Benefits of Kombucha: Is Drinking Kombucha Good for You?

benefits of kombucha

Benefits of Kombucha to your health is important. Especially to your gut health. Kombucha is fermented tea that has been consumed for thousands of years. Kombucha is rich in probiotics.  Probiotics include “good” bacteria. These are live microorganisms that provide health benefits. 

Sometimes you may have an imbalance in your gut. This means you may have more of the bad bacteria versus the good bacteria in your gut. When you have a bad case of diarrhea one way to treat your self is to improve good bacteria in your gut. You can obtain good bacteria by eating fermented foods but one quick and easy way is to drink kombucha. Drinking kombucha can also help with your mental health. For people who take antibiotics there have been studies that show that it reduces depression and anxiety. 

It May Help with lowering your cholesterol level

Your digestion sometimes when eating high fatty foods produces bile a natural fluid made of cholesterol in your gut that aids your digestion. By drinking kombucha it helps break down the bile in your gut. 

Probiotics may also help with your immune system

Kombucha helps the inhibit the growth of bad bacteria. Helps promote natural antibodies that helps improve your immune system.  Ways to improve our immune system is critical and has shown significance of having a healthy immune system particularly during this pandemic. It hi-lights the importance of having a strong immune system.

health benefits of kombucha

You can find kombucha in most of the popular supermarkets. If you can’t find one go to one your nearest health food store and you will easily find the drink. Due to the fermentation it does produce .5 % alcohol. You will not notice the alcohol taste but taste like drinking a vinegar drink. Kombucha comes with a wide variety of flavors making it a great refreshing drink. It is best to drink the kombucha cold like any drink. At times, I also add ice to my drinks as well.  So drink up and enjoy.


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