Best beaches in Samar

10 Best Beaches in Samar Philippines ( White Sand Beach Resort )

The Philippines provides plenty of amazing beach getaway to choose from.  From its mind-boggling tropical beauty to its diverse culture and history, the country offers laidback islands and lifestyle for a serene destination.  

Here is a list of the best beaches in Samar province.


Samar is the seventh most crowded and third largest island in the Philippines that is located is eastern Visayas.

 It is also the home of Asia’s 2 nd largest cave system. Its coastland is the place for plenty of beach resorts where you can relax and rest.

 You can also do some water activities like snorkeling. Their culture is essentially Visayan and Waray-Waray and are
generally pattern as courageous soldier.

Here are the 10 best beaches in Samar Philippines.

Best Beaches in Samar ( White Sand Beach Resort )

1. Calicoan Beach ( Samar )

Calicoan Beach – is located in Calicoan Island and one of the best habituated destinations in Eastern Samar, also offering the best beaches in Samar

This beach lies on the Pacific Ocean which implement large waves. It is one of the new surfing place in the country and you will like lounging on the sandy part of the beach. 

You can dive/jump from one the precipice towards the cavernous part of the sea.

 It has a wide stretch of perfect white sand beach and there is  scarcity of commercial establishments that only two restaurants are available.

2. Pink Beach ( Samar )

Pink Beach –  is one of the best beaches in Samar. It has pinkish sand, the water is crystalline and brim with marine life as well as awesome coral reefs. 

It is located in Sila Island, San Vicente Island. Pink Beach is
considered one of the best tourist spot in Northern Samar. 

Many people would fall in love with the bizarre landscape and the pink sand. It is collected of miniature detritus of red
corals and shells that is combined with creamy white sand. 

The captivating lime seawater in the beach is overflowing of corals and fishes that is good for swimming and snorkeling.

You can also spend overnight on the beach by having a camp.

3. Acapulco Beach ( Samar Philippines )

Acapulco Beach – is located in Capul Island and it is one of the growing tourist spot in Northern Samar. Locals and foreign tourist keeps coming back to the beach because of
intact condition that gloat the grayish and white sand with sea bristles of marine life and coral reefs. 

If you would like to enjoy more the peaceful place consider staying on one of the best beach resort in Samar. They offer different amenities and mouth-watering dishes.

One of the best beaches in Samar, Acapulco beach is truly a wonderful place to swim and snorkel.

4. Onay Beach

Onay Beach – is also one of the best beaches in Samar Philippines. It is literally means suicide beach. It is one of the deserted tourist spot in Laoang Island, Northern Samar and it recline on the northeastern coast. 

You will love lagging on the golden beach sand while staring at the comfortable and peaceful water of the sea. It has two massive rocks. Just be careful to  jump on the yawning part of the sea and you should know how to swim. 

Onay Beach in Samar have a long stretch with bejeweled thick vegetation and immerse blue green water. The first of the two rocks is flat-topped but heavenly molded. 

Half of it is naked, suffering to the sole and the middle of the grassy facet is deep. The other rock is a bona-fide islet that is surrounded by water.

5. Jagnaya Beach ( Eastern Samar )

Jagnaya Beach – is located in Salcedo, Eastern Samar. This beach is not yet profit-oriented so you cannot anticipate any materials or stores around. 

You will also see the Locsoon Cave that has congenital saltwater pool boost from the cave and during high tides
it connects to the ocean. 

Jagnaya Beach is an ideal place for swimmers who loves the water and for visitors that looking for a queit place to relax.

6. Cabacungan Beach

Cabacungan Beach – is a perfect steamy spot for those travelers or tourists who want some sand and sun that is distant from the hum of the city. It is consider as one of the best beaches in Samar. 

 It is located in Barangay Cabacungan, Municipality Allen in the province of Northern Samar. It has plenty of secret
gems and spotless white sand beach. 

Many people are going there specially during sunny days.  They loved to take pictures on the shore before they are going to dip on the water.

 In going there, you can choose whether your going to ride on an airplane. It can also be a bus or hire a van. You can do swimming, snorkeling, paddling, banana boat, sun bathing and kayaking on the beach. 

You witness how clear the water is and definitely a good place for a quick getaway.

7. Dalupiri Island

Dalupiri Island – is located in San Antonio, Northern Samar and it is considered as one of well known tourist destinations that gets the scrutiny of travelers or tourists.

Among the best beaches in Samar, it is surrounded with eminent kilometers of large stretch of palm-trim white sand with crystalline waters where some beach front resorts were alighted.

You can reach it through a 30-minute boat ride from the town of Victorina on the mainland. It is a great place for swimming and snorkeling.

 The eastern side of the island where unbelievable white beaches with brimming waters and marine life which make Dalupiri Island offers one of the best beaches in Sorsogon.

8. Bacayawan Beach

Bacayawan Beach – is a seashore that gives a panoramic views of its rock formations. It is also called the little Dakak because of the gorgeous white sands 

It is also one of the best beaches in Sorsogon located
in the southern end of the town of Llorente. It has a simple beach resort that you could stay overnight . 

You just have to choose if you want a cottage and also
there is a lodging place for guests or visitors. The weather is warm and the best time to go and visit the beach is from late December to mid-April.

9. Samulan Beach

Samulan Beach – is a fifteen minutes walks from the town of Salugan, it is close to Calicoan. Its  wonderful white sands  can be differentiate to the sand of Boracay. 

They called it island of paradise because it has plenty of coconut trees along the coast and the waters are crystal-clear.

 If you want to relax and rest, you have to visit the beach because it is not yet as crowded as some of the beaches in the country.

10. Homonhon Beach

Homonhon Beach – many tourists are going here because they want to see the first few steps of Magellan, It became a popular historical site in the country. 

The specific place where Magellan aground was flat and quiet and that is Villa Pacific Resort, an stunning beach resort in Samar.

You can see many fishes all over. You can snorkel on the beach. You just have to ride via a motorized boat in just one hundred twenty minutes to reach the beach. 

It is located in the Eastern Samar, on the eastside of Leyte Gulf.

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Best beaches in Samar

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