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10 Top Tourist Spots in Bulacan Philippines: Best Things to Do and Attractions

   Bulacan is the home for many natural wonders like landscape brag caves, rivers and mountains for hiking. The most ancient spot in the country. The are so many places to those who love to tour outdoors, and a brief getaway with their family or friends.

Here are the top tourist spots in Bulacan Philippines.

Top Tourist Spots in Bulacan Philippines ( Attractions and Best Things to Do )

1. Biak-na-Bato National Park

Biak-na-Bato National Park –is one of the tourist spots in Bulacan Philippines.  It is  the most popular park in Bulacan and it is a secured area that is located in San Miguel. 

It has 2,117 hectares and well known for its ancient content for it served as the mountain hiding place for Filipino rebels who fought the Spanish coerces. The Republic of Biak-na-Bato was settled by General Emilio Aguinaldo. 

You can do some hiking tours,  search sand dune, caves and rivers. Some of the hikers are going here to climb on Mt. Gola and Mt. Manalmon. 

It takes an hour to experience the journey in which you need to creep through some abrupt trails to cut-across safely. 

2. Barasoain Church

Barasoain Church –a great destination to visit in Bulacan.  It is known as our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish and it was the place of the first Philippine Congress in 1898. 

The church was done in 1888 and it is build of stone and was attributes Baroque achitecture average during the Spanish Period. You cal also visit the Barasoain Museum that showcases the dioramas of the ancient events.

3. Puning Cave

Puning Cave – another wonderful tourist attractions in Bulacan Philippines.  It is one of the caves in the Philippines that are crucial to their ecosystem and it was announced by the country’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources. 

It is located in the municipality of Doña Remedios Trinidad. If you are going to the cave, you will pass by a rainforests that is depot of monkeys, wild boars, deer and some species of birds. 

l recommend  bringing  light, wear cozy clothes and proper footwear as you trek a segment of challenges. You can rent a cottages in the area if you want to stay long in the place.

4. Mt. Balagbag

Mt. Balagbag – one of the best mountain that most of the hikers loves to go and it is located in San Jose del Monte. 

Going there is not that easy, you have to go their early in the morning so that the heat of the sun will not cover you or if you want to go there late in the morning you have to put sunblock, wear a hat and bring lots of water. 

You can see stores along the way and once your reach the summit you will see the beautiful view of Sierra Madre mountain range and Metro Manila.

5. Grotto of Our Lady Lourdes

Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes – the most visited place by millions of pilgrims to pray, meditate and leave their offerings. It was opened in February 11, 1965 and located in San Jose del Monte.

 It emphasize us the Rosary Basilica in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes in France that this was constructed as an honor to the famous French pilgrimage site. 

Some of the devotees were healed after bathing in the Lourdes water in France.

6. Pulilan Butterfly Haven

Pulilan Butterfly Haven –is also a spectacular tourist spots in Bulacan Philippines.  This is an asylum of butterflies in San Francisco, Pulilan.

 It was launch by the Aguirre Family to the public so that the people will recognize the stunning butterflies living in their garden. You will see some of the different types of plants and butterflies. 

You will be amaze with the butterfly nursery that is collective with nature and to educate children about the significance of all living thing on the planet. You can also tour on the Bulacan Doll Museum that is located within the property.

 It has 17 dioramas that represents the historical events in the country. 

7. Bitbit Bridge

Bitbit Bridge – a great tourist destination in the province of Bulacan. It measures 100-foot elevation that allows you to see the stunning view of Sierra Madre mountain range and also the Bitbit River.

 It is located in Norzagaray, it became well known to bikers who wants to have a fast get away from the city. You can try climbing the bridge down to the river where in you can take a brisk dip. 

You can explore the Angat Rainforest and Ecological Park at the end of the bridge.

8. Ciudad de Victoria

Ciudad de Victoria – a tourism zone in Bocaue that has 140-hectare. It is a home for the gigantic Bulacan arena that is also known as the Philippine Arena. 

It has 55,000 seating capacity and the largest indoor arena in the world. You can also witness the Garden wherein you will see thousands of beautiful plants and flowers that was ordered to give us a magnificent views and distinctive photo spots. 

Take a photo with the huge teddy bear, the big chess pieces, the green jeepney and some of the giant peacock. You will love and have fun on the playground, on a trampoline and it has also mini-zoo.

 You will be amaze with the life-size statue of the famous cartoon and comic book characters.

9. Pinagrealan Cave

Pinagrealan Cave – is one of the most frequented ancient tourist spot in the country that is located in Norzagaray. It is more than a kilometer deep and was used by the Katipuneros (member of the anti-colonialism revolutionary society) as a barracks during the time of the Spanish colonial era.

 It was a hiding place of General Emilio Aguinaldo during the Filipino-American war. You will see the captivating limestone rock formations that diverge in color, stalactites and stalagmites that show glitters when the light captures them.

10. Bakas River

Bakas River – is a bit of the Angat River and it is located in Brgy. Matictic. It is one of the most well known river that locals and tourist/travelers loved to go because of the water that is clean and clear that is good for swimming. 

They defended that the impression left are the footstep of Bernardo Carpio, a heroic being with superhuman power. This is where the river got its name Bakas means “trace” You can rent huts and  ring floaties if you want to stay their for a long period of time.


If you are heading to the province of Bulacan Philippines, the list above are among the top tourist spots and things to do that you should not missed.

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tourist spots in bulacan philippines

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