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17 BEST THINGS TO DO IN KAANAPALI MAUI HAWAII ( Attractions and Top Places to Visit )

On this article, we will discover the best attractions and things to do in Kaanapali Maui Hawaii.  Kaanapali is ideally located in the western part of the island of Maui and  is home to the famed Kaanapali Beach.

Feel the warm breezes and gaze at the open blue skies and clear water of Kaanapali Beach where it offers the best water activities and relaxation. 

The golden white powdery sand beach is perfect for relaxation, sunbathing, snorkeling or simply just watch the sunset. Kaanapali Maui Hawaii also boasts some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in Maui.  

When visiting Hawaii, here are the list of best things to do in Kaanapali Maui Hawaii and top tourist spots.

Best Things to Do in Kaanapali Maui Hawaii

1. Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali Beach Hawaii Maui

Stretch of White sand beach overlooking the island of Lana’i and Molokai. Here you will have a beautiful sunsets. Across the beach you will also notice lots of Sunset Sail Charters enjoying the breathtaking views.  

2. Myths of Luau

Enjoy a Luau show and great authentic Hawaiian food in an ocean front setting. Located in Royal Lahaina Resort, you will enjoy a great show and of course the great ending with a fire dance. 

Make sure you bring your phone with you to take a photo.

3. Sunset Sail

oceanfront restaurants in lahaina

When in Kaanapali make sure you take a Sunset Sail with your special someone. Dress up and enjoy a sip of wine   looking at the gorgeous coast line.

4. Snorkel Adventure

Take a tour with Trilogy and enjoy a day trip to the island of Lana’i for snorkel adventure.

5. Whale Watching

things to do in Kaanapali Maui

If you are visiting paradise between November and February, this would be a great time to enjoy whale watching. Humpback Whales migrate to the Hawaiian islands during winter for breeding.

6. Kaanapali Golf Course

royal Lahaina resort cottage

For golfers, don’t forget to bring your clubs with you while in paradise. Use sunscreen while playing because of course you will have sun all day. 

7. Whalers Village

whalers village Kaanapali Maui Hawaii

Whalers Village is a great place to unwind and shop.  The best part about this shopping center is that it is located directly on Ocean front. You can not only sun bath or swim but also shop after you are done. Here you will also find a great restaurant called Monkey Pod.

8. Stay at Kaanapali Resorts

kaanapali beach maui

There are lots of hotels and resorts located on Kaanapali.  You can choose from Hyatt, Westin, Sheraton, and Honu Kai Resort. If you want more affordable option directly on the water, I recommend Royal Lahaina Resort. 

Watch on Youtube:

9. Black Rock Diving and Snorkeling

While on Kaanapali Beach or shopping at Whalers Village. Take a quick walk towards Black Rock and watch the locals rock diving. 

10. Surfing Lessons

Surfing lessons can be made from the Activities desk. A local surf instructor will be able to meet you at a popular surf spot or pick you up directly at the hotel. 

11. Kaanapali Helicopter Tour

When in Hawaii take a helicopter tour so you can see the landscape and view from up above. You will see how each islands are interconnected.

 Up above, you will see the shoreline of Kaanapali along with majestic mountain view tops.

12. Parasailing and Paragliding

parasailing maui hawaii

If you want some adventure and are  into ziplining. What about the feel of ziplining above water? Take a parasailing or paragliding tour when in Kaanapali. 

You will catch the sea breeze and wind in your face as you see the islands of Maui, Lana’i and Moloka’i.

13. Kaanapali Beach and Trail walk

kaanapali maui sunset

An inexpensive way to enjoy Kaanapali especially in the morning is take a Kaanapali Beach and Trail walk. Here you will find walking paths throughout the coast line, you will easily find it because you will also see morning joggers taking their morning exercise.

14. Airport Beach

Airport Beach or also known as Kahekili Beach is a great place to snorkel. Unlike the popular destination of Kaanapali beach, if you want something more under the radar where it is not as crowded, go to Airport Beach.  

It is affectionately known as Airport Beach among locals because back in the 60’s it was the only place you could land a plane on Maui’s West side. Here you will have gazebos, grass lawn, shower use and bathrooms available for public use. 

Parking is also nearby which in Maui can be a problem when finding a fantastic beach spot.

15. Ululani's Shaved Ice

Kaanapali can be hot and tiring especially when sunbathing all day. One way the locals cool themselves up is by having a Hawaiian Shave Ice. 

The sweet treat is made up of shaved ice from block of ice flavored with colored syrup with other sweet ingredients. When there is shave ice to sell, you will always see a long line coming out from the store. It can be easily found.

16. Skyline Hawaii

When in Hawaii and you want to really capture the beauty of the islands. Take a helicopter tour,  it is worth every penny. You will be amazed of the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands

You will be able to see how each islands are interconnected from above.  The shorelines of Kaanapali along with the majestic mountain tops are breath taking.

17. Relax and Watch the Sunset

kaanapali beach maui hawaii

Kaanapali offers one of the best sunset in Hawaii.  Overlooking the island of Maui and Molokai, its a perfect instagrammable backdrop.  

Wether you are looking for relaxation or adventure, there is plenty things to do in Kaanapali Maui Hawaii.

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