all you need to know about Ian valley, maui, hawaii

What to Do in Iao Valley State Park Maui Hawaii

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 Iao Valley State Park  Maui Hawaii is an easy accessible park at the heart of Maui, west of Wailuku. It was established as national park in 1972 with 4,000 acre and it is  a 10 mile long park.  The highlight of the park is the iconic  1,200 ft. high Iao Needle Point ,a natural rock formation with  breathtaking gaze of  lush greenery. Below are amazing list on what to do in Iao Valley State Park Maui Hawaii.

Before the state park , there is also Kepaniwai Park and Heritage Gardens with beautiful collections of lush tropical plants and flowers and pavilions which tribute to different cultures and heritage representing Filipinos, Hawaiians, American Missionaries, Portuguese, Chinese, Koreans and Japanese . This is a nice place to stroll around and walk or have a picnic lunch.  

all you need to know about Iao Valley state park, maui, Hawaii

Things To Do in Iao Valley State Park

1. Breathtaking View.  

     Iao Needle which serves as the lookout point provides amazing view of the valley and incredible glimpse of the city , also the ocean beyond.  Here you can see the iconic towering green mantled rock and lush jungle peaks. The scenery is spectacular and very relaxing, great for the mind and body.


2. Easy Hiking and Sightseeing.  

      Iao Valley Park is one of the most beautiful and easy accessible park with .6 mile trail.  There is information signs about the  relevant history of the Hawaiian Gods and the battle as you walk. A  short walk and hike with well made pathways and stairs to the the lookout is perfect to get some crisp fresh air.

3. Tour the Lovely Lush  Garden.  

     Explore the tropical garden where there is abundance of guava and banana plants, taro plants and colorful tropical foliage like Hawaiian ti plants and splendid flowers.

Iao Needle Point
Iao Valley state park, Maui Hawaii

 4. Unwind with The Relaxing Sound of the Water

   The gush of the water stream soothe the spirit.  Iao Valley is tranquil  and makes a restful place to connect with nature.


5. Take a refreshing dip by the clear freshwater stream.   

   There is something sacred and magical about this area.  It has lots of energy, very peaceful and the gentle sound of the water is soothing to the soul.

6. It is Wonderful for Children to See.  

     Iao Valley Park is easy short walk and easy hike to the lookout so it is great for children to enjoy the beautiful scenery. There is also a pavilion by the lookout where kids can cool down and  take a little rest and still offers a majestic view of the valley.

Iao Valley state park, Maui Hawaii
Iao Valley state park, Maui Hawaii

7.  Learn Significant History. 

   The needle is a historic site of  the battle of Kepaniwai in 1790.  King Kamehameha I from  Hawaii Island (Big Island) defeated the Maui forces in his quest to unite the islands under one rule.  There were so many slain bodies that it clogged the stream, thus, the battle was named Kepaniwai or “Damming of the Waters”. 

8.  Enchanting Place

     Iao  Needle Point  was once used as a natural altar for the Hawaiian God of the Ocean.

Iao Valley , Maui Hawaii
Iao Valley stream
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