top attractions in Baguio City

10 Top Attractions in Baguio City Philippines (Best Things To Do and Top Tourist Spots)

          Baguio is a mountain town and called as “City of Pines” and “The Summer City of the Philippines”.  It’s particularly popular in summer and holidays like Christmas and New Year due to unusually cooler weather. For this article, we will explore the top attractions in Baguio City, Philippines.

It is famous for its green park spaces and hillsides teeming with gigantic pine trees. It has always been one of the top destination in the Philippines because of its chilly temperature, pine dominated landscapes, and overall romantic atmosphere.

10 Top Attractions in Baguio City, Philippines and Tourist Spots

1. Mines View Park

Mines View Park – sits on a ridge of the northeast side of Baguio where you can see the stunning view of the Cordillera mountains and Benguet’s old copper and gold mines. Tourist are given a chance to dress in traditional Ifugao garbs like bahag (loincloth), vests and headdresses and even hold a shield and spear for picture-taking. 

 You can also get your fix of Baguio’s signature strawberry taho and a great spot to buy souvenirs wherein there are several shops that sell woven items, knitted garments, wooden souvenirs as well as silver works. 

You can also purchase succulents, flowers and bonsai trees. It is located on a land promontory 4 km from downtown Baguio.

2. Burnham Park

Burnham Park – is one of the Baguio’s best attraction and considered as the city’s “Mother of all Parks”. It was named after urban planner Daniel Burnham, the American architect who came up with the original design and layout of the park. 

It is an open green park at the heart of the city. It is located along Harrison Road and is just a stone’s throw from the famous Baguio thoroughfare, Session Road. The park boasts different activities and attractions like Children’s Playground, Rose Garden, Orchidarium, Picnic Grove, Igorot Garden, and etc. 

It is best known for the picturesque centuries-old artificial lake at its center where you can ride a swan boat that you can operate on your own in the Burnham Lagoon and experience a memorable sunset with your loved one.

3. Centennial Park Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden  is another top attractions in Baguio City. It is a majestic garden with greenhouses for the culture, study and exhibition of special plants and provides a much needed tranquil space amid bustling Baguio City. 

The garden was renamed Centennial Park in celebration of Baguio’s 100th year as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. 

It is filled with pine trees and has two purposes, it serves as a hideaway from the often crowded Baguio and also houses nurseries dedicated to propagating flora that will eventually be replanted in the parks and gardens of Baguio. 

It is truly a great place to unwind with the abundance of trees and different plants, explore the various sections, sit by the benches or have a snack under the cottages.

 It is a garden dedicated to the collection, cultivation, preservation and display a wide range of plants labelled with their botanical names.

4. Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay  a paradise nestled in the City of Pines gives you a taste of pleasure and adventure.  Outlined with numerous leisure spots, activity centers, shopping outlets and food joints that every corner is fun-filled.

This camp was a former rest and recreation facility for American soldiers but today it has become one of the best places to visit mainly because it houses must-see tourist spots in one convenient area. 

This expensive recreational complex offers tourist tons of fun activities like a heart-pumping eco-adventure or commune with nature, Treetop Adventure inside the camp, the Superman Ride (zip line), Tree Drop (harnessed free fall) and Canopy Ride.

 You can also visit a world class golf  course designed by Jack Nicklaus, where famous tournaments. It consists of 695 hectares leased area, completely surrounded beautiful landscapes, refreshing pine trees, lush gardens and blossoming flowers. It has a variety of educational and entertaining activities that are perfect for every traveler and activity seekers. 

Showcases one of the most outstanding golf courses in the country. Its hotels unique structures and top-notch services and amenities entice travelers to experience the breathtaking adventure.

5. The Mansion

The Mansion – it was built in 1908 to serve as the official summer residence of U.S. Governors-Genral during the American occupation. Today, it serves as the official summer palace of the Presidents of the Philippines. It is located in the eastern side of the city right infront of the idyllic Wright Park. 

The main building was elegant and is inspired by the Spanish Colonial Revival design making it an excellent backdrop for any picture. You can have a snap photos in front of the ornate iron gate by the beautifully manicurd lawn. 

The public may visit the inside of the Mansion House which contains a museum featuring presidential memorabilia and artworks collected over the years. 

