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10 Best Attractions in Aurora Philippines ( Top Tourist Sights and Things To Do)

     Aurora inhabit the easternmost part of Central Luzon It is a favorite getaway station of tourist because of its natural wonders, cascading waterfalls, vast rainforests, majestic beaches, historic sites and breathtaking coves that every traveler cannot resists the beauty of the place. It is more popularly known for Baler, the surfing capital of the Philippines. 

Best Attractions in Aurora Philippines

1. Ditumabo Falls

Ditumabo Falls – known as Mother Falls with a height of more than 140 feet that rapids on a deep and wide pool which are icy-cold and crystal clear that can heal skin illness and colds.

It is surrounded by fresh forests flowering plants. It is located in Barangay Dimatubo, San Luis.

2. Dicasalarin Cove

Dicasalarin Cove – it beseech resemblance of beauty and mystery that is located on a remote site, Barangay Zabali, Baler.

It is one of the bizarre tourist spot that has sandy beaches, verdant hills and a river that the water is crystal clear and flourishing marine life. It is surrounded by white sand beach, rock formations, and clear blue waters reflecting the mountains that will attract the travelers.

3. Baler Hanging Bridge

Baler Hanging Bridge – a connecting landmark and a popular viewpoint that is located in Zabali Road, Baler.

It is a steel-cable foot bridge over the moss-green waters that connects Barangay Tibang and Barangay Sabang that was built for locals and tourist to used.

4. Museo de Baler

Museo de Baler – a historical tourist spot that is located in Quezon St. Poblacion, Baler. It flaunt more than 400 year history of Aurora.

You will see some artifacts, pictures, documents and art pieces that displays in the museum like old jars, porcelains, old bells, amazing paintings and many more.

5. Cemento Beach and Reef

Cemento Beach and Reef – it is located in Barangay Cemento, Baler that swank of mixed white sands with crushed corals and seashells.

The most favorite surfing site that waves can reach up to 14  feet high from October to February. It has coral reefs that is abound making it as a perfect snorkeling site. It is also a paradise for some aquatic species like lobsters.

6. Diguisit Rock Formation

Diguisit Rock Formation – one of the most remarkable landmark that is located in Barangay Zabali, Baler. 

It has few outcrops of stunning rock formations that survived in many centuries despite of powerful waves and weather effects.

7. Ermita Hill

Ermita Hill – a breathtaking view of Baler Bay and Aniao islets that is well known for surviving a giant tsunami catastrophe back in 1735.

 It is located in Sitio Cemento, Barangay Zabali, Baler. You will find the rich flora and fauna species. You can hike on the peak that will guide you into the rich rainforests. 

8. Baler Catholic Church

Baler Catholic Church – is one of the ancient tourist spot that is located in Rizal Street, Poblacion, Baler. It is known as San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Parish that manifest the strength of the Baler people. 

You can also see the La Campana de Baler, the church’s bell tower. The church was built with bricks and stones on 1611 but reconstructed on 1939. 

9. Dialang Falls

Dialang Falls – it cascades for about 20 feet on a shimmering catch basin.  There are flowering orchids that surrounds the waterfall on a dense forests. 

You will see birds and other wildlife species in the falls.

10. Mount Mingan

  Mount Mingan – best hiking destinations for travelers that is located in Dingalan, Aurora. The most savage trails and only brave adventurers can make it on top of the peak.

 It ports rich biodiversity like the critically-endangered Philippine monkey-eating eagle. It controls the upper elevations of covered forests. 

Take your next adventure by visiting some of the best attractions in Aurora Province Philippines.

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attractions in Aurora Philippines

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