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10 Top Best Beaches in Bohol Philippines ( Best Beach Resorts Panglao )

Are you looking for the most beautiful and best beaches in Bohol ,  Philippines? Look no further because we get you covered.  In this article we list the top and famous white sand beaches in Bohol. 

Bohol is home for the  smallest tarsiers in the world.  Another best attractions in Bohol is the iconic chocolate brown hills named Chocolate Hills.

 A province of luxury for relaxation with its distinct crystal clear waters, stunning reefs, hill terrains, rainforests, successful ecosystem and white sand beaches.

Here are the best beaches in Bohol province, Philippines as well as some of the beast beach resorts.

Top Best Beaches in Bohol Philippines For A Perfect Island Escapade

1. Alona Beach ( Panglao Island, Bohol )

Alona Beach – the best place and the best beaches in Bohol.  Ideally situated in Panglao Island and  stretching an incredible  800 meters wide.  

With wide array of different fun activities to choose from like kayaking, jet-skiing, snorkeling, kitesurfing, parasailing and scuba diving, visitors and locals alike will experience an unforgettable escapade.

 It has many diving spots, also boasting  extraordinary reefs full of clownfish. Wether you are adventure seeker or just looking to melt your stress away , Alona Beach is a fantastic place to be. 

Enjoy a relaxing sunset in the afternoon  or  a romantic and silent place during night time.

2. Virgin Island Beach ( Panglao, Bohol, Philippines )

Virgin Island Beach – the best island hopping in Panglao and it was named as such because of its pristine, virgin, magnificent beauty of the beach. 

You can find a resort in the island which is well-admired by visitor or tourist because of its remarkable service, cleanliness and excellent food and amenities. 

If you are looking for an ultimate secluded beach , this is one of the best beaches in Bohol.  You have to  ride on a boat to reach the beach which is part of the adventure.

3. Dumaluan Beach
( Panglao, Bohol )

Dumaluan Beach – a glamourous beach that provides an ideal calm place for a lazy lounging. With its  spectacular waters that recline into the horizon, you surely will not regret spending time with this amazing nature surrounding you. 

 This wonderful beach drives  flourishing tourism industry of the island.   

One of the best beaches in Bohol is  Dumuluan beach where it offers  a cool place to enjoy a private vacation. 

It can be quite adventurous in going to the Dumaluan beach. You need to choose on multiple ways like hiring a tricycle, a van or a taxi. However, this  place is great during summer or vacation.

4. Danao Beach

Danao Beach – is another beach in Panglao Island offering one of the best beaches in Bohol. You will be  in awe with its  white sand coasts, crystal clear waters and a huge palm trees. 

Danao Beach offers some distinctive fish species and majestic enormous coral reefs. Also a perfect place for lounging and sunbathing if you are looking for a serene day at the beach.

Enjoy an exhilarating ride boats, parasail , snorkel, dive or just swim and paddle through the waters. You need to hire a car or a tricycle in going to the beach.

5. Pamilacan Island Beach ( Baclayon, Bohol )

Pamilacan Island Beach – is located in Baclayon, Bohol that caters to capture sight of few dolphins and whales. They are prominent for their Dolphin and Whale Watching Tours that in witnessing the amiable sea creatures can secure your chances of watching them.

 You need to go to Baclayon boat port in reaching the island for 35 minutes.

6. Bikini Beach

Bikini Beach – another top and one of the  best beaches in Bohol to choose from. It is absolutely stunning for it blusters white sand which consistently blends the clean aquamarine waters. 

The impeccable blending of the waters and the beach is obviously irresistible.

 A great phenomenon when the water levels change according to the time of the day and the tides. It has brilliant coral reef systems cloaking in the facile waters. 

It possesses exclusively the calm and cool atmosphere that the beach protects. You can choose to walk or rent a taxi in going to the beach around 10 minutes.

7. Momo Beach Resort ( Bohol, Philippines )

Momo Beach – the beauty and distinctive allure of the beach is that it is far from the crowds. The tourists or the visitors are not worrying that much because you will enjoy the beauty in it. 

It has the greatest seaside and sunset views that gives the finest amenities and facilities like massage parlors, a garden, an outdoor pool and superb food. 

The different rooms are incredibly beautiful  with elegant and dynamic designs as well as an eco-friendly beach house. 

 It takes around 30 minutes in going to the beach by renting a car or a taxi.

8. Anda Beach

Anda Beach – this calm beach is also one of the best beaches in Bohol for you to rejuvenate.  Near to Quinale Beach where its oftenly  visualize with  white sands and crystal clear waters. A beach wonderland where you will rapidly be plunged once you go to the foot of the beach.

One of the best beach resort in Bohol is Anda White Beach Resort.

It is overflowing beach and deep cave pools. You need to take a tricycle in going to Dao Terminal before you are going to ride a van that will take you directly to the beach.

9. Cabilao Island

Cabilao Island – it offers the two main top attractions,  scuba diving and snorkeling. You can have an exhilarating water adventure  by enjoying  the beautiful coral reefs and  extraordinary fish species.

Cabilao Island in Bohol provides  the finest sunset and the most spectacular sunrise . Your stress will certainly be taken away witnessing the purest scenic landscape  and most natural wonders around you.   

It takes 1 hour to reach the island by riding a car from Tagbilaran Port to Morboc Pier.

10. Balicasag Island Beach

Balicasag Island Beach – is very popular for its ideal round shape. This island is certainly a natural heaven on earth. 

The sand is not nacreous white, however, the special appealing of the beach lies in the relaxing movement of the waters and the lush trove of trees. 

You can snorkel, swim and taste the fresh seafood. You can go on a sea tour to catch the dolphins and enjoy their natural habitat.

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best beaches in Bohol

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