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Must See and Experience Hand Blown Glass Factory in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 2021

Hand Blown Glass Factory in Cabo San Lucas

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Hand Blown Glass Factory in Cabo San Lucas is a must see and experience. Los Cabos offers beautiful beaches, spectacular sunset, and amazing  rock formation. It boasts some of the top tourist attraction nestled at the tip of 1,000 mile long Baja California Peninsula where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. It is noted by its vitality and pristine blue waters perfect for any kind of getaway.

One of our stop when we visited this vibrant place is The Glass Factory just outside the town .A great place  where you can have a first hand glimpse of century old art of hand blown glass by craftsmen. The art of glass blowing has been around for a long time and it was introduce to Mexico brought by the Spanish. A glass is a versatile and unique material that can be shaped into different kind of objects. Glass blowing is a process where your artistic imagination can create something beautiful and one of a kind result.

he glass factory, Cabo san lucas,mexico

A trip to The  Glass Factory is a wonderful experience and must see if you are looking for something different to do aside from enjoying the beach. Watching the artisans blow glass is fascinating where they make one of a kind and unique glasswares, figurines, vases, bowls and plates, and also ornaments.  It is an excellent place to watch the technique and process of glass blowing where they add colors and make it into something beautiful like a dolphin.  My daughter was thrilled watching the artist makes a sea turtle out of a molten glass. 

hand blown glass factory in Cabo san lucas,mexico
handblown glass factory in cabo san Lucas

When visiting Cabo San Lucas glass factory, the local artist will show you a demonstration of their amazing talent producing unique pieces of glassware.  They use recycled lead-free glass and make it into a colorful handblown object where there is no two pieces is alike. A shop is  available inside the small factory where there is a variety of different glassware for purchase at a reasonable price. They do offer to ship it for you and the staff are very friendly and accommodating . 

the glass factory, Mexico
hand blown glass factory in cabo san Lucas
blown glass artisan

Just walking and strolling  the shop was a treat as it is surrounded with stunning glass wall and creations of any sorts. There are so many one of a kind pieces to look at and the walls and floor is even incorporated with glasses. I enjoy the lovely murals of handmade glasses which is beyond imaginable. The showroom is full of all sorts of pitchers, glasses, perfume bottles, bowls, vases, ornaments and animals for your home or great for gifts.

he glass factory, Cabo san lucas,mexico

Amazing handblown glass chandelier 

My overall experience to the glass factory is fun and enjoyable. It is so mesmerizing  to watch the talented artisans at work and see the entire process.The display of finish products in the showroom is lovely as well.  The handblown glass factory in Cabo San Lucas Mexico is another great place to visit, supporting local handmade products as well as learn how it is made.

glass murals, Mexico
glass murals, mexico
he glass factory, Cabo san lucas,mexico

handblown glasses are also incorporated on the floor and ceiling


blown glass vase, mexico
glass dome, mexico
he glass factory, Cabo san lucas,mexico
he glass factory, Cabo san lucas,mexico
hand blown glass factory in cabo san Lucas

varieties of  design neatly display in the factory shop

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