Village houses near rice terraces fields. Ifugao province. Banaue, Philippines

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Ifugao Philippines ( Best Places to Visit and Things to Do )

10 Tourist Attractions in Ifugao Philippines

          Ifugao is one of the most stunning places that most of the tourists and locals are mesmerized with the well-known Banaue Rice Terraces. This man-made formation manifest the bright and ancient engineering expertise of the Ifugao people. Aside from this earthen triumph, you can also brag other eco-cultural wonders and many spots if you are going to visit the place.


Tourist Attractions in Ifugao Philippines

1. Banaue Rice Terraces and Mayoyao Rice Terraces

Mayoyao Rice Terraces – one of the most tourists spot and one of the five Rice Terraces in the Philippines that was acknowledged as part of the UNESCO World Heritage legend along with Banaue Rice Terraces.

These rice terraces is not as visited just like the other rice terraces because its far. But if you will go there, you will see the outlook  of the local houses and rebuffed rice terraces. It is located for some 44 kilometers away from the Banaue proper. 

Tourist attractions in ifugao philippines

2. Tappiyah Falls

tourist spots in Ifugao Philippines

Tappiyah Falls – considered as one of the most well-known spots that is outpouring on the face of the gigantic rock steep which measures 75 meters. 

It produced a broad and huge pool of agitating crystal clear and  freezing waters.  With its beautiful and roaring sound, its give you a new perspective of how powerful nature is. 

It is located in Brgy. Batad, Banaue. Many locals and tourists visit the falls during summer months of March to April to swim on its waters and undergo healing from common colds.

3. Batad Amphitheater Terraces

Batad Amphitheater Terraces –is another tourist attractions in Ifugao Philippines.   It is  familiar for its awesome view that mirrors the shape of a massive amphitheater, located in Brgy. Batad, Banaue.

 You will wonder how the Ifugao’s ancestors construct these elevated triumph make use of wooden tools and stones. These terraces supplies rice and vegetables for the community and manifest how the people and their habitat have been living in conformity for many years.

4. Kiangan Shrime

Kiangan Shrine – one of the ancient tourist destinations that signifies a courageous battle against Japanese conqueror. It is where General Yamashita and his soldiers arbitrarily capitulate the ending of World war II in the Philippines.

 It was established by the Philippine Tourism Authority with the cooperation of the provincial government of Ifugao and municipality of Kiangan on April 19, 1973 upon the orders of the former President Ferdinand Marcos. 

It displays the rich culture and traditions of the Ifugao’s.

5. Bintakan and nah-toban Caves

Bintakan and Nah-toban Caves – is located in Lagawe that cuddled on the slant of Ibulao, 2 kilometers away from the provincial capital. These caves accommodates three mayor chambers. 

The drizzling waters formed was numerous stalactite and stalagmite rock formations of various shapes and sizes. Nah-Toban has much large rooms that four of these have been inspect and evaluate for tourism.

 It lays on territory of bats that can be seen all around the place.

6. Ambuwaya lake

Ambuwaya Lake – offers clear and captivating view that you can go on a boating, fishing, swimming or you can have a picnic with family or friends. 

The lake lush vegetation surroundings gives homely atmosphere. If you think that their is buwaya (a Filipino term for crocodile) in the lake because of the name, you are wrong.

 It was named Ambuwaya because of the mysteries that according to local myth, the lake was used to be a community but all a sudden it turned into a lake after some of the children were killed and they made fun of the leeches on the neighboring spring. It is located in Brgy. Ambabag, Kiangan, Ifugao.


7. Mt. Anapowan

Mt. Anapowan –is also tourist spots in Ifugao Philippines.  It overlooks the scenery of central Ifugao wherein it is being eyed as a surcharge mountaineering and camping site.

 You can see one of the awesome view of Hugduan including the forest-covered mountain top and elevated rice terraces. 

You can also see the municipalities of Kiangan and Lagawe as well as the Hungyon rice terraces if you reach the summit. 

8. Balentimol Falls

Balentimol Falls – measures 30 feet high. The waterfalls is like a shower from heaven and the absolute sight that gives satisfaction and pacifying experience. 

It is one of the various hidden waterfalls that is found in Brgy. Abatan, Hungduan that lies on the foot of the famous Mt. Napulawan. The best way to visit the falls is when the water gives a rejuvenating massage. 

9. Boyah Hot Spring

Bogyah Hot Spring – is a popular tourist attractions in Ifugao Philippines. This spring has a sulfuric waters that is good after a healing and a relaxing bath. It has a pool that has been build to hold the thermal waters which fits up to 10 individuals. 

The spring emerge from rock cracks and the locals believe that there might be a volcano nearby. It is located in Brgy. Hapao, Hungduan. 

You can steep in the spring and take a cold bath on the falls or in the pools of the Hungduan river. The waters are very clear and bustle with the indigenous marine species like eels, small fishes and crabs.

10. Pangagawan Caves

Pangagawan Caves – a secret gems and one of the bizarre spots that is located in Brgy. Bolog, Kiangan. If you go inside the cave, you have to compress yourself from the tight spaces to get deeper and you might get wet and muddy.

 There is also a running brook as you walk on the stream, a waterfall awaits you. You can explore the cave for 2 to 3 hours to witness the crevice and crannies of the cave. 

If you are looking for a real adventure and a road less traveled, these are the top tourist attractions in Ifugao Philippines you should not missed.

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