain water sports. They put a net
over the shore to avoid jellyfish within the coast where people generally swim.

6. Cayucyucan Beach

Cayucyucan Beach –one of the best beaches in Camarines Norte.  A place where you can forget your worries, relax, take a rest and go to after visiting Mercedes island hopping adventure.

 You can unwind on the beach in which you can swim and paddle in the waters. 

You have to ride by air or by land to get there. The blissful
backdrop of white sand, crystal clear water and sky blue is perfect for taking a picture.

7. Maculabo Beach ( Calaguas Islands )

Maculabo Beach – is located in Calaguas Group of Islands, Paracade, Camarines Norte. It is a developed island where the local are into fishing and farming industry. 

This is tourist spot that have a broad and high stint of fine white sand with crystal clear waters. Visitors or tourists should be vigilant in swimming since the waters have constantly sloping sands that goes very deep.

 Some parts of the island are rocky that is good for swimming and also docking in the island. 

You can view a very beautiful site on top of the hill that provides a scenic view of the shore and ample sea. It measures around 1.95km in length.

8. Pinagtigasan Beach

Pinagtigasan Beach –is another best beaches in Camarines Norte, Bicol Philippines.  is located in Pinagtigasan, Camarines Norte and its around 2.34km in length which is medium. It is an alluring and untouched sandy beach where the  waters are crystalline and clear. 

It have an amazing spot for swimming and lazy lounging.  Also, the climate is warm all year round. 

The beach is so mesmerizing that is almost seems unreal. A perfect spot for sunbathing and the best time to visit the beach is during the months of March, April, July and October for its beautiful mild weather.

 For the months of May, June, August and September are the hottests months and for the coldest months it is January, February, March and December.

9. Quinamanucan Beach

Quinamanucan Beach – is located in Sula, Camarines Norte that is sterile and a family- friendly sandy beach. Its around 2.89 km in length with various shades to shelter from the sun.
One of the most challenging beaches to access because it is not easy to go there. You have to ride on a boat in going there. They provide a lot of space for sunbathing and family games. A beautiful serene place to hangout and immerse on the stunning scenery, which make it another best beaches in Camarines Norte. 

There are also shades to protect yourself from the sun and foods to choose from. 

10. Paracale Beach

 Paracale Beach – is a gorgeous, relaxing and huge sandy beach that is around 4.26km in length. It is located in Paracale, Camarines Norte. 

The sight of the ocean is  pleasant and the climate is
warm. This beach provides a lot of space for sunbathing and relaxation. 


I recommend staying on one of the best beach resorts in Camarines Norte for more time discover the beauty of the region as well have ample time to relax which is good for your soul.

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best beaches in Camarines Norte

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