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10 Best Attractions in Nueva Ecija Philippines : Top Tourist Spots and Things to Do

 Nueva Ecija was named as the “Rice Granary of the Philippines” in which you will see the rice fields approximately every side of the road.

 It is also a home for its magnificent waterfalls, ancient churches and monuments, extraordinary cultural sites, majestic rivers, fresh mountains, factual structures and stunning farms. The capital city of Nueva Ecija is Palayan.

Here are the 10 best attractions in the province of Nueva Ecija:

Best Attractions in Nueva Ecija Philippines (Tourist Spots and Things To Do )

1. Minalungao National Park

Minalungao National Park – one of the best tourist spot that is located in General Tinio.

 You will be enchant with its emerald-colored Peñaranda River, piercing its way through sandstone bluff, charming hills and majestic greenery. 

After steaming the river, you can have a picnic, try more activities like kayak down, zip-line over the river or dive from the rock evolution.


2. Gabaldon Falls

Gabaldon Falls – is one of the best attractions in Nueva Ecija Philippines. It has a chill limpid waters that is wonderfully sculpt pool and a 10 feet waterfalls.

 You can relax for its great surroundings like vegetation and rock origination. A stream from the fresh rainforests challenging feeds of the waterfalls. 

Locals state that if you are going to swim here, you can cleanse certain illnesses like cough and cold. 

3. Gapan Church

Gapan Church – the most visited tourist destination and the oldest Baroque churches in the Philippines that was built in 1872 with its clastic rocks. 

Gapan Church is also known as the National Shrine of Virgen La Divina Pastora. It is considered as one of the most majestic places because of its extraordinary architecture. This historic church is an amazing site for pilgrimage in the province.

4. Philrice Institute

Philrice Institute – this wonderful tourist spot in Nueva Ecija was the Philippine Rice Research Institute or Philrice Institute . It was under the Department of Agriculture (DA) that aims to strengthen and improve rice production in the Philippines. 

You will also see the Philrice Museum that displays the farming equipments, machines and other seeds and  pictures. 

You can ride on a farm tractor to see the rice fields with a image of the most well known Filipino icon and also it is one of the crowd-favorites. 

5. Rancho de Cabileo

Rancho de Cabileo –  is the best place to rest and get closer to nature that is located in Brgy. Cabileo, Cuyapo, Neva Ecija. 

This ecological park is best  known for having a picnic, rent a bike, take a stroll and have fun in the open view of the Colosboa Hills.

Rancho de Cabileo is excellent get away from the bustle of city life, embrace fresh air and connect with nature.

6. Freedom Park

Freedom Park – this tourist spot in Nueva Ecija Philippines is dedicated to the country’s heroes.

 You can see the statue of General Antonio Luna, one of the greatest Filipino war heroes. A provincial park that is located in front of the Old Provincial capitol of Nueva Ecija. 

It is a park for families, friends, lovers, or anyone who is gathered their to spend quality time or leisure together. 

7. Aloha Falls

Aloha Falls – is also one of the best attractions in Nueva Ecija Philippines.  It is one of the most distant tourist spot that sticked deep in the mountains. 

Aloha Falls  is also best for utmost hikers/adventurers that measures around 20 meters high with a magnificent catch valley. It is located in Carranglan that hikers can climb and do a sidetrip. 

You can see luxuriant forests nearby waterfall. 

8. PMP Paradise Farm

PMP Paradise Farm – is one of the most visited agricultural tourist spot that is located in Brgy. Nazareth, General Tinio, Nueva Ecija. 

You will encounter the purity of life in the province. You will experience gathering sheep, riding a horse or picking some of the mouthwatering fruits, catching fish on a floating nipa hut and many more. 

You can also buy or taste the local delicacies like “nilupak” and “palitaw”. 


9. Pantabangan Dam

Pantabangan Dam –great destination to see architectural and engineering marvels. It is the second largest dam in Asia and one of the major sources of energy of the entire province. 

It is located in Pantabangan, a few kilometers away from the highway. Pantabangan Dam supplies water for irrigation and hydroelectric power generation.

10. Pantabangan Lake

Pantabangan Lake – is one of the best attractions in Nueva Ecija Philippines.  It is also one of the neatest lakes in the country and the largest lake in Southeast Asia.

 The construction of the Pantabangan Dam was directed to the formation of the Pantabangan Lake. It serves as a reservior for Pantabangan Dam. 

You can flaunt fishing like largemouth bass, a freshwater gamefish and the most usual fish to catch especially in the morning when the lake is placid. 

It is appealing to locals and tourist because of the scenic views during sunset when the yellow orange colors coats the mountains. 

When heading to the Philippines,  Nueva Ecija is the province that is sometimes overlooked.  If you have ample time, stop by and enjoy some of the best attractions in Nueva Ecija Philippines.

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attractions in Nueva Ecija

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