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10 Best Tourist Attractions in Nueva Viscaya Philippines ( Fun Things To Do )

  Nueva Vizcaya is a province in the Philippines that is located in Cagayan Valley Region in Luzon. The main manufacturer of citrus crops in the country like pomelo, satsuma, oranges and ponkan and it is also called as the Citrus Capital of the Philippines. Let us explore the best tourist attractions in Nueva Viscaya Philippines.

 It is well known for its significant stops for outdoor and environment lover because of the steep, striking waterfalls, caves, eco-parks and mountain summits. The capital municipality of the province is Bayombong.

Top Tourist Attractions in Nueva Viscaya Philippines ( Best Things To Do )

1. Mt. Pulag

Mt. Pulag – is one of the best attractions in Nueva Viscaya Philippines.  It is  the third highest peaks in the country that measures 2,922 meters above sea level. 

Hikers love to go on a hike to experience the flourishing forests that is rich in flora and fauna. This mountain was announced a National Park under Proclamation No. 75 in 1987. 

If you want to go on a hike, you need to have a permit which you can get it from the site. During night time, you will feel the cold weather but it doesn’t inhibit tourists and locals from climbing the mountain. 

2. Imugan Falls

Imugan Falls – is another best things to do in Nueva Viscaya Philippines.  It is one of the most well known tourist destinations that is very convenience because it is so easy to cross on the fresh forests.

 It measures more than 35 feet towards a magnificent catch basin. Many locals and tourists come here to experience the refreshing water that is very clear .

You will not regret to  take a dive and enjoy the stew mud day heat and the healing effects of the water which helps common colds, skin allergies and other disorders.

 It is located in Brgy. Imugan, Sante Fe and expect to see some kinds of birds including orchids and wild flowers.

3. Capisaan Cave System

Capisaan Cave System – one of the most visited spots in Nueva Viscaya Philippines, located in Brgy. Capisaan, Kasibu. 

If you want to experience an extreme spelunking, you have to visit the best caves in the country. Overthrowing the 4.2 kilometers that takes 4 hours to passed  8 interconnected caves.

 Inside the cave you will see the astonishing stalactite and stalagmite rock formations and you will wonder and amaze how they craft the fictile masterpieces.

 It was dubbed as “geologists paradise” because of the distinctive formations that remains bizarre. Bats and other scarce creatures  also lives in the cave.

4. St. Dolminic Cathedral

St. Dominic Cathedral – is also known as Bayombong Cathedral. It is one of the prime ancient tourist destinations that is located in Bayombong.

 It was built during the 18th century that facets a Baroque architecture with its impressive frontage and octagonal bell tower. 

St. Dominic is the patron saint of the town whose feast day is celebrated every 8th day of August. The cathedral was survived with numerous earthquakes and fire incidents.

5. People's Musuem and Library

People’s Museum and Library – also a tourist attractions in Nueva Viscaya Philippines.  Iit is located in Bayombong and was designed as one of the cultural tourist spots.

 It exhibits the rich history and heritage of the locals and some indigenous materials like hand-woven textiles, antique jars and many other artifacts. If you are going to visit the museum, you will have a perceptible experience  of the rich culture of the people.

6. Lower Magot Eco-tourism Park

Lower Magat Eco-tourism Park – this park measures 1,120 hectares and it is located in Diadi. It showcases some of the landscapes, plants and various types of colorful flowers. 

You can do some various activities like swimming on a very big pool, boating in a small lake and fishing on a pond including wildlife shelter.

 If you want to have an escapade, try hiking on stream that will take you to the forests which you can see birds and other species. There is also a wide camping ground that offers various accommodations.

7. Senora Falls

Senora Falls – a verdant tourist spot in Nueva Viscaya Philippines that measures 15 feet high which formed a wide and deep pool.

 It is located in Bayombong and it is very easy to reach. Locals and tourists love to come here for swimming and picnic.

 You can take a dip on flat portions to those non-swimmers. There is another challenging waterfall which is much higher but it takes 15 hours to reach that waterfall. 

8. Mt. Pullol

Mt. Pullol – is one of the slightest known spots that measures more than 1,400 meters above sea level. It is located in Ambaguio. 

Mount Pullol is an optimistic hiking spot where you can see the fresh covered forests. This mountain is very extreme and it is recommended for hikers and adventurers.

 If you are going to reach the top of the mountain, you will view the high summit of Mt. Pulag and Cordillera mountain range.

9. Dampol Bridge

Dampol Bridge – also a  popular tourist destination in Nueva Viscaya Philippines.  It is one of the surviving historical tourist spots that was built in 1818 by the Spaniards. 

This bridge affix Dupax Sur and Dupax Norte towns. Locals are campaigning for the conservation of the bridge because of its cultural and historical value.

When visiting the country and want to do a real adventure, check out some of the top tourist attractions in Nueva Viscaya Philippines.

tourist attractions in nueva viscaya

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