best tourist attractions in laguna philippines

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Laguna Philippines

Tourist Attractions in Laguna Philippines

          Laguna  formerly known as La Provincia de la Laguna de Bay, occupies the northern part of CALABARZON. Laguna is a Spanish word translated as a lagoon or a large body of water near a river. 

            Hot and cold springs, waterfalls and buko pie, these are the things that automatically comes into your  mind when you hear the word Laguna. 

             Laguna offers a respite from hustle and bustle of the city through its natural landscapes. From the most famous places down to offbeat areas, you’ll be in for a treat once you set your foot inthe province.

Best Tourist Attractions in Laguna Philippines (Things to Do)

1. Bato Springs Resort

Bato Springs Resort  is located in San Pablo, Laguna. It offers a variety of pool sizes and springs to wade into. This highly-visited spring and manmade waterfall resort as weekend warriors have pinned it as one of the favorite spots of the tourists. 

You will indulge in the lush greenery and relaxing clear waters at this resort. Also not to mention the three swimming pools. You can can also pose for IG-worthy pics by the resort’s many manicured gardens right before you unwind in one of their huts, air-conditioned rooms or tent.

2. Pagsanjan Falls

Pagsanjan Falls  is derived from the Filipino word Pinagsangahan or where it branches. One of the famous waterfalls in the Philippines, Pagsanjan Falls or Cavinti Falls is originally named Magdapio Falls. 

One of the earliest attractions after an American missionary discovered this three-drop waterfall in 1902. You can descend rapidly downstream or what it calls  “shooting the rapids” during the boat activity.

 You will raft across magnificent rock formations, where you will discover around 20 minor falls cascading from the mountains. The cascades are branching off from two rivers, Bumbungan and Balanac. 

There is a legend that tells about the origin of the falls. According to the tale, Magapio lost his brother Balubad in an ancient drought cried out to the Gods, causing a waterfall to emerge from the river’s gorges. If you want to go on a rapids tour, you may opt for an alternative hike from Pueblo El Salvador Eco Park and Picnic Grove in Cavinti to reach Pagsanjan Falls on foot. 

This is perfect for thrill-seekers looking for fun activity during weekend, so gear up and get ready for this exciting adventure.

3. Bahay ni Rizal

Bahay ni Rizal  is also top things to do in Laguna Philippines.  A historical tourist-spots just a hundred meters away from Calamba’s town plaza. This 2-story stone house is the replica of the birthplace of Philippine National Hero, Jose P. Rizal.

 This Museo ni Jose Rizal also known as the Rizal Shrine structure is made of hardwood, bricks, and sliding windows with capiz shells. The Museo ni Rizal has six galleries describing his early education and his notable travels in Europe. 

This house is very spacious and has an elegant furnitures showcase his family’s affluent lifestyle and there is even a  basement where the animals and produce were kept.

 This stone house is reminiscent of an upper-class Filipino home during the Spanish era.

 It displays the memoribilia and features interactive booths highlighting his national contributions. It also shows the holograms of Rizal reading a letter for his Austrian friend Dr. Ferdinand Blumentrit. 

4. Enchanted Kingdom Theme Park

enchanted kingdom Laguna Philippines

Enchanted Kingdom  is considered as the first and only world-class theme park in the Philippines that is located in Barangay Balibago, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna. You can enjoy unlimited rides inside the 25 hectare park that features eight themed zones with over 20 attractions.

 These attractions range from interactive motion theaters to extreme rides such as Space Shuttle, Anchor’s Away, Rio Grande Rapids, Ekstreme Tower, Roller Skater, Fun Kart, Disk-O-Magic, Jungle Log Jam and Air Race. It offers an unforgettable magical experience with friends or family. 

You can also find souvenirs or unique EK items, just go to Edgar’s Specialty Shop for  character pillows, shirts and hand-sewn keychain. 

Explore other shops scattered around the theme park like Harry Houdini’s Magic Shop and Princess Victoria’s Dream Shop for adorable gowns and tutus.

Enchanted Kingdom is one of the best tourist attractions in Laguna Philippines.

5. Hidden Valley Springs

Hidden Valley Springs is a 3-star private resort featuring lush landscapes and beautiful gardens in Calauan, Laguna. The most visited hot spring resorts nestled between the famous  mountains of Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Makiling. 

It is picture-perfect tourist destination surrounded by natural spring waters, local vegetation, and has a variety of flora that has since filled in a 300ft deep crater from the area’s volcanic origins. 

You can also take a dip in not one, not two but six natural spring pools and five other pools in the vicinity filled with the purest mineral waters. 

This paradise-like resort is a protected rainforest that features over 150 species of plants. You can find a vast collection of wild orchids, giant ferns and century-old trees. 

It is a tropical rainforest resort that showcases thermal pools and lagoons that takes different temperatures.

