10 Best Attractions in Pampanga Philippines ( Top Tourist Spots and Things to Do)

   Pampanga is one of the best popular province of Central Luzon region because of being the Culinary Capital of the Philippines. It is certainly the foodies heaven with dishes differ from the ideal sizzling pork dish called “sisig” and “Pangat na Ulang” (sour soup with fresh water prawns. It is very famous on their well-preserved ancestral homes, a theme and amusement parks and bright and vibrant year-round festivals. It is also wealthy in natural wonders, majestic waterfalls, stunning mountain views and calm wetlands.

Best Things To Do in Pampanga ( Best Attractions in Pampanga Philippines )

1. Mt. Pintubo

best attractions in Pampanga philippines

Mt. Pinatubo – is located between Pampanga,Zambales and Tarlac provinces. One of the most look in destinations because it is an active volcano that features amazing lahar formations. This volcano was erupted in 1991, millions of properties and lives were destroyed and vanished. If you want to have a thrilling adventure, you have to ride a 4×4 to the jump-off point where you’ll start your safari to see the crystal clear water of crater lake, rugged landscape as you pass through stony-terrain and wonderful streams.

2. Sandbox Pampanga

Sandbox Pampanga – a breathtaking spot that is two hectare adventure and located in Porac, Pampanga. This is loved by the youngsters because of the recreational activities like Asia’s first roller coaster zipline, gigantic giant swing, the Aerial Walk Challenge, the Avatar one, wall climbing zone, archery, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and utility task vehicle (UTV) driving.

3. Mt. Arayat National Park

Mt. Arayat National Park – a unique mountain that stands at 3,366 feet above sea level located in Barangay Bano, Arayat. The mountain lies inside one of the oldest national park in the country. This park is exquisite for both hikers and non-hikers. The non-hikers will enjoy the walking trails and natural pools at the bottom of the defuct volcano. Hikers can hike alone or in a group/friends/families to the peak. 

4. Sky Ranch Pampanga

Sky Ranch – is located just behind SM City San Fernando, Pampanga. This amusement park has 23 rides to choose from like the Pampanga Drop Tower, Super Viking, Double Decker carousel, Express train, Loop Roller Coaster, Bungee Jump, Bumper boat, Space Shuttle and many more fun activities. The main attraction is the Pampanga Eye (ferris wheel) which is the tallest and biggest Ferris wheel in the Philippines standing tall at 65 meters.


5. Nayong Filipino Pampanga

Nayong Filipino – is inside Clark Freeport Zone that facets some of the replica of tourist spots, historical sites, ancestral homes and native villages. You can also see the duplicate of the Tabon Cave where the bones of the first human colonizer in the Philippines were found. You can watch some of the traditional dances like tinikling and singkil. There is also a Money Museum and Textile Museum as other attractions in the park. 

6. Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Zoocobia Fun Zoo – an escapade zoo theme park that is located in Clark, Pampanga. You will see some of the most attractive activities like Birds of Paradise enclosure, a Garden Maze, bottle feeding of baby pigs and goats, an endemic species display and taxidermy museum. There are also some activities like riding a camel up a hill, go on a thrilling ATV ride, riding on a zipline and go on a falling drive with the gravity car. 

7. Miyamit Falls

Miyamit Falls – a hidden gem at the heart of Porac, Pampanga that involves a long trip and mesmerized the beauty of pure nature view and sound of the water cuffing the rocks as it makes its way down to the plunge pool. 

8. Candaba Swamp

Candaba Swamp – it has about 32,000 hectares of wetland which includes freshwater pools marshes and grassland. You can see white egrets, Philippine ducks, white-breasted herons, streaked reed-warbler, and migratory birds make their journey from October to February to get away from the rasping winter conditions in China and Russia. 

9. Holy Rosary Parish Church

Holy Rosary Parish Church – is a living church and a national significant place that is located in Angeles, Pampanga. They usually called it Pisambang Maragul (Big Church). It was built in 1877 under the “polo y servicio” labor system, and unpaid labor system for Filipino native men inflict by the Spanish colonial government.

10. Pamintuan Mansion

Pamintuan Mansion – is a Spanish period colonial home that has been magnificently preserved architecture and design. President Emilio Aguinaldo was the first president who stood to celebrate the first anniversary of Philippine Independence in 1898 from Spain. You are going to see what life was like for one of the powerful families in the province. It houses some galleries that showcases the different facet of Filipino life, culture and traditions.

This quiet province offers majestic landscape and peaceful scenery.  Hope you enjoy the guide to best attractions in Pampanga Philippines.

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