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10 Best Beaches in Cebu Philippines ( Top White Sand Beach Resorts and Attractions )

Here is a detailed guide on the best beaches in Cebu Philippines.

Cebu is one of the most tourist destinations in the Philippines that has magnificent and stunning beaches . Aside from its delectable food, you will encounter their fine, white sand and crystal blue water. 

You can ride on a boat or in a plane to reach this amazing place. Cebu offers  a wide selection of  beach resorts and hotels to choose from. You will enjoy their beach-hopping and water sports. 

It is up to you to choose from these most beautiful beaches in Cebu  with perfect ambiance, sky blue waters, energetic marine life and white-sand shores.

Here are the best beaches in Cebu province:

Best Beaches in Cebu Philippines for an Unforgettable Vacation

1. Pescador Island

Pescador Island – offers one of the best beaches in Cebu Philippines.

 An alluring island that has above and below deep blue water. Unwind on the beach to rest after enjoying the snorkeling and diving. You can try its submerged wonders like corals and divergent fish species. 

It is located in Moalboal, Cebu. The name of the island was derived from the Spanish word “pescador” which means “fisherman”. It measures 50
meters in diameter but is 300 meters deep. 

The sand of the island is not white but it has coral rocks that covers the whole place.

2. Panagsama Beach

Panagsama Beach – is another amazing beach in Cebu to enjoy the sand and relaxing day. 

It  is located in Moalboal and the most popular diving spot in Cebu. This beach was destructed by a typhoon in the year 1984 that is why this place does not have much right now. 

But still it has some spots that was left where you can sit back and enjoy the crystal blue waters. It accommodates some training center, boats that are fit for scuba diving and also a dive spots.

3. Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach –  a famous beach in Cebu Philippines.  

This beach has alias with aquamarine waters, refined appeal and fine, white sand border. It is located in Bantayan Island. You can chill on the beach, swim in the waters and allocate hours in relaxing after a few days of trying their fun activities.

 It depends upon the day or the season of your visit, perhaps it could be your fortuitions and be the only one tourist on the beach. 

4. Santiago Bay

Santiago Bay – the most famous island hopping in the Philippines that is located in Camotes Island. This bay has accomplished its fame because of its brittle, white sand and clear, turquoise waters. 

You can spend your time in swimming, snorkeling, camping, diving, kite
surfing, camping and getting a tan and try some of their activities. 

You can also spend a night to experience the beauty of the beach. Santiago Bay has one of the best white sand beach in Cebu.

5. Sta. Fe Beach

Sta. Fe Beach – is located in Bantayan Island and is a must visit to experience the long resilient of white and light blue waters as far as your eyes could see. You can ease a day out.

You can enjoy their fun activites, get tan and paddle in the waters. The version of the famous Boracay.

6. Langub Beach

Langub Beach – also an amazing Cebu tourist attraction. 

It is a public beach that has white sand and aquamarine waters that is ideal for relaxing after a little hour of mountain-climbing in the neighboring Kawasan Falls. 

You will forget all your worries for a while after experiencing the simple ambiance of the beach.

7. Bounty Beach

Bounty Beach – this beach satisfy you from publicity with its blanched shore and sky-blue waters. 

This beach is one of the top sights to visit when you are in Cebu. You can see some hammocks that is tied on the trees, there are places where you can rest and ignore the attentiveness of the place.

 It is the heart of many activities that you can do in the beach. There are lease shops for the equipment that you need and restaurants and
resorts that is fit for your budgets. 

It is located in Malapascua Island.

8. Logon Beach

Logon Beach – it is strongly recommended for tourist wanting to loosen up on the beach with cool atmosphere from their hectic schedules and forget about the daily rasp. 

You can also try spending a night on the beach to catch the gorgeous sunrise. You can try their scuba diving, thresher shark watching and wake boarding. It is located in Malapascua Island.

9. Bakhaw Beach

Bakhaw Beach – is located in Camotes Island that has is appealing, white sand shore and sky blue waters. You can take a plunge to bash the heat of the summer or just a beach burn and get tan. 

You can relax on the beach while reading your best-loved book with a cold drink on

10. Basdaku Beach

10. Basdaku Beach – this beach is equip with diversity of activities for all ages like snorkeling, swimming, beach volleyball, frisbee and scuba diving. 

You can have a picnic on the beach with family or friends and rent a cottage. It is located in Moalboal, Cebu.

The Philippines  is truly a wonderful place to be.  When traveling in the southern part of the country, don’t missed to visit one of the best beaches in Cebu  listed above.

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best beaches in Cebu

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