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Yellowstone Mammoth Hot Springs: Is it Worth Visiting?

Yellowstone Mammoth Hot Springs

Yellowstone Mammoth Hot Springs is an amazing  visit while visiting Montana. The nearest town and entrance into Yellowstone would be the town of Gardiner. Gardiner was officially found in 1880. 

The town Gardiner was named after  Johnson Gardiner, fur trapper who operated the area in 1830 and 1831. Today the town serves as one of the main entrances into Yellowstone into Mammoth Hot Springs.

Is Mammoth Hot Springs Worth It?

Visiting the Yellowstone Mammoth Hot Springs is worth the visit.  The town itself there are lots of things to do before you visit Yellowstone. There are small hotels or motels where you can stay over night. What makes this town spectacular is that there is a river that runs right through it.

 Here while dining at one of the popular restaurants you will not only have a great view of the river but you will also see visitors do river rafting during the season. 

Here there is all sorts of food to eat. From Subway sandwiches to dine in Hamburgers and fries, or Yellowstone Pizza. But what makes this place appealing or whenever you are in Montana is trying their local brew. In Montana you will find a lot of local breweries.  

This is what makes small towns in Montana spectacular. You will always find a local brewery. My favorite go to drink when I am in Montana is Moose Drool. You will find this local beer almost in every supermarket or grocery store in Montana. 

After lunch you can make it into Yellowstone. Keep in mind if you are visiting during the summer the days are much longer. So after lunch at noon, you have plenty of time to visit Yellowstone. 

As you make your way into Yellowstone and visit at one of the observatories or Hotels. It is not unusual for you to fight parking space with an Elk.  Here you will find Elks grazing on the front lawn of the hotel just minding their own business. 

When visiting Yellowstone and seeing all the majestic  beauty of the wild. From seeing wild buffalos to Elk. If you are lucky enough you may be able to spot a fox or if you are not so lucky maybe a bear. But while you are enjoying and amazed by the beauty  around you , be  mindful that you are on top of one of the most biggest and baddest super volcano in the world. 

Hence, that is why you will see a lot of hot springs throughout and smell the sulfur in the air. The smell of sulfur smells like either rotten egg or heated iron. At anytime, this super volcano can erupt at anytime. 

Yellowstone mammoth hot springs


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