tourist attractions in mountain province

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Mountain Province Philippines (Things to Do and Best Places to Visit)

Top Tourist Attractions in Mountain Province Philippines

          Mountain Province the most distinctive destinations dignitary of recognition for the plunge waterfalls, mystical lakes, steep peaks, covered forests, undiscovered rivers, consecrated graves, hot springs, rice terraces and other places which are captivating. 


Tourist Attractions in Mountain Province Philippines and Fun Things to Do

1. Mt. Amuyao

Mt. Amuyao – one of the most highest summit in the Philippines that are arise more than 2, 702 – 2, 862 MASL in Baclig. 

It provides sanctuary for endemic and in danger species like deer, cloud rats, wild pigs and civet cats. The languish forests and deep mossy covers the mountain tilt. 

If you reach the top of the mountain, you are going to see the  bird’s-eye view of Sadanga, Sagada, Bontoc, Bauko as well as the provinces of Ifugao and Kalinga. 

2. Mt. Binaratan

Mt. Binaratan – is a popular tourist attractions in Mountain Province. Located in Maducayan, Natonin that brags fresh ecological wonders, moist forests that cover its stant and dipterocarp. If you want to reach the top of this mountain, you have to travel for around 6 to 7 hours because it measures around 1,800 MASL.

It has several species of risk wildlife kind like monkeys, hornbill and also the devoid of many songs of birds. Some beliefs or myth that when Kabunian (supreme Gods of Igorots and Ifugaos) come down on Mt. Binaratan to chase, he was interrupted by the tweet of the birds .

Because of that he instructed them to keep silent. You can hardly hear the birds chirp though you can see them flying around now-a-days. 

3. Fowa-as Falls

Fowa-as Falls – is one of the most tourist spot in Mountain Province that is located in Brgy. Belwang, Sadanga.

The tallest falls that rapids on a very spacious and yawning pool for more than 75 meters. It was named after a local farmer Fuwaas.

Based on the story, Fuwaas was affixing a soaking dike above the falls when he coincidentally fell down and unexpectedly managed to survive from the incident.

It was the named in memory of him. The stream leading of the falls was transcend gorgeously sculpted rice terraces and the waters are crystal clear and frosty. The rock formation was huge and  stunning.

4. Maligcong Rice Terraces

Maligcong Rice Terraces – is also a great destination of  Mountain Province Philippines. The rice terraces was cuddled high up in the pinnacle that is located in Brgy. Maligcong, Bontoc. 

It flaunt the genius engineering skills, industry, hardwork and unity of the local ancestors. It appears the circular and winding falls.

 The best time to go to the terraces is during sunrise wherein you can see the spectacular sea of clouds often forms and casts a magnificent view. 

5. Mt. Kalawitan

Mt. Kalawitan – one of the tallest mountain in the Philippines that stand up more than 2,714 MASL. It is located in Talubin, Bontoc that some hikers take the origin to witness the outlook of the mountain and forests.

While you are on top of the peak, you can stare the views of Ifugao, Kalinga, Mountain Province and the distant Cagayan Valley. 

6. Tatpeo Falls

Tagpeo Falls –a popular tourist attraction in Mountain Province located in the middle of the boundary of Besao and the municipality of Tubo, Abra.

 It cascades on enormous rock steep to a small and shallow catch receptacle. It measures 80 meters high and you need to hike more than five hours to reach the falls.

 You can see the thick forests and the plain view of the mountain.

7. Siblaw Taraw Lake

Siblaw Taraw Lake – a bog covered lake that is perfect beauty of  magic and besiege captivating tales of damsels bathing on its pool. 

It looks like damp lawn at first but when you detach the swamp, you will see the limpid waters covered underneath and the nice looking forests around the lake. 

The best time to see the beauty of the lake is during sunrise when the sun’s rays hit the lake and form a magical view. 

 You have to hike for more than two hours to get there and it is located in Barlig, Mountain Province.

8. Enchanted Eels

Enchanted Eels – is another fun things to do in Mountain Province, Philippines. These esoteric creatures captures the interests of tourists and travelers because they considered them sacred and believing that they are associated to the spirit world. 

It can be found on springs of barangay Cagubatan and Lenga. The story of a local who attempted to poison the eels but did not take effect died afterwards. 

The eels are very selective, they only come out for viewing when they use whistle or bait.

9. Bontoc Meseum

Bontoc Meseum – is located within Bontoc Town Center wherein it displays the original and various culture of the different tribes of Mountain Province including those of Abra, Kalinga and Ifugao. 

You can see several artifacts, old photos, knit materials, farming equipments, native armaments like spears and many more.

 You can also see built out cogon grass and stonewalls  outside the museum. There are souvenirs to choose from, like a shop selling customized t-shirts, beads, necklaces including photos and books.

 This is one of the most peek ancient place products in Mountain Province. 

10. Pongas Falls

Pongas Falls – is one of the most bizarre spot that is loacated in Brgy. Ankileng, Sagada, Mountain Province because it is a twin falls with small patch of pools. 

It measures around 40 meters high and to reach this falls, you have to hike for an hour and passes along is the rice terraces, a flooding canal and jungle vegetation. 

You will not regret in going there because you will be mesmerized with the stunning view of the falls.

tourist attractions in mountain province

I hope you find some inspirations on some of the top tourist attractions in Mountain Province Philippines.

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