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10 Best Beaches in Batanes Philippines ( White Sand Beach Resorts )

The Philippines is blessed with amazing beaches and here we list some of the best beaches in Batanes

Batanes is an archipelago province in the region of Cagayan Valley. The capital is Basco and the tiniest province both in terms of population and land area. It is an equatorial island with rock formation, bizarre lighthouse and untamed horses that meander freely in the ample pastureland make it absolutely exceptional landing place for many people. 

You will enjoy and have fun in the different activities like swimming, snorkeling, diving, lighthouse visit, biking and visits their century-old Ivatanmhouses.


Here are the best beaches in Batanes Philippines:

Best Beaches in Batanes Philippines for Ultimate Tropical Vacation

1. Valugan Boulder Beach

Valugan Boulder Beach –is one of the best beaches in Batanes. It lies on the eastern foot of the volcano which is Mt. Iraya, an agitation reached different peak in 400 AD when it coughed out endless boulders into the bordering beaches. 

These boulders are gemstone rocks which have been consistently gleaming by the tides and the waves. Boulders vanish toward the southern end where imbricate and petite pebbles brim the coast.

 If you are planning to have a swim, forget it because the waves are wild, raging and angry that are ready to hurt innocent swimmers onto the rocks, however the sight of the scenery is majestic.

2. Morong Beach/Nakabuang Beach

Morong Beach/Nakabuang Beach – another best beach in Batanes. This beach is harmless and abutting the other side of the island. It is a brief elastic bookmarked by low, grass-carpeted hills.

 The most important specialty of the beach is the arch and it is called Nakabuang Arch or Mahayaw Arch that enhance an image of Sabtang and Batanes as a whole. 

It is one of the glamorous and blueprinted beach of Batanes. It became an underwater island that if you are going to walk some steps to your left when facing the beach, you can find a cave where you can camp and

3. Chamantad- Tinyan Cove

Chamantad-Tinyan Cove – this stunning cove is one of the adventurous inspiration of the tourist that standing by to view the outlook rather than walking down towards the beach area.
Be careful in doing that because there’s no clear path in going down. You can do wagon at the cove and do camping if you want to stay longer.

4. Vuhus Island

Vuhus island –  offers one of the best beaches in Batanes Philippines .  It is an unpopulated island that you have to take a boat (called tataya) in going there. You can visit the island during fine day or summer during the month of April – June as waves may be rough. 

This island is overflowing with vibrant marine life. Dive and have fun in
the waters of the island. You can snorkeling and dive in the island and enjoy spending a week or more in the island.

5. White Beach

White Beach – is one of the less visited in Batanes because of the constant island tour planned route. You can swim and take a photo while visiting the island. Tourists or guests are lucky to have visited this beach where lunch was befitted. 

You will experience the mount of rocky cliffs and harmonized by the continual humming of the waves, the flawless portion of
figural attractiveness of Batanes.

6. Chanarian

Chanarian Beach – is also one of the best beaches in Batanes Philippines. It is just a several steps away from adaptations of Amboy Hometel, Bernardo Hotel and Dive Batanes. 

The best time to swim is in the morning or in the afternoon after your tour in the beach. The part of the beach is the availability of it to the locals most
especially the tourists or guests.

7. Homoron Blue Lagoon

Homoron Blue Lagoon – it is located in Mahatao, Batanes and a small lagoon that hides in the amid of rocky cliffs just by the road that is attach to Mahatao and Ivana. 

It is typically applied to as Spanish Lagoon or Spaniards’ Lagoon. It has an unobtrusive stream across the sheer, rocky hill that leads to the natural pool.

 You have to ride on a tricycle and follow the national road to the south.

8. Di-Atay Beach

Di-Atay Beach – it is located along the national highway amidst Mahatao and Ivana that is bare 9.85 kilometers from Basco, Batanes. This beach has wonderful cove with mottled rocks and white sand that is perfect for picnics and beach untangle offering one of the best beaches in Batanes.

9. Imnajbu-Itbud Beach

Imnajbu-Itbud Beach – are two oldest barangay agreements in Uyugan. Pinched in the southeastern part of Batan Island, the shore is disordered with white sand and pebbles, flecked by sharp cliffs and rock formations along with Alapad Pass, a part of national road that pierce through a big rock in Itbud. 

The beach provides breathtaking glimpse of the seascape.

10. Diura Beach

Diura Beach – a private cove that is hidden in 3 kilometers east of Mahatao Town Proper, you can find the Diura Village which is a fishing community. 

You can visit the beach wit astonished surrounding landscape serene with rolling hills of the nearby Racuh a Payaman, and the Tayid Lighthouse. You will experience in catching the dolphinfish and flying fish. 

In the local Ivatan language, dolphinfish is called “arayu” and the flying fish is called “dibang”.

Getting into the province of Batanes is truly an unforgettable journey and adventure.  If you are planning to visit the place, don’t missed one of the best beaches in Batanes , Philippines 

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best beaches in Batanes

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