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10 Best Beaches in Occidental Mindoro Philippines: White Sand Beach Resorts

On This article, we discover the best beaches in Occidental Mindoro, Philippines.

Occidental Mindoro is the second province in Mindoro Island consecrated with twelve alluring tourist destinations like coves, white sand beaches and dive sites.

 It is also the home of the second-largest abutting coral system in the world and it attained honor of being called as the Marine Wonderland of the Philippines. This tourist spots can be found on the towns of Sablayan, San Jose
and Mamburao that many people are living there which is around 400,000.

 It is the home to the critically-endangered Tamaraws (water buffalo) and the Mount Iglit-Baco National Park is also one of the protected tourist spots.

Here are the 10 best beaches in Occidental Mindoro Philippines.

Best Beaches in Occidental Mindoro ( White Sand Beach Resort )

1. Inasakan Beach ( San Jose Occidental Mindoro )

Inasakan Beach – is one of the best beaches in Occidental Mindoro  located in Itin Island, San Jose.  It is also a secret paradise that has perfect powdery pure white sand and limpid waters where you can see the orange and blue starfishes in the waters. 

Some of the visitors or tourists that are going there are comparing it that this beach is alike to Boracay. You will not find any establishments and vendors near the beach that is why you have to bring your own food and swimming gears
in going there. 

You can also find Sikatuna Beach Hotel ,one of the best beach resort in Occidental Mindoro, near the beach in which they can help your trip.

2. Ragara Beach

Ragara Beach – is also one of the best beaches in Occidental Mindoro.  It is an ideal place to unwind and you get to enjoy the silent and calming ambiance. 

It is located in Calintaan, Occidental Mindoro. It is barely crowded and quiet beach that is serene of a long stretch of magnificent sand beach with a bunch of palm trees. 

You can see an exclusive resort in the beach which is uncomplicated resort that offers good accommodation and mouth-watering meals and that is the Ragara Beach Resort. 

This beach is a simple heaven for ultimate relaxation  where
they have hammocks, beach beds and huts that are accessible for visitors and tourists for free.

3. Mamburao Beach ( Occidental Mindoro, Philippines)

Mamburao Beach –is among the best beaches in Occidental Mindoro.  It is very well known for its long stretch of fine sand beach, crystal clear waters and bundle of palm trees on the shore and also one of the most visited tourist destinations in Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro.

You can find many beach resorts in Mumburao which they provide good accommodation and materials. 

An awesome spot for friends and families where you will enjoy and have fun while swimming, playing volleyballs and diving in the beach.

4. Tayamaan Beach

Tayamaan Beach – is located in north-west of Mamburao, one of the best beaches in Occidental Mindoro that has
coconut trees lined with white sand beach which is one hectare wide. 

It is one of the well-known beach that is very affordable and easily available. It is perfect for swimming, diving and

It has cottages that you could use while having a picnic along the beach that can be rented. It is often visited by local people of Mindoro. Some of the tourist wants a true
immersion in local culture and you will witness the natural fun-loving character of the Mindoro residents.

5. Aroma Beach

Aroma Beach – is a length of grey sand beach that is located in San Jose across the western coast of Mindoro. You can see some bars, stores and restaurants on the beach. 

It has a huge range of food, beverages and many people are flocking to the beach especially during weekends.

6. White Island

White Island – is located in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro that is only a little island with a creamy white beach and also an eco-friendly refuge of turtle nest on the shore. 

There is a story that is interesting to locals about the island that they call it “Manadi Island” which means
“Sudden Disappearance”. They say that the island abruptly vanished a long time ago and then it appeared again. 

The neighboring waters brim with many fishes that the local fishermen group here are taking part of the reward. It is a good place to unroll that some people keeps on
coming here.

White Island offers one of the best beaches in Occidental Mindoro Philipppines if you are looking for an off grid getaway.

7. Ambulong Island
( San Jose, Occidental Mndoro )

Ambulong Island – is one of the most  wonderful island in the Philippines that is located in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.

 The sand is powdery white beaches, quiet, crystal clear waters and glamorous sights of sandstone cliffs. It is a great place for snorkeling.  You can also find charming coral gardens and many of marine lifeforms.

 You can stay on one of the beach resort in the island and that is Ambulong Bluewater Resort that provides nice accommodations. 

There are also beach beds and hammocks. It serves as the broach point to the neighboring diving sites and island hopping.

Visit Ambulong Island, it offers one of the best beaches in Occidental Mindoro.

8. Grace Island

Grace Island – one of the best beaches in Occidental Mmindoro, Philippines and is located in San Jose. It has a sand beach that is clean and crystal clear water that captivates the floating cottages. 

It is an exclusive wonderland that is ideal for family and friends. You can even jump into the water while you are in the balcony of the floating cottages and have fun while swimming back to your cottages.

 It has mini banana boat, jetski and a zipline. You will also witness their bird and marine shelter. Surely you will
stay longer in the island if you are going to explore it.

9. Pandan Island

Pandan Island – is accessible by a 15-minute boat ride from the town of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro.

 It is a little privatized eco-tourism that is sheltered marine park with 22 bungalows or rooms for tourists or travelers, a diving center and unrestrained island. 

They have a solar panel so that the island gets its electricity. They have a lot of activities to choose from like ocean
kayaks, beach volleyballs, island hopping and recreational activities while having fun with the breathtaking view. 

Try walking around the island to know how peaceful and relaxing the surrounding is.

10. Ilin Island

Ilin Island – is located in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro that can be reached via a 1- 1.5 hour thru banca trip ( traditional  Philippines outrigger boat ) from the town of San Jose and only 1 hour by plane. 

It has a white sand backed by the gigantic coconut trees and crystalline water.

 Ilin Island is also home for distinct and magnificent marine life like starfish and corals. It has a perfectly shaped rocks formed by the waves and the hospitality of the people living on the island is amazing.

You can do the following island activities like swimming, camping, snorkeling, trekking or just relax on the soft sand to get an alluring tan.

You can also take a picture on top of the hill, unwind and view the astonishing sunset and panoramic view.  This island certainly have one of the best beaches in Occidental Mindoro

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best beaches in Occidental Mindoro

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