Chicken Katsu, hawaii cuisine

Hawaii Cuisine: Must Try Tender Hawaii Chicken Katsu

Must Try Hawaii Chicken Katsu Delicacy

When visiting the Hawaiian Islands you will hear about lots of local dishes. Like fresh fish poke and roast pork. But a dish that is very popular throughout the Hawaiian Islands and not publicized is Chicken Katsu. You can ask any local what is their favorite local dish, and Chicken Katsu will be mentioned a lot.

hawaiian Chicken Katsu

For many locals, when it is time for a meal, they call it plate lunch. A plate lunch usually consists of White Rice, Macaroni Salad, and main dish. A Chicken Katsu plate includes White Rice and macaroni salad. 

A typical macaroni salad is basically mixed with eggs, mayonnaise, macaroni, some add their secret spice. But typically it remains consistent.

Chicken Katsu is breaded chicken boneless cutlet,  usually in Panko, which is Japanese bread crumbs, deep fried. Panko is is not heavy, it absorbs less oil and grease which makes the chicken coating very crispy. 

There are two ways in eating Chicken Katsu, it usually is accompanied with a Tonkatsu sauce. It is very easy to make at home, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, and soy sauce.

Chicken Katsu food

You can either have sauce on the side or sauce on your chicken. Another way of having Chicken Katsu the way locals love it is with regular Brown gravy. A popular choice is gravy all over.  Now keep in mind, before you order a Chicken Katsu plate, plan on going to the beach find a nice spot under a coconut tree because you will surely fall asleep right after. 

It is a hearty meal that will put you out. Or do what other locals do, burn it off with a swim or surfing.

If you want to be  popular at your local pot luck or tale gate party. Or if you simply don’t know what to bring with you. I would order a Chicken Katsu Platter. Most local whole in the wall restaurants will have Chicken Katsu. 

You don’t have to bring the side of Rice or Macaroni, it is guaranteed that another person will most likely bring the sides for pot luck as well.

Chicken Katsu, hawaii cuisine

The best Chicken Katsu eateries that can be found on Oahu is Grace’s Inn, Zippy’s or L&L Hawaiian BBQ Restaurant at any island. All these 3 restaurants are where you will find locals with great food and best deal.

Hawaii Chicken Katsu is a must try when you are in Hawaii. I promise it won’t be hard to find a local restaurant without Chicken Katsu on their menu.


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