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10 Best Attractions in Cavite Philippines (Best Things To Do and Top Sights in Cavite)

    Cavite is a suburban province that is only 2 to 3 hours away from Manila. The birthplace of Juan Saraza Castañeda, General Pantaleon Garcia and former president Emilio Aquinaldo, the Philippines National Heroes. 

It vaunt a broad variety of scenic attractions, historical landmarks, farms, coves and beaches that are fascinating. 

Best Attractions in Cavite Philippines (Best Things To Do and Top Tourist Spots)

Here are the best attractions in Cavite Philippines.  

1.  Corregidor Island – is one of the haven protection and crucial conflict zones between Japanese Imperial Army and federal forces during World War II. The best day tour destination near Manila that you can try with their several fun activities like riding a tram (an ancient railway system in the early 1900s), biking across the Mile-long Barracks, hikes with trails and wonder at the ruins of Middleside Barracks. 

The island is overflowing with diverse flora and fauna. You can also visit the Japanese Memorial Garden and Pacific War Memorial Museum. You can find unknown caves, hidden tunnels and see the nearby Conchita Island and the Bataan Peninsula.

2.  Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine and Museum – one of the most historical spot in Cavite wherein former President Emilio Aguinaldo officially proclaimed the Philippine Independence from the Spanish colonization on June 12, 1898 on the balcony of his home in Kawit, Cavite. It is also known as the House of History that facet secret passages and compartments for weapons and documents. 

It displays antique furniture, mesa altar and some of the art deco-elements. The mansion reflects the avid patriotism of Aguinaldo wherein his tomb lies in the garden beside his house.

3.  Malibiclibic Falls – is another best attractions in Cavite Philippines. It is one of the most secret gems that nestled between General Aguinaldo, Maragondon and Magallanes town.

 It merges three rivers from 100 meter bluffs below the grassland and the water pours to a wide catch container that is good for a freshening dip.

 The enchanting waterfalls appear from gigantic crack between two large and towering boulders. You will have to go through a 30 minutes hike and pass some huge rocks before you will reach the falls. 


4.  Mt. Pico de Loro – a dormant volcano that arise over 664m above sea level. One of the topmost hiking destinations in the Philippines and also known as Mt. Palay Palay that stands between Maragondon, Cavite and Nasugbu, Batangas. The name “Pico de Loro” means parrot’s peak which shape is similar to the mountain’s peak that offers an open view of the nearby provinces like Laguna and Batangas. If you want to experience the adventure in going there, it has a friendly trail, a minor climb grouping that takes 5 hours to reach the peak, a trail class which is the terrain that has uneven paths and sharp slopes and you will have to climb through a 50 ft high standing stone to the top.

5.  Imus Cathedral – the most dignified and magnificent church in Cavite. It is also known as The Diocesan Shrine and Parish ot the Our Lady of the Pillar. It has an important part of the history and culture of Caviteños. November of 2006 when the National Historical Institute declared it as a structure of historical significance. The architecture of the church has been elegantly maintained until now. You can see the  bricks and stones on the walls, the Latin inscriptions on ts arches and the design of the exterior simulate the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros. It is memorable landmark for pilgrims especially during Holy Week when they have their Visita Iglesia. 

6.  Gourmet Farms – the first-ever farm of the Philippines that introduces the finest coffee beans in the world. The first coffee bean plantation and commercial roasting facility. In 1978, the owner started to trade coffee which they have been manufacturing single-origin arabicas and made-to-order blends. You can also visit the Gourmet Cafě wherein the founder and president decide to put up. This is a nipa hut restaurant along the 2 hectare organic farm in Silang, Cavite. Not only coffees but they serve Filipino-Italian meals and you can also buy local delicacies, organic food amd souvenir items in their store. 

7.  Museo De La Salle –  it is located in Dasmariñas, Cavite, the solemn museum of the De La Salle University System that showcases the expensive lifestyle  of Ilustrados during the Spanish Era.  The architecture of the museum is evocative of the traditional Bahay na Bato that features Mexican, Spanish, and Oriental architecture. The antique wooden furniture, life-size religious statues, crytals chandellers and rare ceramics are some of the things that you can see when visiting the museum. This is a two-story building that has a grand staircase, Azotea and a Baroque altar at the center. 

8.  Boracay de Cavite – is one of the best weekend and holiday destination in Ternate, Cavite. It facet powdery fine gray sand and clean waters overlooking the Corregidor Island and Mount Mariveles . It is also known as Katungkulan Beach Resort. This gray-sand beach is just a 3 km away from Camp General Gregorio Lim Marine Base and also the training base of the marines, firing range and their barracks. You can check in some of their cottages and some basic facilities like grilling station, shower area, toilet, volleyball court, parking area and buy snacks, drinks and some souvenirs to the nearby store. 

9.  Balite Falls – is located in Amadeo, Cavite. A manificent waterfalls that became a tourist spot because of the revitalizing cold water lavish down a natural swimming pool. It contains two waterfalls, the bigger one is naturally flows to the other one then it rapids through various pipes and bamboo tubes. The pool sized watersheds fills with the running water that comes from the falls. There are also available cottages if you want to spend overnight in the falls.


10.  Patungan Beach Cove –  it lies in Maragondon, Cavite. It was built at the southern side of Mt. Pico de Loro. The competitor of some well known beaches in Batangas and Zambales. The beach has light brown sand, majestic rock formation, awesome views and a fishing village which serves as the main living of the resident. You will cross the 300 meter Kaybiang Tunnel which is the longest road tunnel in the Philippines and pass over also the Nasugbu-Ternate Highway if you will visit the place. You can rent some of the cottages, relax in the sun, nourish from fresh seafood dishes and go on island hopping. 

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best attractions in cavite philippines

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