air bnb tagaytay philippines

Air BNB Tagaytay Philippines Private Dinner with Chef (Photo Tour Review)

Inside Air BNB Tagaytay Philippines

We took a trip to the Philippines for a couple of weeks. We decided to stay in Tagaytay where it is much cooler and closer to Manila incase we needed to go into the city. But staying in Tagaytay for us was much better since less traffic. 

Here is a review of the place we stayed through Air BNB Tagaytay Philippines.

If you are not familiar to Philippines or Manila, the traffic can be horrendous. You need to plan ahead and at least expect to be in your vehicle for couple hours when traveling in Manila. 

Tagaytay was more our feel where traffic only gets crowded during the weekends. We found a nice bed and breakfast and our host was also a professional chef. Lucky for us, he was able to do  a night of lavish dining. 

Korean bbq is popular method of grilling meat right at the dining table. We had marinated meat. It was lovely grilling your meat while you socialize with everyone around your table. We were part of the culinary action while of course enjoying the food. 


tuna sushi, salmon sushi

freshly make tuna and salmon sushi

We had some Nigiri sushi. Type of Japanese dish with sushi rice and fresh fish. The rice is hand formed into small ball with fresh fish sliced and pressed onto the rice. Usually fish used are Ahi tuna, Salmon, or Hamachi. 


fresh sashimi and mouthwatering sushi served with special sauce

We also had some sushi mixed with crab and lobster meat. Topped with pickled sweet ginger. The sushi that they made was an Uramaki roll which literally means “inside out.”


The chef was amazing. They explained the dish and took their time by using fresh protein and herbs from the property. 

The food scene in the Philippines is amazing. They have fabulous and talented chefs. They are trained from popular restaurants and some get their culinary education in the US or abroad.


They then bring it back home for locals and visitors to enjoy. Although the majority of chefs choose to stay home and get locally trained from outstanding culinary schools such as Philippines School of Culinary Arts, Center for Culinary Arts in Manila, and American Hospitality Academy Philippines.


 After their education and training they then start their careers in reputable restaurants or Hotels in Manila. Others also choose to work abroad in Asia. 

Grilling or cooking your food at the table is a great experience. My personal favorite was the spicy pork that they marinated. It was fun for all of us to cook our food and try all sorts of marinated meats. 

Bacon wrapped over mozerella cheese and mushrooms was the most popular.  So if you are tired of going out for dinner and just want to stay home. 

Hire a private chef to come over to enjoy the night with friends and family. The best part after some libations you don’t have to worry about driving home. You can just crawl to your bed with full belly.

Photo Gallery ( Photo Tour Review)

Here’s a look of the beautiful Air BNB Tagaytay Philippines with Pool and  lovely manicured wide open space garden.  Our favorite part is the large bamboo house adjacent to the main house that overlooks the garden. 

air bnb tagaytay philippines
air bnb tagaytay philippines


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