top tourist spots in Tarlac Philippines

10 Top Tourist Spots in Tarlac Philippines ( Fun Things To Do )

   Tarlac is a province in the Philippines located at Central Luzon Region. It is an ecotourism place in the country for its ample natural spots.

 There are broad plains and mountainous side of the province that is well decorated with rivers, mountain summits and stunning waterfalls. It host the internationally known, Mt. Pinatubo, a best-loved hiking destinations. 


Here are the best attractions in the province of Tarlac:

10 Top Tourist Spots in Tarlac Philippines

1. ANZAP Twins Falls

ANZAP Twin Falls – (ASEAN- New-Zeland Afforestation Program) is one of the top tourist spots in Tarlac.  It rapids for more than 200 feet towards a stunning catch basin. 

Hiking to the falls will lead you into the rich forests, a home for at risk flora and fauna species.

 It is an ideal getaway for those who wants to get out from the lowland heat. It is located in Brgy. Bigbiga, Mayantoc and has 200 feet waterfalls which volume of waters changes based on the season.

 It is not hard in going there, you will just pass through a river and several exciting stream. 

Anzap Twin Falls in Tarlac Philippines is one of the highest falls in the province that the local government is having a study in sustaining the eco-adventure to boost the sleeping giant of Tarlac.

2. Mount Damas

Mount Damas – it is one of the most soar destination in Tarlac Philippines  that stand up to more than 685 meters above sea level.

 It is located near the border of 3 Tarlac towns: Mayantoc to the southeast, Camiling to the north and San Clemente to the west. 

The trip starts off at Deug Resettlement . A relocation site habitual after the Mt. Pinatubo was erupted. You will be amaze when you reach the top because you will see the scenery of the mountain arrays and wide rice fields of Tarlac and Pangasinan. 

You will look forward to drag on rocks and boulders, streams and tall grasses. 

3. Ubod Falls

Ubod Falls –is another Top tourist spot in Tarlac Philippines. It measures 160 feet high and it is located in San Clemente.

A fascinating waterfall that rapids on gigantic cliff like heavenly sprinkle. The waterfall is  surrounded with luxuriant vegetation that gives picturesque view.   It has also natural pool where you can have a refreshing swim.

You can use the nearby boulders to jump or dive into the pool when you want some pleasure. 

4. Capas ntional Shrine

Capas National Shrine – it advocate the Filipino and American soldiers who fought the Japanese vigilants during the World War II.

It is a 70 meters standing stone with a list of engraved  soldier’s names  who lost one’s life during the war. It is one of the acknowledged historical tourist destinations in Capas, Tarlac Philippines.   

This shrine covers 54 hectares of parkland and  35 hectares of   31,000 trees planted to symbolize the Filipinos and Americans who died in the mass camp. 

5. Tinaboy Water Camp

Tinaboy Water Camp – one of the most picturesque tourist spots that facets a beach-like mounting along a magnificent river. Tinaboy comes form “Tina” and “Boy” who were lovers who drop to their death from the steep of the river. It is located in Brgy. Labney, Mayantoc and you can have your camp there overnight to listen to the flowing of the waters or stargazing during the night. You can swim in its chill waters or catch some fish for lunch.

6. Monasterio De Tarlac

Monasterio De Tarlac – a statue manifests the Catholic faith of the people. 

It is one of the most patronized, peaceful and quiet monastery situated on top of the mountain surrounded by scenery and vegetation which  is located in Brgy. Lubiagan, San Jose. 

One of the most favorite pilgrimage destinations that measures 300 meters above sea level. It vaunts soaring 30 foot statue of Jesus Christ. It houses a relic believed to be a piece of the True Cross of Jesus.

7. Mt. Pinatubo

Mt. Pinatubo –a top tourist spots in Tarlac Philippines. It is  one of the most mountaineering spots that streams to the hollow.

It became a world-famous mountain when it was erupted in 1991. It takes an hour to jump-off the mountain and you have to ride on a 4 by 4 vehicle  to reach the peak.

The mountain is located in the tripoint borderline in the provinces of Zambales, Tarlac and Pampanga. 

8. Mount Telakawa

Mount Telakawa – it is one of the favored mountain climbing spots that measures 645 meters above sea level . 

You will gaze a wonderful view of the lahar meadow, mountain area and woodlands. You have to pass through a river and lahar fields in Crow Valley and it is has a moderate testing arise with tall grasses.

Most of the mountaineers do the trip for 2 days that needs to stay overnight camping which is good for stargazing and interacting. 

9. Duglo Falls

Duglo Falls – also a a best attraction in Tarlac Philippines.  It has a multiple layers that each layers possess individual outline to offer.

One of its layers measures more than 40 feet high. Most of the falls have alluring pools where you can appreciate the freezing and limpid water. It is located in San Jose.

10. Bulsa River

Bulsa River – is a stream and it possess 12.5 kilometer whitewater floating experience in which you will love steering the bounding waters while catching the rustic sceneries along the way.

You can swim, deception hop or stone leaping. A perfect for kayaking and it operates only during rainy season when the water level in the river is high and the force are quite strong.  

If you are heading to the province , visit some of the top tourist spots in Tarlac Philippines and you will find yourself connecting much more  with nature for your inner soul.

top tourist spots in Tarlac Philippines

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