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Review: Experience Amazing Kilim Geoforest Park Langkawi Malaysia

What to Expect: Kilim Geoforest Park

One way to explore Malaysia is to visit Langkawi. Here you will find Kilim Geoforest Park. The park centers around mangrove-lined Kilim River, with beautiful scenery  of lime stone cliffs and local wild life. 

The water is calm and the best way to visit the park is by taking a boat tour. As always whenever you are out in the wild make sure you bring sunscreen and water.  

kilim karst geoforest park

One of the most popular stop is the Guy Kelawar or “bat cave” home to 3,000 bats . Gua Cherita, the Cave Legend, where a Chinese Princess was held captive by the Phoenix. 

kilim karst geoforest park

You will also see the beauty of the limestone formation within the caves. The caves and be very hot and humid but still a nice visit.  As you enter you will see thousands of sleeping bats. As you make your way through the cave it will lead you into the mangrove forest. 

kilim geoforest park, Langkawi Malaysia

While on the boat tour, make sure to keep your eye out for  a Brahminy Kite mid-flight or white bellied eagle. While on the boat tour you will also be able spot a monkeys hanging on a branch. 

I recommend you have lots of photo storage while on this trip because you will be taking lots of pictures along the way. 

kilim geoforest park

If you are a movie buff like me,  you may recognize the Kilim River from watching 1999 movie Anna and the King. This trip you will be amazed with the natural landscape. See up close and lucky to see rare animals inhabiting there. 

This tour took me about half a day. There are also restaurants near the Kilim Karts Geoforest park if you get hungry as well. 

Discover Langkawi’s UNESCO world Geo park by spending a day with nature. Take as many photos that you can. Enjoy and watch the eagles sweep down to catch a fish. 

Langkawi malaysia

Kilim Geoforest Park is definitely a place that you have to visit. It was worth the boat tour. While on this tour make sure you bring all your belongings with you and don’t leave it on the boat. There are monkeys everywhere and they will quickly grab your stuff.

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