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Best Attractions in Occidental Mindoro Philippines ( Top Tourist Spots and Things to Do )

10 Best Attractions in Occidental Mindoro

          Occidental Mindoro is the second province in Mindoro Island that are consecrated with buckets  of majestic tourist spots. It includes dive sites, coves and white sand beaches.

 It is the home of the second-largest abutting coral system in the world and has been collected the fame of being as the Marine Wonderland of the Philippines.

 You can see most of the spots are found in the municipality of Sablayan, San Jose and Mamburao. 

Here are the best attractions in Occidental Mindoro:


Best Attractions in Occidental Mindoro (Top Tourist Spots and Things to Do )

1. Insakan Beach

Inasakan Beach – is located in Ilin Island, San Jose and it is one of the secret paradise. It is prestine fine pure white sand beach and the water is crystal clear that one could see the orange and blue starfishes. 

Insakan Beach is very similar to Boracay which tourist and locals can correlate with it. You cannot find any vendors and establishments in the beach that means you have to bring your own food and swimming gear. 

This stunning beach is one of the top attractions in Occidental Mindoro Philippines.

2. Mount Iglit-Baco National Park

Mount Iglit-Baco National Park – it is one of the most favorite tourist destinations that is secured area surrounded by Mount Iglit and Mount Baco. 

One of the best attractions in Occidental Mindoro wherein it is the terrain of the endemic Tamaraw of the country. The Tamaraw is also  one of the most passionately endangered animals in the world.

 This park is located in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. If you love to go on a mountain climbing, this park is best destination for you. 

You will see the Tamaraw Buffalos eating, captivating sunrise and sunset in the mountains. 

3. Grace Island Resort

Grace Island Resort –is another fantastic attractions in Occidental Mindoro Philippines.  It is located in San Jose and it is one of the greatest island resort that has clean sand beach, clear waters and floating cottages. 

Grace Island Resort  is a very private paradise that is best for family or couples. It has a floating cottages that you can jump into the water and wonderful for swimming. 

You can also try the mini banana boat, zipline and jetski. You can scrutinize the island and you can take a look at their bird and marine haven. 


4. Apo Reef

Apo Reef – one of the most tourist spot in Sablayan and identified as the second-largest flanking reef system in the world next to Great Barrier Reef in Australia. 

It is also considered as the number one diving site in the coutry. It measures 34-kilometer reef system branched into north and south lagoon system by a small channel. 

If you are going to dive on the reef, you are going to witness the gigantic variation of corals and marine creatures, manta rays, white tip and black-tip reef sharks, jellyfiish, turtles and many more.

Apo Reef is excellent fun things to do in Occidental Mindoro, Philippines.


5. Calawagan Moutain Resort

Calawagan Mountain Resort – is an abrupt getaway destinations for families, friends and teenagers during summer season because it is a location for natural cool and refreshing waters. 

It is a public resort that is located in jungly mountain of Barangay Alipaoy, Paluan, Occidental Mindoro. You can have a picnic and barbecue facilities with your family or friends. 

You can cross on the hanging bridge, appreciate swimming in the river and tour on the rock formations. It has been the Cleanest Inland Body of Water in the Philippines by the DILG as a national award.

Calawagan Mountain Resort is an awesome place to visit in the island of Occidental Mindoro.

6. Ambulong Island

Ambulong Island –is also one of the best attractions in Occidental Mindoro. It is located in San Jose and is considered as one of the most captivating island. 

 It has a powderlike white sand beaches, calm, clear waters and magnificent glance of limestone bluffs. It is fine for snorkeling that you can see the lovely coral gardens and many of marine being. 

You will also find a resort called Ambulong Bluewater Resort that offers fine compromise. This island serves as the broach point to the nearby diving station.

7. Ragara Beach

Ragara Beach – is a silent and comfortable beach in Calintaan. It is a collection of  prolonged stretch of fine sand beach with beautiful arrangement of palm trees.

 It a natural wonderland where you can have huts, beach beds and couch. An ultimate place to chill and love the quiteness and claming atmosphere. 

There is a private resort in the beach which is called the Ragara Beach Resort, a natural resort that offers good accommodation and appetizing meals. 

The Ragara Beach is one of the top awesome things to do and attractions in Occidental Mindoro.

8. White Island

White Island – one of the most tourist destinations in Occindental Mindoro. Also called as Manadi Island which means “sudden appearance” by the locals. 

It is a little island and a perfect landing place for swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing. It is also a reproduction grounds for turtles where they can deposit their eggs. 

You cannot find some stores on the island and also electricity that is way you have to bring your own. This island is located in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.

9. Pandan Island Resort

Pandan Island Resort – the best tourist destinations in Sablayan. Tourists and locals  keeps on coming back because it is an ideal and magnificent resort for relaxation.

 It has a distance of white sand that is good for swimming and a coral gardens that is ideal for snorkeling. Tourist and visitors love this site because it is peaceful, friendly and relaxing paradise. 

You can play volleyball in the afternoon and dive on the beach. It is one of the leading resorts in the country because of the standard of life and customized atmosphere.

Pandan Island is one of the top tourist attractions in Occidental Mindoro.


10. Mamburao Beach

Mamburao Beach – is very popular free things to do and attractions in Occidental Mindoro Philippines  for its stretch of excellent sand beach, blue waters and lay out of palm trees on the coast. 

The gorgeous and serene beach is one of the most look in tourist spots in Mamburao. An ideal destinations for friends and families who love to swim, dive and play volleyball in the beach.



Occidental Mindoro in the Philippines offers the best diving spots in the country and the world .  It also boasts one of the most diverse marine creators, excellent for diving and snorkeling. 

 Wether you are looking for pure relaxation or seeking for adventure, don’t miss the island of Mindoro , and surely be in awe of its natural beauty.

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attractions in occidental mindoro

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