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10 Best Beaches in Cagayan Philippines ( White Sand Beach Resort )

Exploring the best beaches in Cagayan Philippines is truly an amazing  adventure. Cagayan  is located on the northern end of Luzon and one of the Philippines’ less-visited tourist spots. 

If you would like to discover more of this wonderful province, consider staying one of the best beach resort or hotel in Cagayan.

The province of Cagayan Philippines is hidden gem to those who are looking for ultimate relaxation and away from crowds.  You can see stunning beaches in the coastal.  

Most of the tourist that have visited the province, whether foreigners or locals boasts that truly difficult roads lead to wonderful destinations.

Here are the best beaches in Cagayan Philippines:

Best Beaches in Cagayan Philippines

1. Anguib Beach

Anguib Beach – is one of the best beaches in Cagayan Philippines.  It blusters cream sand beach lined with agoho trees,  located in Sta. Ana, Cagayan. This cool beach fillet boost to two from end to end. On one side of the beach, you can camp, swim and chill while sipping on a ice cold drinks.

While  on the other side, you could scrutinize a petite forested hill. You can reach the beach by riding a boat in an hour or less from Sta. Ana port.

2. Marupao Beach

Marupao Beach – is very famous lunch stop for day travelers and it is based in Sta. Ana. You can find a restaurant in the beach which give a wide array appetizing seafood dishes that is usually cooked straight from the fisherman’s boat. 

 It is a fine hiding place for family and friends. It facets a gentle, crystal clear waters and good sand that remains amusing whether it is rain or shine.

3. Palaui Island

Palaui Island – it builds a truly unforgettable island experience.  It is a  must-visit tourist spot for adventure seeker. 

You have to cross the rough, open waters of the Philippines Sea, embarked a kayak boat then go on a 15-minute hike or 229 steps up to the hill. 

The sight from this utmost northeast point granting one of the comprehensive vista of the Philippine remote westerly islands including Dos Hermanas and on the indistinct eyesight of Babuyan Island.

4. Nangaramoan Beach

Nangaramoan Beach – is a place to unwind and get away the burden life of the city while revitalize with the natural wonders of nature. This beach has crystal blue water, white coral, rock formation and lavish green forest. 

Staying in this beach is simply spectacular even if it is not fully developed. Nangaramoan Beach offer a perfect way to indulge a stress-free escape.

5. Pozo Robo Beach

Pozo Robo Beach – is located in San Vicente, Sta. Ana and one of the most famous beach in Cagayan. It is a private owned property that has an amenity facilities and it is appointed area for cooking and swimming. 

This beach is a great place for swimming, snorkeling, camping , cook and enjoy a meal. 

It is also a  best spot for those  who wish to have comfortable tranquil getaway that is far away from the crowds.

6. Sibang Beach

Sibang Beach – where  the whole adventure is  like a big-dipper ride of pleasure and buzz of tingle and amazement. It is an untouched spot on Calayan Island and has a breathtaking  sands that crawl between your toes and fingers. 

 With its cerulean waters and a beautiful beach , you will in awe of your sight around you. You can see dolphins and humpback whales while enjoying a thirty minute boat ride to get into the beach. 

7. Claveria Beach

Another best beaches in Cagayan Philippines is Claveria Beach. It is  a prolonged extend of brittle cream sand clinch sky blue sea. You can see the distant Apo Lakay-Lakay on Taggat Lagoon. It is best-loved among locals especially at sundown. 

ClaveriaBeach is one  most famous spot to view sunset in the Philippines that in spite of being available, it is not crowded.

8. Sentinela Cove

Sentinela Cove – is located in Claveria, Cagayan and a bare of tourists. The talc white coast is bejeweled by rock formations. Is a place for Baket Baket, which is adhered to be the couple’s son and some folklore beliefs that a rich family became greedy that is why they were  penalized and changed into rocks.

 A nearby outstanding hill known as Bantay Kubo that stands is also relaxing to gaze at . It has snow-white sand that is similar to unproductive desert where the consistent wind materials mound.

9. Caniwara Beach

Caniwara Beach – it serve as a perfect backdrop to your summer soundtrack with basic allure define by the powdery sand, rock formations, rolling hill and sky-blue waters. This stunning beach is also a  pathway towards Nagudungan Hill. 

In going there, you have  two choices.  You can get to the beach  whether it is by land or by air. If you choose by air, you have to ride on a plane for more than an hour to reach the beach and if it is on land, you can board a bus bound for Claveria.

10. Racat Beach

10. Racat Beach – is situated in Sta. Ana, Cagayan, 400 km north of Manila. The beach is surrounded with plants and you will see the spectacular sunset. It is the most popular tourist spot because of its enthusiastic and fascinating view. You have to ride on a bus from Manila to
Tuguegarao which will take you 10-hour trip and 2 – 3 hours in riding a van/bus to reach the beach. 

This beach is well equipped with amenities like lifeguards, street parking, tables and restrooms. A great beach to enjoy some of their activities like fishing, bike paths, snorkeling swimming and hiking.

The northern part of the Philippines is truly an amazing place to visit.  It may take quite a road trip to get there, however , the gorgeous scenic view of the vast open nature is no doubt relaxing.  

If you happen to be on the province, have a visit to one of the best beaches in Cagayan Philippines for an unforgettable experience.  

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best beaches in cagayan philippines

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