best beaches in Ilocos Sur Philippines

11 Best Beaches in Ilocos Sur Philippines

Here we explore the 11 best beaches in Ilocos Sur Philippines .

 Water is abundant and makes up approximately 70% of our planet. It is the most essential and most important natural resource our Earth has to offer for the survival and adaptation of mankind. 

Bodies of water are found almost everywhere, from rural areas to the heart of a city or the mouth of a volcano. They are majestic, breathtaking, and often times have a clear blue or turquoise color. 

They are a favorite vacation or trip destination during the holidays, especially in summer. 

We are going to look at the best beaches in Ilocos Sur, wherein it is part of the Region 1 of the Philippines. This province is blessed with a variety of stunning and hidden beaches, in which locals often frequent these places as part of their leisure time or family bonding. 

Best Beaches in Ilocos Sur Philippines

1.   Nalvo Beach (Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur)

It is one of the best beaches in Ilocos Sur, Philipines.  

Serene and breath-taking, as its calm waves and water wrap around its greyish-cream-colored sand. 

The water is turquoise in color, clean and clear, just like in Boracay. This creates an unforgettable view, especially when the sun illuminates the surface of the water. 

A good place for learning how to swim and not so good swimmers. The cottages that are scattered throughout the beach have a cheap price for using it and their karaoke machine for the whole day.  

The perfect location for leisure time with loved ones.

2. Paraiso ni Juan Beach (Narvacan, Ilocos Sur)

Famous for the varying rock formations that one can climb while swimming there. Its sand isn’t fine grain, instead they’re like tiny bits and pieces of really small pebbles. 

The waters are calm, most times, clear and beyond the rock formations are clear blue waters. One thing that stands our here is the beautiful view of a shrine on top a giant rock boulder that can be seen from the shore and the main road. 

This shrine cannot be accessed during high tide since the waves are strong. But when the waves are calm and it is low tide, one can access it, moving through the rocks and passing the waters, then up the stairs, sits a life-sized antique monument of Our Mother Mary overlooking the mainland.

If you are looking for a little adventure that is easily accessible, this is one of the best beaches in Ilocos Sur.

3.  Pug-os Beach (Cabugao, Ilocos Sur )

A must-visit beach as its serene, peaceful, and unforgettable scenery captures the interest of many. Its white sand creates an eye-catching contrast with the clear, royal blue and often times turquoise waters that are generally calm. 

This beach is undisturbed by ships and only a few cottages and small boats that locals use can be seen docked on the sand. Pug-os Beach is among the best beaches in Ilocos Sur.

4.  Sabangan Beach (Santiago, Ilocos Sur )

A good place to visit during holidays, especially for the not-so-good swimmers as the waters are calm. Its waters are calm, clean, and clear blue. You can see little fishes swimming about.  

The warm waters create a picturesque view with its light grey, almost white sand. But, if strong waves brought in by strong winds are present, you must be careful around the area as jelly fishes might be around.

5.  Santa Pebble and Gray Sand Beach (Santa, Ilocos Sur)

A relatively quiet neighborhood disturbed only by animals and vehicles along the main road. Locals frequent this beach as it is where they and fishermen catch fish. 

Small fishing boats litter the bay area. Its sand is a light grey, almost white in color, and filled with unique-looking pebbles of different sizes, textures, and colors. 

The waters are clear and blue. The waves depend on the wind. Albeit, the somewhat prominent fishy smell, the wonderful view from atop the sea wall is worth it, especially during the sunset. 

Sometime you can see big ships collecting black sand.

6.  Cabangtalan Beach (Sinait, Ilocos Sur)

Nicknamed as the “Boracay of the North”, its white sand creates a mesmerizing sight, along with the clear, blue-green waters.

 The relaxing, calm waves make this destination unforgettable and also one of the best beaches in Ilocos Sur Philippines.

This beach has two landmarks, a cove and a mini lighthouse which are a delight to explore and the picturesque landscapes of nature will sure to indulge photographers. 

The fresh breeze, the scent of salt and the feel of sand against your skin are sure to make you feel relaxed and calm. 

There are little to no tourists here, so the peacefulness is sure to make this beach a family destination that can never be forgotten.

7.   Apatot Beach (San Esteban, Ilocos Sur)

Looking for a best beaches in Ilocos Sur with white sands?

A lovely cove for picnics and swimming. Its white sand is mixed with rocks and little pebbles, which are quite comfortable. 

The waters are clean, clear and has a beautiful gradient of turquoise and blue. Due to the transparency of the water, you can clearly see the rock formations in the water which creates a picturesque view.

 The natural landscape will sure to mesmerize photographers and bloggers all around. The serene and calmness of the place is what attracts locals and tourists alike. 


8.  Candon Beach (Candon, Ilocos Sur)

Often described as a powdery beach due to the fine grains of sand. The color is somewhat light brown and cream, which makes an eye-catching contrast with the greenish-light blue, clear waters. 

The peacefulness and calmness of the waves make this beach a go-to for families with children. 

Varying formations of coral can be seen through the clear waters which makes it appealing to look at. The sunset is breath-taking here. Candon offers one of the best beaches in Ilocos Sur.

9.  NOAH (Narvacan Outdoor Adventure Hub)

This is a good place that surfers and adventurous swimmers will love as the winds and waves are always strong here since it is near the mountain ranges. 

Its sand is greyish, light brown in color that almost resembles sand dunes. 

They are famous for the water sports that can be done here, such as, parasailing, wind surfing, kite surfing, cat sailing and many more. 

A good place for fun and entertainment.

10.  Puro Beach (Magsingal,Ilocos Sur)

The tranquility and peace here are what attract visitors since only a few locals and tourists come here. You can see boats of fishermen docked here. 

The sand, a light grey almost white, stretches across the shore meeting the clear, clean, blue-green waters. There are corals and rocks that scatter near the shore, as well as shells and seaweed. 

The beautiful sceneries are sure to leave a long lasting memory.

11.  Sta. Catalina Beach (Sta. Catalina, Ilocos Sur)

The journey, either by foot or by vehicle, gives a wonderful view of the livestock and farms of the locals here. The town of Sea. Catalina provides one of the best beaches in Ilocos Sur. 

Though if you choose to walk, you must have the energy, umbrella, water and lots of sunscreen as the path stretches quite far as the sun beats down on you. 

The fine sand here is famous for being magnetic or as we call it the “black sand”. The clear waters here are quite turbulent as strong winds often occur here. 

The shore stretches on for miles making it an adventure to see the end of it. Many locals come here to witness the sunset. 


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