6. Baguio Cathedral

Baguio Cathedral – formally known as the Our Lady of  Atonement Cathedral and stands atop Mount Mary Hill or what the Ibalois call “Kampo”. It is known for its Neo-Gothic style, as evidenced by its twin spires and its rose-colored exterior with stained-glass windows. 

The largest Catholic Church in the city and it was built on top of a hill that gives visitors an awe-inspiring bird’s-eye view of Session Road and the whole city. If you want to go and visit the church, you have to climb a 104 –step staircase. It’s a good way of burning some calories if you’ve indulged too much in the sumptuous meals at Session Road.

 You can take the escalators at the Porta Vega Shopping Mall which exits at the parking grounds shared with the cathedral if you’re not up for the stairs. You can also get there by car through access roads just behind the Baguio Post Office. 

7. Wright Park

Wright Park – is one of the many scenic spots and a peaceful promenade with blossoming flowers, a pool lined with pine trees and a long stairway that leads visitors to a riding circle. It is smaller than Burnham Park and it is less crowded that is located in the eastern part of the city which is front of the main gate of The Mansion. 

It has long rectangular pond that is called “Pool of Pines” which could not be a perfect name as the length of the lake is flanked by pine trees on both sides. There is also a park circle and pavilion where you can sit, relax and listen to the swaying pine.

 It has an open green space so you can stroll around for free and admire its natural beauty. It is often called Ride Park, an understandable mistake since the park is known for its horseback-riding activity. 

A perfect place for people who love horses and want to learn how to ride one. You can find several horses to hire and ride around in the vicinity that every horse has an experienced handler who will guide and watch the rider at all times.


 There are also ponies for smaller children and if you want to take photo, you can rent the Igorot costumes or you can take photos with Igorots wearing their full traditional costumes. You can even buy native handmade crafts or get henna tattoos as well.

8. Baguio Night Market

Baguio Night Market – is a famous shopping hotspot and a bargain-hunting haven for thrifty fasionista’s dream. From 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM, a part Harrison Road at the northeast of Burnham Park transforms into a flea market where you can find everything to complete a casual look without burning a hole into your wallet through ukay-ukay stalls. 

Ukay-Ukay is a local term for surplus items shipped from other countries and second-hand apparel such as clothes, bags and footwear that are sold and bargained prices. 

This night market is overflowing with ukay-ukay, valuable pieces, vintage and luxury items at a very affordable price. Because of this, people flock here so it’s like passing through a needle. In the northern part of the hill, you can grab an ear of sweet corn, noodle soup and other street foods. 

9. Baguio Museum

Baguio Museum – stands as a reminder of that and the city’s storied past and rich culture and historical heritage. It is a housed in a four-storey Ifugao-inspired building that was built in 1975 to resemble a traditional Ifugao home that has wood and stone and it features a pyramid roof that has two towering concrete poles at the stair entrance. 

You can find various tribal artifacts, native jewelry, apparel, fabrics and musical instruments encased by protective glass panels. You can also find the miniature dioramas about the lives of the indigenous Cordilleran tribes. 

Aside from the exhibits, it has educational clippings and photographs where you can learn more about the history of Baguio and the different tribes in Cordillera. 

It houses models of the different huts used by tribes in ancient times and even more fascinating is the collection of burial jars and carved wooden coffins. It is located at the corner of Harrison and Gov. Pack Road.

10. Baguio Bell Church

Bell Church – the center of religious and cultural activities Baguio’s Chinese-Filipino community. It is found atop the hill near the borders of Baguio and La Trinidad. It was found in 1960 by Ng Pee, a Chinese immigrant from the Canton China. 

This temple is primarily influenced by Taoist architecture and also features a fusion of Buddhist symbols and follows ancient Chinese methods of constructions. You will find two octagonal lotus ponds that resemble a Bagua in front of the temple. It features images of saints and the Buddha. 

Past the opposing dragon figures, you will find a charming koi pond where you can make a wish. It has five patron saints which represents the religions of Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Confucianism.

 It represents the concept of rebirth and immortality in Chinese Culture. As you explore the church grounds prepared to be entranced by the soaring pagodas, dragons and lion statues. 

You can go to the central patio to witness a panoramic view of the surrounding hills which makes it a top attractions in Baguio City .

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top attractions in Baguio City

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