best beaches in Palawan Philippines

10 Best Beaches in Palawan Philippines ( Beach Resorts and Attractions )

If you are looking for a tropical destination,  the Philippines offers the best beaches in the world to choose from.  Here is a curated list of the best beaches in Palawan for your unforgettable beach getaway.  

Palawan , Philippines is a heaven on earth paradise.   It is the home to one of the most gorgeous and magnificent beaches.

Boasting stunning coastline, powdery white sand beaches, with laidback living and spectacular sunsets , Palawan is definitely a dream destination.  

It is also the most distant and littlest populated of all the Philippines provinces.  Its prolonged thin slide of islands that makes up the region ,  extending southwest farther away from the island of Luzon, Palawan is absolutely a hidden gem of Asia. 

Here are the best beaches in Palawan province.

Best Beaches in Palawan Philippines For Your Ultimate Paradise Escapade

1. Long Beach ( San Vicente, Palawan )

Long Beach – is situated in San Vicente, Palawan. It undergoes much less guest which makes this wonderful beach a great place to chill out

It extends about 9 miles of golden sand beaches and calm waters. It is the longest white beach in the country that is assisted with constant bound of tall coconut palms laced with little talisay trees and standard fishing boats. 

Experience  the natural elegance of the beach, cozy golden sunsets, Long Beach in Palawan Philippines is truly a place to relax and unwind. 

2. El Nido Beach ( El Nido, Palawan )

El Nido Beach – is also one of the best beaches in Palawan. It is a  straightforward tropical heaven in the Philippines’ last borderland.  It is located in the northeast shores of Palawan archipelago’s Matinloc Island. 

It is considered as the biggest marine sanctuary in the country with turtles, sea cows and whale sharks. It contains around 50 beaches with arrays of small islands, towering marble bluffs, abundant steamy vegetation, antique caves and captivating lagoons. 

Consider staying on one of the best beach resorts in El Nido Palawan for ultimate relaxation. 

3. Corong Corong Beach ( El Nido , Palawan )

Corong Corong Beach – is located in El Nido field and the place where few of the gorgeous landscape that Palawan Island has become familiar for. 

The sandy beach is  perfect with bejeweled high coconut palm trees . With its towering  sandstone rock formation and crystal clear water at the northern end, it is known as El Nido’s Palawan best beach.  

This beach has stand houses, few restaurants and bars and commonly not as loaded as El Nido. It is one of the most tourist spot to view sunset with pink and orange tones soaring over the sky and introspective over the water.

4. Seven Commandos Beach

Seven Commandos Beach – one of the finest beaches in El Nido and is only accessible by boat .  

 This paradise on earth has natural white sands, aquamarine calm water, limestone cliffs and coated with coconut trees. 

You can snorkel in the clear water, discover plenty of reefs right off the shore, try their huge tree swing on the border of the water and buy some of their coconuts. 

This beach is  home of few beautiful lagoons in the world  like Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon and the Secret Lagoon.

5. Duli Beach

Duli Beach – is also a famous and most beautiful beach in Palawan. I t is 1-hour drive away from El Nido town. 

This beach will take some effort to reach it but it is worth because it is serene with desolate area of sand, clear water and abundant natural vegetation.

 It is a good spot for surfers because the waters are rough and the waves can get big. The name Duli comes from the local word for a female tortoise that probably the green sea turtles which is often be seen resting in the beach. 

You can stay on the beach that provides rooms with private balconies overlooking the beach, with huge bathroom, a bar and a restaurant.

6. Malcapuya Beach ( near Coron, Palawan )

Malcapuya Beach – a deserted spot that has boundless border of white sand which cover the whole island. 

It is located in Malcapuya Island near Coron. This beach is ringed with fresh nature, small island huts on it and you can stay overnight with mattress on the floor. 

It has no current that you need to charge your phone at home but you can find peace and loneliness in this place if you want to escape from the hectic work. 

The views are astonishing that you will see the clear blue water and white sands. This place is very memorable for beach and island destination.

7. Las Cabanas Beach

Las Cabañas Beach – another best beach in Palawan Philippines. It is a 15 minutes-drive/ 3 kilometers south to El Nido town and the adjacent beach to El Nido. 

It is a lot better than some of the beaches in town and an ideal place to sit back and lie down until sunset, the sky that lights up in shades (orange, pink and red) which reflects the glass-like water. 

It has golden sands pass on the clear water, botanical gardens, big beachfront and a reef that is excellent for snorkeling. 

You can also try their zipline where you can view the thrill of flinging this 750 metre zipwire at significant agility see the clear blue water and white sands.

8. Nacpan Beach

Nacpan Beach – superb alluring beach that fascinates the heart of visitors because of its cool steamy paradise .An amazing beach in Palawan that is ideal for getting away from the crowds. 

It is located about 45-minute drive away from El Nido town. It is along Palawan coast for 4 kilometers, advocated by a line of tall, wiggling coconut palms, stunning gold-tinged sand lick by gentle aquamarine waves.

You must try their camp accommodations, a pool, a bar, a garden, a hostel and resorts.

9. Sabang Beach ( Puerto Princesa, Palawan )

Sabang Beach – is one of the most eminent beach and well known for its jumpoff point to the Underground River ideally located in the  primitive coast of Palawan’s eastern shore. This beach is a quiet place to spend with for a few days of relaxation.

If you happen to be in Puerto Princesa for the underground river excursion, stop by and have a relaxing plunge at Sabang Beach, also one of the best beaches in Palawan

10. Talaudyong Beach ( Puerto Princesa , Palawan.

Talaudyong Beach – is located in Puerto Princesa that is very alluring beach close to Nagtabon Beach,  ideal for swimming and sunbathing. This beach is absolutely little
known by tourist and barely frequented by locals. 

If you want to explore the place, you have to rent a motorbike and you will find  utmost tranquility with this beautiful beach.

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best beaches in Palawan Philippines

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