Wailea beach Maui Hawaii

Fun and Best Things to Do in Wailea Maui Hawaii ( Top Attractions and Tourist Spots )

Wailea Maui Hawaii offers the best luxurious resorts on the island.  From sweeping coastlines, world class golf course, high end shopping and restaurants, Wailea also boasts natural beauty and attractions.

Here is a list of the best things to do in Wailea Maui Hawaii, top attractions and tourists spots. 

Best Things to do in Wailea Maui ( Attractions and Tourist Spots )

1. Relax and Watch the Sunset at Wailea Beach

Wailea beach Maui Hawaii

When ever you visit Hawaii you choice this destination because you want to free from all your stress and worries. You worked hard this past year and you deserve to wind down and pamper yourself.

 As soon as you arrive and check in at your resort at around 3pm. Make sure you go down to the shore with a glass of champagne or nice chilled sauvignon blanc. 

Sit back and take a deep breath and enjoy the sunset.  Wailea beach is a fabulous free things to do in Wailea Maui.

2. Visit La Perouse Bay

If you feel a getting close to the earth and go back in time. Take a hike and visit La Perouse Bay. Here at the end of Makena is a small trail hike that locals call Hoapili trail. 

Feel the “Mana” or spirit of the area while you walk through old volcanic rocks containing archaeological sites, and heiau. 

3. Makena Beach State Park

Makena Beach, in Maui, Hawaii

You want to go where locals go, then it would be at Makena Beach State park. White sand beach overlooking the island Kahoolawe.  If you are into body surfing or boogie boarding, you will find most of the locals here catching a wave. 

Be careful while here because the waves can be dangerous especially if you are a first timer to catch a wave. However, if you are a great swimmer and love water sports this is a place to be.  

Makena Beach, also called the Big beach is another free fun things to do in Wailea Maui Hawaii.


4. Snorkel and Kayak Tour

For those who love water adventures, than snorkeling is what you need to do. Take a snorkel tour to a small island called Molokini overlooking Wailea. 

Here you will find most snorkel tours take their visitors because the small island is full of captivating colorful fish. 

5. Stay at Luxury Resorts

Four Seasons Maui

Wailea is filled of luxury properties. You can choose from Grand Wailea (largest property), Four Seasons Resort, and the furthest out Fairmont Kea Lani. 

There are a lot more to choose from but these are my top 3 to choose from because I love there front row view on the beach. If you like to splurge once in a while, relaxing and enjoying the amenities of these luxury resorts should not be missed on things to do in Wailea Maui.

6. Have a round of Golf at Wailea Golf Club

For golf lovers out there you can choose between Gold and Emerald courses.  

Created by architect Robert Trent Jones, as an avid golfer you recognize his signature courses throughout the golf world. 

7. Sea Scooter Snorkeling

Snorkelers with lots of experience but would want to be a little more adventurous, Sea Scooter Snorkeling is the way to go. The sea scooter allows you to go farther and deeper without doing much work. 

The best way to do this tour is go with your friends and make it a group activity.

8. Enjoy a day at Shops at Wailea

If your spouse or partner is out golfing and want to do something in the meantime. Go to the Shops at Wailea where it is walking distance from your resort. 

You will find great shops and restaurants. I recommend you stopping by Pint and Cork for lunch while you are shopping. 

9. Rejuvenate at Wailea Healing Center

Choose a healthier you. Go to Wailea Healing Center and select range of healing services from massage, yoga classes, acupuncture, wellness classes, and so much more offerings.

Most popular is the outdoor massage with an ocean view. 

10. See the Green Sea Turtles at Turtle Town

Throughout Wailea when walking on the shoreline make sure you always take a look at the shoreline. You will see head bopping up and down, and if you do see one, those are Green Sea Turtles. 

Word of caution however, is that Sea Turtles in Hawaii are endangered. Therefore, you must keep your distance from them. It is illegal to come close to Turtles and pet or touch them.

11. Relax at Polo Beach

Polo Beach is right at the end of Fairmont Kea Lani just south of the property. You will find public parking and  picnic tables.  Nice stretch of beach which the waves are not to strong. 

A great place to sunbath and dip in the water when you need to refresh. You can also take a walk along Polo Beach where this is a sidewalk that will take you in front of most of the Luxury resorts in Wailea.

12. Surfing Monkey Shave Ice

When in Hawaii, must have is sun screen and shave ice. To locals this is their ice cream. A block of ice shaved into a cone topped with sweet and colorful syrup. 

This is a treat especially when it is very hot or a long day sunbathing.

13. Monkeypod Kitchen Restaurant by Merriman

Chef Peter Merriman is one of Hawaii’s well known chef. He flavor is regional cuisine supported by local  farmers and ranchers.  He is a pioneer in local cuisine who spend 30 years as a popular chef.

 He has several restaurants throughout the islands. One such restaurant is Monkeypod Kitchen with is very popular.

 Make sure to make reservations when going to the restaurant. If not, you may have to wait awhile to get in.

14. Wailea Tennis Club

For those who are into Tennis there is also a place for you at Wailea. Visit the Wailea Tennis Club where you can play with avid tennis players or even get instructions. 

There are tournaments and events at the Wailea Tennis Club. You may find yourself playing in a tournament while visiting Maui.

15. Wailea Oceanfront Running/ Jogging Trail and Boardwalk

things to do in Wailea maui

Staying in one of Wailea Resorts properties, wake up during sunrise get some stretching exercise than take a morning jog or walk at Wailea Ocean front walking path. 

You will find it busy with walkers or joggers getting their early morning dose of exercise. I usually take my phone with me to take some selfies while jogging to remind myself in the office that I was jogging in Wailea, Maui.

16. Keawakapu Beach

Sometimes your first choice of beach can be crowded, especially if there is a convention in town. You always need to have a second option, right outside of Wailea and towards the end of Kihei is Keawakapu Beach. 

Great while sand beach good for sunsets and snorkeling. There is public parking so bring your car with you. This beach is lesser known but still with spectacular views and sunsets. 

You will feel you got a steal when visiting this place.

17. Grand Wailea Resort and Spa

Grand Wailea is one of the larger resorts in Wailea. But the reason why this place is also a must visit is because personally their Spa is best in the area.

 Spa Grande is a place where you can unwind and pamper yourself. Nourish your mind, body, and soul while here. They have all sorts of Spa menu from local traditions and practices.

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