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10 Best Beaches in Iloilo Philippines ( White Sand Beach

Are you looking for the best beaches in Iloilo Philippines?  On this article we get you covered. 

Iloilo is consecrated with wonderful beaches and off-shore islands that brims with breathtaking seascapes and wealthy marine life. A buzz city that is evolved as municipality in the country. 

You can experience some entertainment, best-tasting cuisine, awesome cultural and historical attractions and most of all, Ilonggos are the warmest and most hospitable people in the country. 

It is considered “The Heart of the Philippines” precisely and allegorically.

Here are the best beaches in Iloilo province :

What are the Best Beaches in Iloilo Philippines for Tropical Getaway

1. Gigantes Islands

Gigantes Islands –is one of the best beach in Iloilo Philippines.   It takes 5 – 6 hours from Iloilo whether you are going to ride on a car/bus and on ferry. 

This island is a distant and a part of Carles town in Northern Iloilo. They are
presently the most famous island destination of tourist in the province and in demand because of its natural white sand beaches, magical rock formations and delicious seafood. 

It is a route commonly includes Antonia Beach, Cabugao Gamay Island, Tangke. Also,  there are more islands and beaches to explore for adventure seekers.

2. Concepcion Islands

Concepcion Islands – this island is better than Gigantes in our own opinion.. It takes 2.5 hours from Iloilo City, from there,  it has a ferry that crosses the main islands that takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. 

You will see some of the 16 wonderful islands which includes Buludiangan (Sandbar), Pan de Azucar, Agho, Malangabang and Balinguian. 

This island is placid special because of the attractive existence of majestic  Mt. Manaphag in Pan de Azucar Island that soar over the islandscape.

3. Bulubadiangan (Sandbar) Island

Bulubadiangan (Sandbar) Island – is one of the best tourist attraction and best beaches in Iloilo.   Many locals and tourist are visiting this place because of its clear blue waters and extensive white sandbar for ultimate relaxation.

You will find a resort in the island called Sandbar Island Beach Resort, a fine ground to scrutinize the other island of Concepcion. It takes 30 minutes in riding a ferry before you are going to reach the mainland.

4. Sicogon

Sicogon – if you would like to experience one of the best beaches of Iloilo, visit this beautiful place. It is one of the most alluring island in Carles, Northern Iloilo. 

It was inclined as the famous tourist harbor during the 70s and 80s being the exclusive resort pleasantly named “Sicogon Island Resort” that operates the island.

 It takes around 1 hour in going there by riding a ferry to Sicogon from Estancia mainland. This island has white sand and cream-colored
beaches that has mostly become clear of tourist crowds after it was closed. 

It is now developing by Ayala Land as a tourism state with residential buildings, retail shops, forest trails, diving spots and an airport with 1.2 kilometer runway and a jetty.

5. Marbuena Island

Marbuena Island – is located in Ajuy and it has a bright white sandbar that stretches more than a hundred feet away from the shore during low tide. 

A quality stream that surround the island, offering a bird’s-eye view of the sea and neighboring islands. 

The inland cease the trails to virgin forest brimming huge flocks of transient birds and fruit bats which makes this island a truly escape.  It offers a great beach destination in Iloilo province.

6. Agho Island

Agho Island – it takes 1 hour to reach the island by riding a ferry from the mainland Concepcion. This island is a little bundle of heaven if you are seeking for another best beaches in Iloilo.

 It is a broad white sand beach, radiating coral garden and a roving sandbar that is alike with Bulubadiangan. 

Perhaps this island is the finest in Northern Iloilo because of its pleasant  and whiteness of the sandy beach. It makes even more appealing with the view of Pan de Azucar that is around the islands.

7. Ajuy Islands

Ajuy Islands – this island can be conveniently reached in Northern Iloilo.  
Arrayed in Marbuena Island,  it is a place for several  captivating island resorts. 

You can try fishing in the community of Nasidman and in Calabazas where tourist can discover the debris of Spanish-era lighthouse. It takes 1 hour travel time from Iloilo City to Ajuy mainland then another 30 minutes crossing the island thru ferry.

8. Cabugao Gamay Island

Cabugao Gamay Island – a little island that is located two kilometers off the coast of Isla de Gigantes in Carles, Iloilo. This island has a strange shape and deep seated beauty that attracts the interest of the tourists.

 It takes 45 minutes by riding a ferry from Gigantes Norte
Island where most of the resorts are located. 

There is a great  foot trail which  leads you  the way on top of the hill where it  gives picturesque of the island’s white sand beach and verdant green waters.

9. Adhara Resort and Spa

Adhara Resort and Spa – where you can find one of the best beaches in Iloilo.  It offers  6 hectares of land with 450 meters long beachfront. 

You will encounter the alluring view and tides of the beach. They also have captivating amenities that will take your breath away. 

You can participate in the different activities like hiking, diving,
and horseback riding. You will love their in-house bar, spa, restaurant and swimming pool.

Experience their accolade amenities of high-speed wifi, spacious and air-conditioned rooms and a service of a shuttle bus to cruise.

10. Bearland Paradise Resort

 Bearland Paradise Resort – a perfect paradise for unforgettable and  relaxing vacation. It is located within  20-minute ride from the city proper of Iloilo. 

It has 30 spacious and attractive rooms that are fully equipped with high-speed internet, air conditioning units, superb service and more advanced facilities. 

Pamper yourself with the resort’s many astonishing landscape
like the ocean’s blue waters, the beautiful view of the mountains and many natural wonders. 

It is located in Brgy. Tan Pael, Tigbauan, Iloilo.

Philippines is truly blessed of tropical weather .  If you plan to visit the country, don’t forget to include the top best beaches in Iloilo on your travel itinerary. 

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best beaches in Iloilo

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