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10 Best Beaches in Siargao Philippines (Top White Sand Beach Resorts )

Siargao is a secret paradise in the Philippines located off the coast of Surigao del Norte. Here , we will explore the best beaches in Siargao Philippines for unforgettable tropical island getaway.  

Siargao  has form its way to the hearts of tourists all over the world whether you are a surfer or non-surfer. It is ringed by crystal clear aquamarine waters, covered in coconut palm trees and a home of astonishing
beach resorts in the Philippines. 

It is known as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines,”  the island brags
some of the greatly powerful surf shatter the world. Aside from surfing, Siargao has a lot more to offer like extraordinary laidback appeal that attracts the tourists, some famous hotels and many more.

Here are the best beaches in the province of Siargao Philippines. 

Best Beaches in Siargao Philippines for Ultimate Tropical Vacation

1. Cloud 9 Beach

Cloud 9 Beach – is very popular and one of the best beaches of Siargao  for its breathless right-hand waves and broad empty tubes that can make every surfer’s heart bound a beat. The most well-known surfing spot in the southeast corner of Siargao, in the town of General Luna.

 It has enormous waves all year round specially during the month of September to December. A best-loved venue to display the talents of local and international surfers. 

It also fascinates crowds that is calmly available, a stunning scenic boardwalk, vast option of restaurants, souvenir shops and some cool clothingbrands.

2. Naked Island

Naked Island – is another one of the best beaches in Siargao .   A 200-meter long fillet of sand in the mid of the Pacific that is absolutely unclothed except for some shells routed in by the waves. It facets one of the three islands from the shores of General Luna. The most famous “island hopping in the Philippines” that some natural islets that every beach lover’s fantasy.

 It maybe blistering hot in the sun but you are constrained to love the superb contrast between the ideal white sand and blue sky. You can
swim in the fizzy waters, relax on the pond and it can make you a stunning tan.

3. Sugba Lagoon

Sugba Lagoon –is also one of the best beaches in Siargao.  An extraordinary 4,000-hectare aquamarine swimming spot hidden from the hustle and bustle of General Luna. It is a gem covered in the quiet town of Del Carmen in Siargao. You will discover this amazing spot in the midst of a magical mangrove forest ringed by mountains. This lagoon provides an array of activities like dive-board, kayaking, jumping, swimming and board paddling. 

It has wooden diving board equipped from coco lumber.
Visiting this dazzling lagoon will be complete if you are going to jump in the diving board. If you’re hungry, there’s a café in the area.

4. Magpupungko Rock Pools

Magpupungko Rock Pools – it is located in Pilar and the best time to go there is during low tide. This tide-reliant pool has been one of the go-to non-surfing spots that is generally mixed with caves and beaches. 

These are hidden during low tide and immersed at high tide.
Certainly you will see the crystal blue waters and the bluff jumping feel you have dreaming if you visit the pool. 

The uniqueness of the falling pools is ideal in picture-taking spots, rock
formations, dive off the nearby cliffs, examine the caves surrounding the crystal pools and ascend the broken rocks.

5. Guyam Island

Guyam Island – it pictures a petite figurative island in the midst of the Pacific Ocean as a bushes of succulent palm trees surrounded by alluring white sand and a charming array of rock formations. 

This palm-covered harbor is so tiny that you can walk above the island about 50 steps. You will see the sky blue waters, brittle sand and reefs. If you want to rest, read a book or take a nap as you listen to the sound of waves arrant on the rocks by the border, there are bunk beds and swings to choose from. 

You can find coconuts in the island, locals are very
much happy to climb up and open it for you for a little or take a sip on buko juice (coconut

6. Daku Island

Daku Island – the eminently outstanding among the popular islands in Siargao and it is the most amazing one. It has sky blue seawater that provides you front seat view to many fishes and bright coral reefs. 

The island has a wide strips and it has cottages and coconut trees, an
ideal stop to have lunch after hopping from island to island. You can bring your own food or you can buy fresh seafood in the main island.

 Experience their underwater activities like diving, snorkeling, swimming on the clear water and soak in the sun to get tan.

7. Corregidor Island

Corregidor Island – this island is surrounded by glassy blue waters and bright coral reefs making it a perfect spot for snorkeling. The best hiking spot and you can hike on the summit of the island to wonder the scenic view of the Pacific Ocean and the nearby islands. 

It is right next to Siargao that you have a ride on a boat for 45 minute from General Luna. It is notable deviation if you’re up for a relaxed hike through verdant trails, rolling hills and abundant coconut groves to the white sand beaches and pebble beaches.

 If you want to experience a day trip, try their activities like having a picnic by the beach, paddle boarding and snorkeling.

8. Tayangban Cave Pools

Tayangban Cave Pools – it is doubtless destination for audacious, the best utmost tourist spot and tucked in the forest of Pilar in the middle of Siargao Island. 

The cave pool is known as Kantoloi Twin Cenotes and it has 100 meters deep. They will provide helmets and life jackets if you go on canyoneering. 

You can go in the dark cave and paddle through chest-deep
water. You can see bats flying around and hear the strange sounds. You can also spot the stalactites formation as you tour the inner cave that opens after 15 minutes. 

There is a bluff-jumping spot, a seven-meter cliff that leads you to 18 feet deep water.

9. Alegria Beach

Alegria Beach – is a silent beach in Siargao that is away from busy crowd of General Luna. It is a private and almost intact that some of the tourist travel here because it will give you honor amply by comfortable patch of steamy heaven. 

Few tourists are going in the island because of an hour drive from General Luna. It may be a long drive but rest assured that it will be worth it.
It has a peaceful vibe, fine white sand, salty sea breeze and crystal clear water to cool any exhausted tourists. 

You can solitude to collective with nature, perceive the powdery white sand
on your feet and take tons of photographs.

10. Secret Beach

Secret Beach – is also called Guliwan Beach, one of Siargao’s best-kept secrets and best beaches of Siargao Philippines.  A secluded gem that maintain its remoteness because there is no cement road that leads up to it and only a dirt pathway through a coconut forests. 

It is a 15-minute drive from General Luna and the
stream starts beside the main highway of Gulawin that you have to follow the way to the palm-fringed shores and white sands. It has a wonderful scenery and a beginner-friendly surfing waves. 

You can learn how to surf on the strip of the beach that is commonly deserted. Even if you don’t like to surf, still this beach is superb escape and as you listen to the sound of the waves as you exclude the sun and still a relaxing day at the beach.

If you are looking for ultimate relaxation or tropical adventure, the island of Siargao Philippines should be one of your top list to visit.

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best beaches in Siargao

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