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10 Best Beaches in Davao Philippines ( Davao del Norte Beach Resorts)

Are you looking for an island escapade beach vacation?  Look no further for here we list the best beaches in Davao Philippines for ultimate tranquility and relaxation.

Davao is a bustling capital and one of the portals to Mindanao.  A popular attraction on the region with hubs of various buses and jeeps to go in different routes to other provinces. 

Davao is a famous tourist destination that boasts some museums and parks. It has cultural sites, fun activities and a breathtaking paintings. You can catch relaxing waves on white sand beaches in nearby Davao beach resorts. 

Here are the best beaches in Davao province :

Best Beaches in Davao Philippines ( Beach Resorts ) For A Much Needed Vacation

1. Dachican Beach ( Mati, Davao Oriental )

Dahican Beach – is awesomely one of the best beaches in Davao. A place in the middle of picturesque background of swaying coconut trees, a crescent-shaped color cream coastland, crystal clear blue water and indisputable rural ambiance.

 It is located in Mati, Davao Oriental. You can do surfing and skimboarding. You can have a picnic on the beach and play different outdoor games like
volleyball or Frisbee.

2. Canibad Beach ( Samal, Davao del Norte )

Canibad Beach – is located in the Island Garden City of Samal, also offering one of the best beaches in Davao to unwind even more. 

 A silent place to relax where you can go on a fishing and dive in a precipice. The water is crystal clear greenish blue , ideal for swimming. You can enjoy  wonderful marine life and coral gardens underwater. 

This place is so magical that feels like you are going to enter a hidden paradise. You can bring your own snorkeling gear if you want to explore the astonishing underwater ecosystem.

3. Pearl Farm Beach Resort ( Samal Island Davao )

Pearl Farm Beach – one of the best beaches in Samal Island, also a place of the best beach resorts in Davao Philippines,  A one of a kind experience for alluring private place where  you will enjoy their spa area, wonderful lounges, boundlessness pool, café and water sports. 

You can experience a coral tour wherein you will see the booming marine life and brilliant corals. A perfect place for conferences, businesses and they are very accommodation in their services if you are going to check-in in nearby resort.

4. Kaputian Beach ( Samal , Davao del Norte )

Kaputian Beach – it is famous for its white sand shoreline and crystal clear waters that is ideal vacation for families and friends. It is also a quick getaway from the very hectic schedule of weekdays and makes a total spot to loosen up. 

If you want to stay longer in the beach, you can rent a hut or pitch a tent for capture the stunning view of the beached enjoy pure serenity on this best beaches in Davao.

5. Gumasa Beach ( Glan Davao )

Still looking for another best beaches in Davao for a tropical getaway? Put Gumasa beach in your list.

This white sand beach has been touch on as the small Boracay of Mindanao or they say “Boracay of South”. Aside from white sand, it has crystal clear waters and limitless shores. It is a part of the laid-back town of Saranggani. 

It is also a party destination especially during summer where the partygoers gather here for the Sarbay Festival which happens to be the largest beach party in Mindanao.

6. San Victor Island (Baganga Davao )

San Victor Island – is one of the secret gems and best beaches in Davao Oriental. It  became popular because you will have a great time watching the crystal clear waters in the beach, you can have a boat ride, the astonishing white sand and the view of the sky-blue water.

 It is captivating that you’ll have a great time to relax, listen to the waves and you can walk in the beach during low-tide and witness the rich and ample marine life.

7. Paradise Island

Paradise Island – a favorite tourist destination of locals, foreigners and other visitors who wants to have fun and experience the stunning beauty of this place. It has a restaurant in which they served delicious foods, many mouthwatering dishes and yummy desserts. 

They have water activities like inflatable island, jet skiing, scuba diving, banana boat riding and kayaking. You can see the stunning view of the sunset or sunrise, wonderful white and creamy blue water.

8. Buenavista

Buenavista Island – a world class resort that will serve and indulged with houseboys. This island resort has executive suites, cabanas, a family villa and island suites. This island is one of the best places to visit in Davao.

It fences with coral garden. You can do some fun activities like snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, karaoke and night life. 

You will also experience the fresh air, surrounded with natural trees.

9. Talikud Island

Talikud Island – a faraway island fantasy that has underwater activities and water cruise. You can do island hopping, diving, snorkeling, a beautiful huge corals and sea garden. 

You will love to smell the sea breeze from a day tour in the island. A dream getaway for tourists and locals alike to experience outdoor adventure. 

Davao Philippines truly offers top sight and attractions for anyone seeking relaxation or adventure.

10. Secdea Beach

Secdea Beach – a private owned beach resort that measures 58-hectare. It has awesome fishing lagoon, beach lounge, boundlessness pool, mouth-watering buffet, multi-sports canopy and clubhouse. 

They have wild animals like monkey, deer, exotic birds and many more. This
place is cozy and well-maintained with a broad natural trees and huge gardens.

 It has mangrove park that if you want to stay overnight, you will be amaze with the rooms.

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best beaches in Davao

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