best beaches in Camarines Sur Philippines

10 Best Beaches in Camarines Sur Bicol , Philippines ( Beach Resorts )

This guide on the best beaches in Camarines Sur  , Philippines is definitely handy if you are seeking for a dream getaway.   For more laidback relaxation experience , consider staying on one of the best beach resorts in Camarines Sur.

Camarines Sur is located in Bicol Regions and the capital is Pili. It boasts astonishing beaches that being desired by locals and tourists. 

The water sport activities and island hopping are the major draws in the tourism industry. It has pure beaches, paradise islands, mountain peaks, lakes, hot springs and waterfalls

Here are the best beaches in Camarines Sur , a province in the Philippines filled with natural wonders.

Best Beaches in Camarines Sur , Bicol, Philippines ( For an Island Getaway )

1. Gota Beach ( Caramoan , Camarines Sur )

Gota Beach – is located in Paniman, Camarines Sur and it measures around 0.29km which is super small. 

This beach is safe, fresh and alluring for lazy lounging. The views are stunning and the weather is very warm. You can visit the beach anytime.

2. Caramoan Island
( Camarines Sur )

Caramoan Island – offers one of the best beaches in Camarines Sur.  It is popular for island hopping activities. It lies on the lower eastern part that earned its honor of having the best hidden white sand beaches and coves. 

You can swim, snorkel down the various marine life, explore the caves and lagoons, hike on the hilltops or climb up the limestone rocks for a breathtaking view. It is located in Caramoan, Camarines Sur.

3. Aguirangan Island ( Presentacion Camarines Sur )

Aguirangan Island – is also one of the best beaches in Camarines Sur and one of the most popular tourist spots. It has 1.5-hectare paradise island that takes 30-minute boat ride away from the coasts.

 It features a pure white sand beach with crystal clear waters, corals and rock formations, grassy trees in the middle and cottages lined up near the trees. You can walk around the island.

4. Caloco Beach ( Tinambac Camarines Sur )

Caloco Beach – the newly traverse and primitive beach that has long unbend of fine yellow sand with crystal clear sea water. 

It is located in Brgy. Caloco, Tinambac, Camarines Sur that is  popular its jagged rock formations.

These magnificent rock formations are dispersed on some part along the coastlines where trees are bountiful. 

It gives good shade from the flaming sun since there are
no cottages or resort in this place. A perfect site for beach camping and bonfire during the night.

5. Pasacao Beach

Pasacao Beach – it measures around 1.81 m in length and it is located in Balogo which is safe and sandy beach. 

It is great for sunbathing or just enjoy the warm water of the beach. There are also some available huts for rentals to enjoy a great picnic.

6. Amuris Beach ( Siruma Camarines Sur )

Amuris Beach – is located in Siruma, Camarines Sur and measures around 1. 12km in length. With its beautiful long sandy coastline line with swaying palm coconut trees, this beach is no wonder one of the best beaches in Camarines Sur.

With  its  clean and family-friendly sandy beaches, it provides a lot of space for sunbathing and games for the family.

7. Banana Island Beach

Banana Island Beach – is a small beach in Bikal, Camarines Sur and it measures 0.54km in length. Riding a boat is the only way to go to this place.

If a remote island is your dream getaway, Banana Island offers a perfect tranquility for your mind and soul. 

8. Liwan Beach

Liwan Beach – is located in Daraga, Camarines Sur that measures around 0.99km in length.

Be wary because this beach is hard to access.  It is also known as Guinahoan Lighthouse.

9. Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach – is located in San Jose, Camarines Sur with   ideal cool rustic spots to unwind. It has a light brown to dark sand shore and creamy waters.

Sabang beach can be wavy , so if you like to surf , this is a good place to be or just  get tan and laze on the beach. 

10. Calaguas Island (Camarines Norte )

 Calaguas Island – although this beach is located on Camarines Norte,  this island is a must visit in your next beach getaway.

It has  crystal clear blue waters, powdery white sands and can a dip in the water even with the heat of the sun. 

You will experience the getaway that has no electricity, no cellphone signal, no hotels, no restaurant just a pure beach and blue waters. 

You can have a tent on the beach and watch the sunset along the shores.

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best beaches in Camarines Sur Philippines

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