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10 Best Beaches in Pampanga Philippines ( Best Beach Resorts for a Weekend Getaway )

If you happen to be in the central region of the Philippines and looking for an amazing place to see, this article is your guide to the best beaches in Pampanga.

Pampanga is very popular as one the most food destination in the country. It is also known as The Culinary Capital of the Philippines because of its delicious Filipino food.

 A 30-minute drive away from Manila,  it is an ideal weekend destination for travelers or tourist who wants to discover and check out historical and natural attractions. 

It has mesmerizing beaches with many options to choose from.  Offering extraordinary services and facilities, first-class hotels and man-made adventure park.

They have different festivals to celebrate like Ibon Ebon Festival, Apung Iru Fluvial Festival, Sinukwan Festival and the very famous Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Here are the best beaches in Pampanga province.

Best Beaches in Pampanga ( Beach Resorts )

1. Consuelo Beach (Macabebe,Pampanga )

Consuelo Beach – one of the best beaches in Pampanga to just chill out. It is located in Macabebe, Pampanga. A hidden beach that is warm and radiating. 

The water is not safe to swim or drink according to DENR but locals and tourists regardless of the hazard still swim on the beach during their free time. 

You can also witness the sunset while riding on a bicycle about 22 kilometers. If you want to experience or see the flocking of migratory birds, you have to visit the place during November to January. 

It has  approximately over 80,000 migratory birds which is composed of 63 species observed by the Asian Waterbird Census
or AWC.


2. Orchid Gardens Resort
San Fernando , Pampanga )

The Orchid Gardens Resort – one of the best beach resort on one of the best beaches in Pampanga,  famous for family bonding and outings with friends or loved ones.

 It is located in San Fernando, Pampanga. It has raging waters and Wave Pool that gives fun to everyone especially the thrill-seekers. 

You can feel the freshness of the nature and can relax and enjoy the beauty of this resort. A nice place to spend a vacation among the best beaches in Pampanga.

3. Camayan Beach Resort

Camayan Beach Resort – a delightful getaway for families and friends. It is cuddled in a silent exterior basin where lush rainforest, white sand beaches and aquamarine secured reefs.

 An ideal place for family adventures, company outings, romantic getaways and group bonding sessions. It is a good place for nature lovers who wants to relax and have fun from a weekdays work. 

Experience distinctive fun in the sun, sand, and the sea. They offer rooms and suites to experience nature and comfort. 

 Pamper yourself by having a deep relaxation massage and enjoy and have fun while swimming, snorkeling, and horseback. Cagayan Beach offers one of the best beaches in Pampanga, Philippines.

4. Pocaray Resort

Pocaray Resort – it is located in Porac, Pampanga that is family-friendly beach resort. . It has native-style cottages and villas. 

They also have pool for adult that is associated to a waterfall and kiddie pools which overflow to a man-made lake. It has an ample function hall for occasions.

 Aside from swimming on the pools they also have kayaking and fishing in the lake and also try their zipline.

5. Baloy Beach

Baloy Beach – is great place to have a beach weekend getaway.  Also a good beach in Pampanga, Philippines to just hang around with friends and families. 

They have amenities to choose from that is good for kids that  they will enjoy. You can see American and European men marrying or dating a Filipinas.

6. Inflatable Island

Inflatable Island –a wonderful beach destination.  You need to buy tickets online and bring the reservation number if you want to visit this amazing island.

 You have to follow their rules and regulations and need to listen to their orientation for you to get a life-vests. This island has lifeguards available  in case  there is something might happen to you or to your friends or family. 

It is very challenging for adventure seekers and you have to wear a swimwear all day to experience their fun activities.

7. All Hands Beach Resorts

All Hands Beach Resorts – is very affordable and their staff is very friendly. They have cabana, giant floats in the water, jet skis and has incredible view that you can even sea turtles.

They also have rooms, tents for rent and grilling station.

8. Villa Antionia Resort ( San Fernando Pampanga )

Villa Antonina Resort – is located in the heart of San Fernando, Pampanga and considered as the holiday vacation destinations of tourists and visitors. This is an amazing beach resort in Pampanga.

The place is so relaxing in which you will love and enjoy their different amenities. It has cabins, guestrooms, villas and penthouses to choose from. 

They also have pools, snack bars, café, gardens, bamboo cottages, function halls, function rooms, gazebos, nipa huts and pavilion.

9. Villa Alfredo Resort

Villa Alfredo Resort – is the most fashionable resort that is located in Pampanga. It is cuddled within the hidden, luxuriant tropical gardens, abundant exotic flowers, limited varieties of palm, cacti and bamboo species and very colorful birds. 

An ideal place to relax and enjoy with their
leisure facilities like swimming pools, jacuzzis, aviary, a separate children’s wading pool with water slides and marine aquarium.

10. Clearwater Resort and Country Club

Clearwater Resort and Country Club – it is located inside the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga, It was built in 2003 with amenities and low prices. 

Another one of the best beach resort in Pampanga. It  is very famous for its pool and beach like locations where friends and families can spend quality time together.

 It has huge variety of gardens and ample areas where organizations, companies or families can hold team-building activities or picnics.

 A great place to relax and they offer services like family cabins, lodges, cottages and tents. 

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best beaches in Pampanga

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