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10 Best Beaches in Sorsogon Philippines ( White Sands Beach Resorts )

Here is a look on the top best beaches in Sorsogon, Philippines.

Sorsogon is  a  3rd class municipality city and it was built  from the combination of Bacon and Sorsogon municipalities. 

It is very popular for its astonishing beaches, cultural attractions andnatural wonders It is also the whale shark spot destination in the country. 

The most popular product of Sorsogon are Pili Nuts. It became a crowd favorite and have been integrated to many distinct dishes by locals like roasted pili nuts and the pili nut brittle.

Sorsogon have a land area of 276.11 square kilometers or 106.61 square miles.

Here are the 10 best beaches in Sorsogon province, Philippines.

Best Beaches in Sorsogon ( White Sand Beach Resort ) Things To Do

1. Lebanon Beach ( Sorsogon )

Lebanon Beach – one of the best beaches in Sorsogon abd is located in Barangay Lupi, Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon. This beach is bumpy, discursive and withered equatorial beaches that are cheerfully uncharted by mass tourism.

 It is worth visiting because of the luxurious soft white to cream sands and the sky blue water that makes it ideal for resting and tanning while reading your favorite book. 

You can dive on their astounding coral reef formation developed by rainbow colored fishes and marine animals.

2. Dancalan Beach
( Bulusan, Sorsogon )

Dancalan Beach – is located in Bulusan, home to another best beaches in Sorsogon.  It  captivate visitors/tourists for its  breathtaking towering mountains adorned by green jungles, jade verdant lakes and lagoons and breath capturing seaboard.

 An ideal place for having a picnic for only 10 pesos per person and you can view an astonishing traditional fishing boats with crystal clear water. 

The fishermen seize fish, turn their fishing nets or naturally enjoy the afternoon gust under the shadow of the coconut trees. 

It has cottages to choose from if you want to stay overnight in the beach.

3. Parola Beach
( Magallanes , Sorsogon )

Parola Beach – it is crowned with an age old parola (lighthouse) that is located in unobtrusive
town of Magallanes, Sorsogon that plays a compelling role in Philippines history.

Aside from its rich history, tradition and culture, it host one of the best beaches in Sorsogon.

 Gibalong titled as the place where the first Christian mass in Luzon was lionized. It is also a place of Bagatao Island,
known for its olden days as one of the greatest dockyard where enormous Spanish galleons were built.

 You have to bring your own goggles if you would like to dive and come across the corals and multi-colored fishes that exist on the shore. 

You have to ride on a bus going to Sorsogon City,
transfer in a jeep to take you to Magallanes then ride on a boat to take you on this amazing  beach.

4. Subic Beach ( Calitaan Island Sorsogon )

Subic Beach – is located off the coast of Matnog in Calitaan Island, Sorsogon. It embodies the gorgeous tropical island platitude. 

A very rare pearly pink shores that once your feet lays on
this beach, you will be compensated with pleasure. It has luxuriant mountains plunge into thecoral-chased aquamarine water that is perfect for snorkeling. 

This beach is undamaged byluxury trappings and you can also camp on the shore of the beach to enjoy the impeccable beauty of the beach which makes it the top best beaches in Sorsogon.

5. Tikling Island ( Sorsogon )

Tikling Island – it provides ceaseless calmness that only the residents are the caretakers that flourish on fishing and copra production. It is among the best beaches in Sorsogon Philippines.

It is located approximately to mainland Matnog and
was only bare to the public. The untamed flora and vines on the field add up to its raw appeal.

It has a white baby powder seashore dressed by palm trees staggering in mild breeze while

Tikling Island  has very alluring beach with strain of emerald and deep blue waters. There are so many ways on how to get there, you just need to choose from whether your going to ride on a jeep, bus or a boat.

6. Olango Beach

Olango Beach – an eminent restrained hideaway beach that has sand, sea and can be surf. It is one of the best beaches in Sorsogon Philippines. 

The best place for relaxing while lounging with  sapphire clear water and soft steamy breeze. 

You can bring your snorkeling gear and look into the bright underwater terrain. The gust blows powerful and stable wind that creates waves , ideal for surfing. 

It is located in Sta. Magdalena, Sorsogon. You need to ride on a jeep that will take you to Allen then take a ferry in going to Matnog and then a jeep that will take you to the town proper of Sta. Magdalena.

7. Paguiriran Island ( Sorsogon )

Paguiriran Island – is a place to locate and get away back to nature that clinch with rock formations arise above an uncover boundless sea. This majestic island provides also one of the best beaches in Sorsogon.

You can bring your own swimming attire and snorkel gear for you to enjoy the crystal clear blue water that is located in Brgy. Sawanga, Sorsogon City.

 It has a broken isle that provides some activities including cliff jumping, bird watching, beachcombing and spear fishing.

 If you want to visit the place, you need to ride on a
bus in going to Sorsogon City then a jeep that route to Bacon and then hire a tricycle all the way to the island.

8. Buenavista Beach ( Gubat Sorsogon )

Buenavista Beach – is located in Lola Sayong Surf Camp Beach, Gubat, Sorsogon. 

It produces coherent waves for the whole year that distend in the months of October to March. You can swim, snorkel and beachcombing for shells are the best things to do in the beach that surely you will love and enjoy. 

It has a modest resorts and cottages that is perfect for family picnic and barkada getaway. It has also a wide shoreline that hawed in by a handful modest.

You can get a surfboard and ride the waves of the beach. You need to ride on a bus, then jeep and then hire a tricycle that will take you to the beach.

9. Panumbagan Sandbar

Panumbagan Sandbar – is just off the coast of Brgy, Bantayan that brag of powdery cream sands enfold by crystalline waters. It is like a jewel that appears once the tide ebb. 

It has afloating cottages interconnected by make-shift bridges with fish cages were established. You can also visit the Bantigue Point Marine Sanctuary where you can dive into the water and scrutinize lurch array of marine lay. 

You will be satisfied with their local cuisines and delicacies
like Bicol Express, Kinuno (fish meat with malunggay leaves and coconut milk) kaluko (grated gabi with coconut milk) and bayokbok (sticky rice with grated young coconut).

Panumbagan Sandbar is surely an amazing place to visit if you are seeking for the best beaches in Sorsogon.

10. Tolong-Gapo Beach

Tolong-Gapo Beach – it has three uniquely shaped rock formations by the shore that takes 14 hours to reach the place. It is truly a dream destination for advenure seeker. 

It has rustic kind setting because the beach isn’t that commodified yet but there are already stores, eateries and cottages if you want to stay overnight or eat
something on the beach.

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best beaches in Sorsogon

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