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10 Best Attractions in Abra Philippines ( Things to Do and Top Tourist Sights )


     Abra is located in North Luzon that has historic churches, cultural sites and countless natural wonders awaits if you are going to visit the province. It is in between the two very popular destinations, Ilocos and Cordillera. 


Best Tourist Attractions in Abra Philippines

1. Kili Falls and Hot Springs

Kili Falls and Hot Springs – is one of the best attractions in Abra Philippines. The main attraction is not the waterfall but the hot spring that flows into an icy cold river.

 It is a small fall that measures around 15 feet high and has a huge water volume that forms a wide and deep pool. The pool that is sparkling and crystal clear when it is in the middle of the day and the rocks surrounding the pool is good for jumping and diving platforms

. If you will visit the falls, you will crosses the scenic rice fields and hanging bridges.

2. Kaparkan Falls

Kaparkan Falls – one of the reason why people kept on going to this waterfall is that, it has an extraordinary multi-tiered spring pools/terraces that gently cascade down the forest. It is also known as Mulawin Falls. 

The falls measures around 500 meters high and 60 meters wide, it emanate from an underground spring because the waters do not turn murky. It is located in Tineg, the nothern most town of Abra.

3. Apao Rolling Hills

Apao Rolling Hills – one of the tourist spots in Abra that is breathtaking because of the different activities like hiking, mountain biking and climbing. 

This hill covers grasses, few shrubs and trees that during summer it appears brown but during rainy days it turns green. It is located in Tineg, from the viewpoint across the high valley. The most scenic during sunset when the mountain sides come alive with spectacular auburn glow and you can also take a picture because of the panorama of dry grassland.

4. Piweck Rock Formation

Piwek Rock Formation – the best spot to take pictures because of the gleaming white limestone area that has peaks and valleys.

If you are going to climb boulders, you can go to the cliff jump area to dive towards the cool blue water. It is found farther down the road from Apao Rolling Hills.

It is a cluster of white rocks and boulders along the river that makes it more alluring to visit because of the turquoise and the clear water.  

5. Tagew / Tagpao Falls

Tagpew/Tagpao Falls – this majestic falls on the face of the massive cliff and measures around 120 meters high making it one of the most famous falls in Abra. 

Tagpao in local dialect refers to a womans organ of capulation. The rock formation at the base of the waterfall was resembles as the shape of woman’s organ.

 The rock makes anyone amazed and frightened because of the various bullets sound of bulk water dropping from it and they taught that there was a battle exchanging of bullets from the wonderful falls.

6. Libtec Crystal Cave

Libtec Crystal Cave – is  also one of the most famous spot because the cave was popular to hunters and trappers from the nearby community and it is also known as “Quiling Crystal Cave”. 

It is located in Dolores, Abra. You will find wonderful formed stalagmites, stalactites, straws, drapery and flowstones inside the cave. With this it portrays the shape of a horse, a bird and a banana blossom.

It has numerous bats and also known as “Kurarapnit” that became dwindled due to overhunting. The “crystal” comes from the microcrystals on the surface of the mineral deposits that shines when light is focused into it.

7. Don Mariano Marcos Bridge

Don Mariano Marcos Bridge – the 3rd longest bridge in the Philippines with a total length of 886.812 linear meters.

It is one of the steel bridges located along the Abra-Kalinga Road between the towns of Dolores and Tayum. Favorite stop over of the tourist because of the scenic views of the riverbanks and mountainscape.

The bridge is painted with red to give a warm aura during sunset.

8. Tayum Church

Tayum Church – one of the top tourist attraction and also known as “Santa Catalina de Alejandria Parish Church that is found within the town proper of Tayum. The most impressive Spanish-colonial church in Abra.

It was declared as a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines in 2001.It was constructed in early1800’s by the Augustinians and was dedicated to St,Catherine of Alejandria. 

The town celebrates every 25th of November in honor of their patron saint.

9. Abel Loom Weaving

Abel Loom Weaving –  it is located in La Paz, Abra. The home of traditional loom weaving industry in producing fine woven fabrics called abel.

These textiles are hand loomed by women of the village who craft for their mothers and grandmothers. It is one of the largest supplier of abel and if you want to visit or see how they will make the hand-made abel by visitng their workshop in Brgy. Bulbulala. 

If your are interested in purchasing the abel they usually have finished product in stock. 



10. Gabriela Carino - Silang Gallery of Fine Arts

Gabriela Cariño-Silang Gallery of Fine Arts – it is the former headquarter of Gabriela Silang, was known as the Joan of Arc of Ilocania for being as the first female Filipino leader for independence movement from Spain. 

It is a private museum owned by the Carino family. This galery is filled with impressive collection of paintings, furniture, sculptures, documents, books and artifacts from the different parts of the world. You can also see some of the piece paintings of Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo, Pablo Picasso, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Domenico Ghirlandaioto.

 It is located along Teodoro Balmaceda Street in Poblacion, Tayum. A short walk away from Tayum Church. An Alladins Cave full  of priceless artifacts and is the 300-year-old ancestral house. 

If you are heading to the northern part of the country, visit some of the best atrractions in Abra Philippines.

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best attractions in Abra Philippines

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