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10 Best Things To Do in Lanai Hawaii

Lana’i Hawaii is one of the secluded island among the Hawaiian Islands. Let’s explore the top best things to do in Lanai Hawaii.

How to Get to Lanai Hawaii

First off Lana’i City, is not actually what you would think city. Lana’i city is far from a city, population of about 3,000 is rural Hawaii. To get to the island you have two choices. Either by plane via Mokulele Airlines a small air craft or by a passenger ferry from Lahaina Harbor. I prefer the later, go to Lana’i via the ferry. Here you will be able to bring larger suitcase or more of your belongings for a visit. 


Things to do in Lanai

1. Relax at Hulupoe Beach ( Manele Bay)

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My favorite beach of all the Hawaiian Islands. Here, you will like you are on your own private beach. Unlike most beaches in Hawaii it can be very crowded. However, on Lana’i it won’t be as crowded and you may find yourself alone or with local family nearby. It is not overly crowded with visitors. Snorkeling in the bay is beautiful especially with the most popular spinner dolphins which swims by daily. 

2. Stay at the Luxurious Four Seasons Resort Lana'i

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If money is not a problem, then Four Seasons Resort Lanai is a place to stay. A beautiful property with breathtaking views. Aside from their signature fine dining  restaurant, Nobu and Malibu Farm Restaurant is also present at the resort. A place to relax and get pampered during your stay. Lana’i also has other places you can stay at if you cannot afford their rates. 

3. Hike to Koloiki Trail (Maunalei Valley)

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If you are into hiking and love nature this hike is amazing. First of all, it is free ! Just make sure you bring your phone for photos, trail shoes, and water. The walk can take up to 3 hrs but you will not be disappointed. When you reach the peak of the trail you will have a great view of Maunalei Valley.

4. Visit Shipwreck Beach

When you visit Lana’i City, make sure you rent a jeep. A jeep becomes handy because you get to drive along the shoreline where the road is not paved. Most of the scenic drive is on dirt trail where you will need four wheel drive. When you visit Shipwreck Beach, you will about 5 mins that will take you to a magnificent surprise, an old abandoned ship that looks century old.

5. Off Roading to Keomoku Village

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Another favorite things to do in Lanai Hawaii is off roading. Drive on a dirt road near the shoreline,  you will find wild deer roaming around. It will take you to Keomoku Village.  You will see old Hawaiian church along with bread oven used in 1800s.  You will see the history of Hawaiians living at this site. The great thing about Lana’i City, the community have signs throughout the landmarks with short history lessen written for visitors to learn about the historical place. They have done a great job honoring and remembering the past. 

6. Get Adventurous to Kaunolu

best things to do in Lanai hawaii

An area known for being Kamemeha favorite fishing spot. Here you will find the history of Hawaiians living at this area. They have done well preserving this area with signs throughout historical sites educating the visitors. Make sure you take a short hike to Kahekili’s leap. Here you will find a spot where warriors would jump off the cliff into the ocean.

7. Dine in Blue Ginger Cafe

When in town, go to Blue Ginger Cafe. You won’t miss the restaurant by simply looking for a Blue House along Dole Park.  They have tremendous breakfast options and local food that you must try. I recommend their Chicken Katsu. Basically, a local chicken cutlet breaded with goodness.

8. Rejuvenate at Sensei Wellness Retreat

If money is not a problem and you want to treat yourself , Sensei Retreat is a relaxing wellness retreat where you can  customize your health journey while staying there. 

9. Visit Farmers Market

On Saturdays, Lana’i City has a farmers market where the locals would sell their local fruits, vegetables, and share their local dishes. A great gathering place for friends, families, and visitors.

10. Sunrise Hike to Pu'upehe (Sweetheart Rock)

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Last but not least take a walk to Pu’upehe. I recommend you take the hike during early dawn and watch one of the most spectacular sunrise with the island of Maui as your backdrop. This place is magnificent, affectionately known to locals as Sweetheart Rock. Make sure to bring your phone with you for some amazing photos. 


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