 You will be trekking  to reach the forest and the nearby waterfall. After exploring the resort’s majestic paradise, you can enjoy a sumptuous buffet and a hearty Filipino lunch. 

You can also indulge in spa-like baths and appreciate the scenic ambiance of the resort and if you want to stay longer in rejuvenating time at the resort, there are mini cabins available for you to stay overnight.

6. Mount Makiling

Mount Makiling  is one of the best places for you to visit in Los Baños, Laguna. It features amazing views, wildflowers, and also a sanctuary for endangered species. 

It is a dormant volcano that rises over 1090 m  above mean sea level and situated south of Laguna de Bay. The top hiking destinations for hikers and boasts florishing plants and animal diversity. It is also home to 7,000 species of insects, 181 species of birds, 65 species of reptiles, 45 species of mammals and 22 species of amphibians. 

Boasting various endemic species, including the Philippine Deer, Philippine Warty Pig, Philippine Calotes, and the frog Philautus Sardus. When hiking, you can see some of it’s must-see attractions like Makiling Botanical Gardens, a 300 hectare plant conservaton facility and Mudsprings, a volcanic area with a rotten egg smell due to sulfur. 

It has a moderate difficulty level of 5/9 and has a major hike classification which takes around 5 to 9 hours to complete the trail. For those who wants to stay overnight there is a designated campsite at Makiling Rainforest Park. 

7. Nagcarian Underground Cemetery

Nagcarian Underground Cemetery – a one-of –a-kind historical burial site in the Philippines and a popular tourist destination in Laguna  that became a  National Historic Landmark on August 1, 1973. It is situated inside a chapel and sits on a hilly terrain in the laid-back town of Nagcarian in Barangay Bambang. 

You can find catacombs where the friars and wealthy people were laid to rest at the chapel’s lower ground floor. During the revolution, it served as a hiding place for guerrillas who resisted the Japanese occupation in World War II. 

This historical and religious structure showcases beautifully preserved architecture and was built in 1845 under the supervision of Franciscan Fr. Vicente Velloc. 

If you will enter the chapel, a curator will provide a historical background of the underground cemetery and the grand arched gate and walkway will lead you to the chapel. You will go downstairs to the dungeons of the underground crypt where you will witness apartment-like compsrtments on the walls.

 It is not allowed to use the flash of your cameras inside the cemetery when taking a picture. You can also find souvenirs on the small table displaying postcards, religious materials and local treats.

8. Hulugan Falls

Hulugan Falls – this enchanting waterfall is one of the relatively known cascades in Barangay Salvador, Luisiana, Laguna. This majestic 72 foot falls is not only one of the best trek but one of the best tourist spots in Laguna. It is nestled in a far-flung area and the roads leading to the falls are not easily accessible. 

You have to traverse a one-way trail if you want to get there and you will pass the two waterfalls before reaching it. You will hike down the river to see Talay Falls and scramble through a more challenging and steep path to the Hidden Falls. After which you will descend to a muddy trail to reach Hulugan Falls. 

You can take a refreshing dip into the natural pool and if you want to get closer to the gushing waterfalls, you should be very careful when climbing the rocks because some of them are off-limits.

 If you want to visit the falls, the best time is December to February since the weather is ideal for long hike and during summer many travelers are flock to the falls. 


9. Nuvali Park

tourist attractions in Laguna Philippines

Nuvali Park – is another tourist attractions in Laguna Philippines.  It is a place for some dash of enjoyment, nature immersion and adventure where you can enjoy various activities such as biking, sightseeing/bird watching, fish feeding, picnics, outdoor movie, food tripping and if you get tired of walking there is a shuttle buses within the vicinity for free. 

It is surrounded by blissful coat of green and definitely one of those relaxing places to unwind and to recover from the wear and tear busy living has caused you. It commits itself for sustainability and evolving and hence created a greener and cleaner environment for everyone to enjoy. 

At the same time, there is a 3 hectare tree nursery and demo farm where you can learn about various tree species. You can also see the beautiful sunset since there are few tall buildings within the area. Once you visit this fantastic place of grandeur surely you will fall in love with it and definitely worth your time and effort.

10. Caliraya Lake

Caliraya Lake – a man-made lake in Lumban, Laguna and a haven for various outdoor and sports activities such as golf, jet skiing, windsurfing, largemouth bass fishing, water skiin and boating. It became a popular bass fishing spot in the Philippines and some tourist commercialized and developed the lake as a recreational area. 

Since then the lake underwent several concrete and structural improvements. It was also transformed into a wealthy community similar to those in western countries and became a hideout of the New People’s Army in 1980. 

It is a home for several staycation spot, from farm cabins to floating lake cottages. The scenic views and the lush environment make this place favorable for swimming, boating and family picnic.


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