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10 Best Beaches in Siquijor Philippines ( Top Attractions and Beach Resorts )

Put on some sunscreen and head to  one of the best beaches in Siquijor, Philippines for that much needed vacation.

Siquijor is the third smallest province in the country. It was known as the center of magical power, activities, black magic and heinous agimat and gayuma. 

It is also a hidden wonderland and still underdeveloped.  The calming waters and  natural beaches in Siquijor is  perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Here are the best beaches in Siquijor province.

Best Beaches in Siquijor Philippines (Attractions and Beach Resorts )

1. Sabas Beach ( Lazi Siquijor )

Sabas Beach – is located in Lazi, Siquijor that you have to rent a scooter for one day or take a tricycle to discover the beauty of the beach. 

It is a small beach with clear water  ideal for those who wants to relax, stay overnight and camp. Sabas Beach is one of the best beaches in Siquijor for a laidback beach getaway.

 lt offers a deserted place to lounge with beautiful views around you.  Also a great place for any camping activities and be with friends or family.

2. Tubod Beach (Coco Grove Resort )

Tubod Beach – is located in front of Coco Grove Resort and it is only reachable by motorbike or tricycle. 

You can snorkel in the designated area to explore the place and witness some of big colorful corals and different sizes of fish. Tubod Marine Sanctuary is located to the south of San Juan, a reef marine reserve for the conservation of very rare and danger coral reef and marine life. 

It has white sand coastline that is the best spot for viewing the sunset. If you would like to enjoy the area, consider staying at the best beach resort in Siquijor.

3. Paliton Beach

Paliton Beach – it is one of the most beautiful beaches wherein you will love to try on snorkeling.

If you are looking for a peaceful day by the beach with a majestic view of the  sunset in Siquijor, this is the place to be . 

Fine white sands, clear water, tall palm trees and bars will gladly welcome you.  It is located in San Juan, Siquijor and you have to rent a scooter or a motorbike to explore the place. 

You can see fishing boats on the sea and also a wonderful place to get together with  families at sunset time. 

4. Secret Beach

Secret Beach – an off-the beaten-path haven that not so many people where visiting this place because of its remote location. 

In going there, you need to rent a motorbike to explore the beach. It is located in San Juan, Siquijor wherein you will climb down some stairs . However your effort is worthy because you will be relax, see the beautiful view, swim on the crystal clear water and you will enjoy the beach.

5. Salagdoong Beach

Salagdoong Beach – is located in Maria, Siquijor and one of the best beaches in Siquijor for cliff jumping, swimming and snorkeling. 

Right beyond the beach is a huge resort named Hotel Agripino , also one of the best resort in Siquijor, wherein several benches with umbrellas and restaurant for you to enjoy.

 This beach has two diving platforms (10 meters and 7 meters), a sand which is not powdery but rocky that is made out of dead shells and corals.

6. Solangon Beach

Solangon Beach – is situated on the coastline of Coral Cay Resort. It is utmost heaven with big palm trees protecting the beach.  

It offers sweeping sandy beach and clearest  water in the regiont perfect for swimming or snorkeling. The beach has amazing views towards the mountains ideal for a relaxing beach walk. It is located in San Juan, Siquijor.

7. Candanay Sur Beach

Candanay Sur Beach – is located near Siquijor Port and an ideal place for swimming and snorkeling. You have to rent a motorbike or a scooter in exploring the place. 

A remote beach that few tourists on sight but despite of few people on the beach you will enjoy and love the place because you can relax and feel the quietness while looking at the stunning views. The water is crystal clear and adore the marine life around you.

8. Kagusuan Beach

Kagusuan Beach – is located in Maria Siquijor with pebbles and sand ample its coastline in a adequately ivory glow. 

 It is a pristine relaxation of a natural paradise. It is far from the main road that is you are a solo traveler, there is no signage that will guide you.

9. San Juan Beach

San Juan Beach – this beach is very silent and the colors of the island is astonishing. It is ideal for snorkeling and a good place to take underwater shots. 

The border is quite long and you will see some amazing spots to enjoy. 

10. Sandugan Beach

 Sandugan Beach – is located in Larena, Siquijor. It has a high tide and a low tide that hard for you to have a swim. There are mangroves around the area and sand everywhere.

Siquijor Philippines is an amazing island getaway.  If you are in the region, check out one of the best beaches in Siquijor.

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best beaches in siquijor philippines

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