attractions in Quirino Philippines

10 Best Attractions in Quirino Philippines ( Top Tourist Spots and Things to Do )

  Quirino sits in the northern part of Luzon with its neigboring province are Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya and Aurora. It seize the probability of eco-tourism, owing its several untapped natural wonders, thick forests, majestic waterfalls, magical lakes, spectacular caves, and healing hot springs.

Here are the best attractions in the province of Quirino:

Best Attractions in Quirino Philippines

1. Governor's Rapids

Governor’s Rapids – a perfect outdoor adventure during summer for family and friends who loves to go on rafting and kayaking. 

You can ride on a boat and witness the winding creek of the Cagayan River. The water is fizzy emerald and extraordinary rock formations alongside are perfect scenery for photographs. 

You can also visit the cave which you can dip in the frizzy waters of the pitch-black rapids. There is a cliff jumping at around 40 feet drop and canoeing or tubing for children. It is located in Divisoria Sur in the municipality of Maddela.

2. Aglipay Caves

Aglipay Caves – is also a popular tourist attractions in Quirino Philippines.  It is surrounded by an opaque forest  located in Brgy. Villa Ventura, Aglipay. 

If you are a nature lover,  surely you will like this mountaineering eight chambers. These chambers are very clean and easy to steer. You have to wear a cozy outfit because you will get wet. 

The best part of the cave is the stalactites and stalagmites. You have to squeeze yourself out to go on the exit point.

3. Quirino Watersport Complex

Quirino Watersports Complex – one of the tourist spots that measures 9.5 hectares in which you can see the wakeboarding facility, magnificent lagoon, swimming pools and many more.  Located in Capitol Hills, Cabarroguis,  it is a perfect place for meetings, reunions, reunions, team building, and special events. 

You can also try the boost-pumped of wakeboarding wherein the staff will tell a short tutorial  about the activity and provide you with proper cog. 

Try to stroll around the complex and mesmerize with the picturesque vegetation. 

4. Maddela Falls

Maddela Falls – one of a favorite attractions in Quirino Philippines.  A relaxed water adventure that tourists can have a break and collective with nature. 

The environment has a remarkable number of trees that shades the extreme heat of the sun and the locals.  Tourist can relax with their special love ones, family and friends. 

Maddela falls have a unique seven stages and the pool container was one of the favorites. It gives excitement to cool down from the heat with its green and clear water. 

5. Pensal Falls

Pensal Falls – a 30 minutes journey from the drop-off location that is located in Brgy. San Benigno. This falls looks like an attractive white curtain of water when you see them from a distance.

Pensal Falls have a slant rook formation and serves as a plan for cliff-jumping. You can also slide for fun and dive to the huge portion for a memorable summer getaway. 

6. Landingan Viewpoint

Landingan Viewpoint – you can visit this viewpoint by simply riding on a jeep or rent a local car to take you on the peak of the hills.

 You can see the scenic view of Nagtipunan where in you will be amaze with the fair shrubs around. You will see the beautiful flowering shrubs and greenery that covers the hills during the months of January and February. 

You will also treasure the fresh air and the sunrise every morning which makes Landigan viewpoint a tourist attractions in Quiriono Philippines.

7. Susong Dalaga

Susong Dalaga – is a mountain which mirrors the shape of a breast and it is located in Cabarroguis. It is also called Mount Tagapo.

If you are going to reach the top, you will witness the wild-ranging view of the surrounding meadows and the vigorous Ganano River. 

Locals and tourists love to come here to experience sightseeing the scenery, picnicking and retreat during Lenten season. 

8. Victora Falls

Victoria Falls – a popular tourist destination in Quirino Philippines. It is  also known as Victoria Claredita Falls that is situated in Brgy. Sangbay in the southern part of Nagtipunan.

 Victoria Falls has  five levels of surge waters that rest on upright wall of rock formation and the water is not so deep that is good for kids. 

A perfect place for those who wants to have peace and the falls sculpt blue lagoons where tourists and locals can take a dive.

9. Eden Hot Springs

Eden Hot springs –  offers alleviate and allay bath and is still impoverished because of the local refinement and interference. The hot springs are connected to other hot spring located at the waterbed of the river. It is situated in Brgy. Dibibi, Cabarroguis. 

You can immerse yourself with a warm bath and award your busy feet while looking at the rich vegetation. 

10. Licayway Caves

Liwayway Caves – it is consists of 15 caves in all. You will find the splendid sandstone rock formations. 

The caves are surrounded with forests, resides bats in some of the caves and it has an underground river. 

 It is located in Brgy. Liwayway, Diffun. The area is known for its essential statue and fauna habitat. Treat yourself for an eco-walk, picnic, spelunking, swimming and mountain climbing.

Check out some  of these beautiful nature adventure on the best attractions in Quirino Philippines.

attractions in Quirino Philippines

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