tourist spots in kalinga Apayao

10 Top Tourist Spots in Kalinga Apayao Philippines ( Best Things To Do)

Kalinga Apayao Philippines is designed as a tourism department area that make waves in the ecotourism world. It is land for legendary and enigma that portrays stories of fight, agreement and quiteness. 

The braveness of the I-Kalinga protect their land and water from combine hostility. You can also see the Chico River Dam rings hope and innovation among indigenous people in the world. 

It is the land endless charm and reward and has a hidden wonders echo in the stunning songs and dances of its people. 

Here are the best attractions and top tourist spots in Kalinga Apayao Philippines :

Top Tourist Spots in Kalinga Apayao
( Best Things To Do)

1. Binalssan Falls

Binalasan Falls – is one of the simple tourist destination that is located in Pasil, Kalinga. 

It rapids for more than 30 meters on a very huge pool that emerge from the thick moist forests. It has a strong and agitate current that swimming on the pool can be dangerous. 

You can see flourishing vegetation of shrubs, mossess and grasses that surrounds the falls during summer time. If you go there, you have to hike for at least an hour in the road, climb over the bluff streams and jump across the rock.

2. Mt. Binuluan

Mt. Binuluan – is another popular tourist spots in Kalinga Apayao Philippines.  It  erupted during the past century and you will be interested in the existence of fumarole fields, solfataras and hot springs on its hill.

 It castle over the municipalities of Tinglayan, Pasil and Lubuangan. It stands for more than 2,329 MASL. This mountain is magnificent and it has a mossy forests that covers the upper slopes. 

Mt. Binuluan manifolds flora and fauna species like deer and wildpigs. 

3. Laroy Falls

Laroy Falls – is an excellent tourist destination in Kalinga Apayao. It is appraised as the tallest falls and it is composes 8 distant rapids jump rowards the Pasil River. 

It is located in Pasil, Kalinga and the best time to visit is during rainy season because you can view it on the road. Laroy Falls emerge the water from fresh covered forests upstream.

4. Buaya Caves

Buaya Caves – it facets some stalactite and stalagmite rock formations. You can see stunning room and revealing of cathedrals’ spines and domes.

 If you want to visit the cave, you have to await to ascent, climb on rocks, some brook inside, waterfalls and paddle across pools. 

There are various parts of the cave were you feel like you are in the golden accommodation and they are associated from each other. It forms a series of covers to the whole mountain hill. It is located in Balbalan, Kalinga.

5. Lubo and Mangali Rice Terraces

Lubo and Mangali Rice Terraces – is a wonderful tourist spots in Kalinga Apayao Philippines. It looks like a roundabout waterfalls that surrounds the village of Lubo. 

You will pass the Tanudan river beside the terraces. It is located in Tanudan and the beautiful tourist spot that has elevated mountains gives a measurable background.

 The falls furnish abundant water supply all year round and also the people are very friendly and approachable.

6. Palang - ah Falls

Palang – ah Falls –is also a great destination in Kalinga Apayao.   The falls  lies adjoining to a canyon in Tulgao, Tinglayan. 

Its name was coincide as the shape of a chair “Palang-ah” means a local term for chair. It measures around 40 feet high and it has a very deep pool that sculpt. 

The falls protrude a view of a rainbow when the sun strikes. The water is crystal-clear and chilly that is sufficient to harden and comforter of the muscles.  

You will also witness the hot spring that has a mix of cold and hot bath. 

7. Balbalasang-Balbalan National Park

Balbalasang-Balbalan National Park –  constitutes the ecological reward of Kalinga Apayao and to the whole country. It has a cushiony forests that covers most of the park with smear pine and mountainous forests. 

The park has been documented with 89 species of birds, 23 species of mammals, 13 species of amphibians, 13 species of reptiles and 25 species of earthworms. 

Balbalasang – Balbalan National Park  provides a refuge of the negatively-endangered Rafflesia. You will be captivated with homely and breathtaking adventure wherein you might see some of the wildlife species. It is located in Balbalan, Kalinga.

8. Saltan River

Saltan River – it comes from the ample moist forests that is located in Balbalan. The water emanate a moss appearance that invites you to swim during sunny days. 

Saltan River have vast hunk and rocks nearby the river, an ideal spot for diving or jumping. It brims with domestic aquatic species like fishes and eels and they served it to visitors in a traditional way. 

The river is one of the most habituated tourist spot among locals.

9. Elephant Hill

Elephant Hill –is a must see destination in Kalinga Apayao. It is also the ground of an archaeological marvel,  excavating the remains of ancient elephants, crocodiles and a rhinoceros were find. 

They also discovered the fossils of the first occupant of the country and the prehistoric man-made tools that were hidden. It is one of the growing tourist spot that is located in Rizal, Kalinga.

10. Guinaang Vilage

Guinaang Village – is one of the ancient tourist spots of the province.  During the Philippine-American war , the village beseemed as the abandon shelter of General Emilio Aguinaldo. 

The Americans chase him until he was caught in Isabela. It is located in Pasil which offers a simple life in the borderland. 

The locals are kind and hospitable. You will be captivated with the interesting views of rice terraces and mountains.


if you are visiting the quiet province of the northern part of the Philippines, check out some of  the top tourist spots in Kalinga Apayao Philippines.

tourist spots in kalinga Apayao

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